Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within

AZM Ally Mark Watford sent this amazing Street Fighter vs. Tekken fan film my way starring Mark Musashi as Kazuya Mishima, Daniel Southworth as Ryu, and Reuben Langdon as Ken. The Thousand Pounds Action Company once again proves that fighting games are actually filmable. I love that all these independent companies are putting the big studios to shame by producing films based on fighting games that completely blow away the big ass Hollywood versions.

The only complaint I have is that we’ll never be able to see these things on the big screen. It might be cool to put together a fighting film festival showcasing all of these awesome shorts.

Jet Set Radio Returns!!!

Oh man, I fucking love this game! My brother and I used to play it all the time when the Dreamcast was still alive and kicking. And the sequel on the Xbox was stupid amounts of fun. Well, it’s back! And it’s coming to Xbox Live and PS Network this summer!

Sega is running a contest to have your graffiti appear in the game. You’ll be competing for 18 spots. Deadline is March 20 so get your digital spray cans ready.

Beat Beat Revelation

“I challenge you to a Beat Off!”

Here’s a red band trailer for something called The FP. There is a naked boob in there somewhere, but otherwise, it’s fairly tame.

The future is run by gangs of, get this shit, Beat Beat Revelation players. Beat Beat Revelation is a dancing game that shoots 187 volts of death through you if you misstep. I believe the best part of this trailer is the training scene with the tires. Now I know the secret to unlock infinite Beat Beat potential!

Judging from this trailer, I believe this film crosses that glorious line of being so horribly awful it’s amazingly good. I can’t wait to see it!

Space Race Blast Off

One of the last projects I worked on as a multimedia contractor at NASA was a space trivia game. We thought it would be fun to develop something a little more interactive than the features we were publishing on and a facebook game seemed like the perfect thing. We mocked up some designs and pitched it to our bosses who kinda shrugged. They didn’t say no, but they wanted to see it first before they made a final decision.

Over the next few months, we worked to develop a working prototype. It took a while before we got all the decision-makers in the same room at the same time. When they finally had a chance to play, they loved it! They gave their blessing and we went into full gear. I finished the graphic and animation work last August before I left for my current job. It’s taken a few months to finish up programming and finalize the questions. And now, Space Race Blast Off is ready for players!

When you first log in, you can choose an avatar that will represent you. We had an idea to allow everyone to customize their own look, but the programming proved to be too time consuming. We decided to just start with a generic bank of set characters. There’s a variety to choose from, but my favorite one is Automa, a robot I created for NASA’s 50th anniversary. Then you’re taken to the game lobby where you’ll be matched up with other players. If no one is online, you get to play a game by yourself.

The trivia questions cover a variety of fields, all science and NASA related. In a solo game, you must answer at least seven questions correctly to move on to the bonus round. In a multiplayer game, the player with the highest score gets to move on to the bonus round. If you answer your bonus round question correctly, you’ll get a badge. You can see your badge collection in the Awards section. Don’t feel too bad if you don’t make it to a bonus round. You can also purchase badges with points so every game you play counts, even if you lose.

Forbes did a nice write up of the game. This is NASA’s first facebook game and though I’m no longer working there, I’m pretty proud of the work. Give a try and share with your friends. And brush up on your astronauts. Seriously. There are a lot of astronaut related questions.

Link Pawns A Piece of the Triforce

“It looks like a shiny piece of cheese!”

I’ve never watched “Pawn Stars” or whatever, but this is pretty funny. And it just goes to show how dead stupid Link is. Rupees literally GROW ON TREES and clay pots and bushes and armor and chickens and pretty much everything in Hyrule.

Also, I gotta wonder how true this is to the show. If the buyers at the pawnshop low-ball everyone who comes in, why does anyone go to that shop to sell in the first place?

Thanks to AZM Ally Wayne W for sending this along.

What the– Hair Doesn’t Work That Way!!!

AZM Ally Justin Bania sent me a link to some set photos from the live action Ace Attorney live action film. I haven’t played the game, but from these photos, it’s clear to me that hair plays an important role in action law. It just makes sense. When I think of lawyers, I think of helmet hair. The pointier the better. I want to know that my lawyer can defend me with the might of his spiky pompadour when the chips are down. I want to know that he has the power to head butt opposing counsel and knock him the fuck out.

Here’s the trailer:

Looks fucking rad, although it lacks hair attack. Ah well. Oh, and it co-stars the chick who played Akiko in Kamen Rider W which is pretty sweet.

From: G4

What Geeky Things Are You Looking Forward to in 2012?

2011 kicked everyone right in the balls. We still seem to be digging out a big financial fuck you. The Arab Spring kicked that part of the world square in the jaw. On the home front, our government is a fragmented mess. But even in this chaos and strife, 2011 was a pretty damn good year for us geeks.

This was a great year for comic books. Captain America and Thor tore up the theaters. X-Men First Class was actually pretty damn good. Though I’ve hated most of the new titles, DC’s new 52 made a lot of headlines in the mainstream press. Craig Thompson’s Habibi hit shelves which is probably the most important comic of 2011. We got us a Black Spider-Man.

Movie and Telly screens were graced with lots of sexy fantasy and sci-fi goodness. Game of Thrones kinda grabbed viewers by the tit and had them begging for more. The final Harry Potter film capped off the franchise and helped usher in the Pottermore Era. Attack the Block reminded us to never fuck with South London, believe! The Amy Pond show returned with the Doctor to thrill and frustrate us. Kung Fu Panda returned with the first female director of a full-length animated feature.

Music? Um… well… at least I know some people making some awesome indy music. So that’s awesome.

With the hype machines for Between Batman, Prometheus, Ghost Rider, and Avengers already running full tilt, the new year is already promising a huge summer movie fest for us geeks.

So, fair AZM faithful, what geeky things are you looking forward to in 2012?

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