2010 Year End Gundampalooza

Hobbylink TV takes a look at the year 2010 in Gunpla going over a whole mess of Gundam releases throughout the year. I’m sure there are a mess of them that didn’t make the list, like all those weird SD kits with samurai armor, but it’s still quite an impressive video review series. This is serious Gundam porn of the highest grade. Looking back at over all those awesome kits, it makes me drool all over myself thinking about what Bandai has in store for its 2011 Gunpla season.

And of course, you can purchase all of these great kits from HobbyLink Japan.

Chinese Gundam Clone Fail

Gundam Fail

Normally, Gundam Wednesday is a celebration of the awesomeness of Gundam, but sometimes wrong shit needs to be called out. This ugly orange thing is a Chinese amusement park’s idea of a cash grab. According to this story sent along by AZM Ally Terrance, this cheap Chinses knock off was built at the Floraland park in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The park owner claims the design is original possibly because he forgets that people have eyes.

This is just awful. Clearly they have the resources to build giant robots. Why not come up with a truly original design? There is no shortage of artists in China. I’m sure one of the bajillions of them could have come up with an original giant robot for an amusement park. Hell, you could probably pay them in lifetime free visits! This is just lazy and stupid and I hope they get the shit sued out of them.

Source: Japan Today

A Cardboard Gundam That’s Not a Box With “Gundam” Written On It

While a cardboard box with the word “Gundam” written in Sharpie is indeed a clever cosplay, it fails to rise to the level of truly awesome achieved by this cardboard Gundam Unicorn worn by a cosplayer at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2010 sent along by AZM Ally Kensei Dave. Despite a foot mishap, this cosplay succeeded in winning the competition which is as it should be. As the key to that whole Laplace’s Box thingy, one could hardly expect less of the Gundam Unicorn.

Unity Through Gundam

Amuro and Sayla

So this pic doesn’t have all that much to do with this story except for the fact that when I think unity, I think lurvs, and when I think Gundam lurvs, I think of Amuro and Sayla and the relationship that should have happened if Amuro didn’t have his head up his ass. Anywaaaaaay…

AZM Ally Grandmaster Chu sent over news of Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s recent successful talk at Peking University in Beijing. This is pretty significant in light of current tensions between China and Japan over the September incident near the Senkaku where Chinese and Japanese vessels collided with each other. Chinese youth protested the detention of Chinese skipper Zhan Qixiong by Japanese authorities and it seems relations between the two nations have been strained ever since (okay, let’s be honest, they’ve been strained for eeeeever).

But none of that sentiment was present at Tomino’s talk.

If anything, some students felt that anime like Gundam teaches us about unity. 23 year old undergraduate Wang Jing said, “Animation films often carry the message of a united world and they go beyond borders regardless of language.” And 21 year old Jiaotong University student Meng Linglin said, “The first time I watched ‘Gundam’ a year ago, I was awestruck by the setting and the world view. I think it is trying to depict a perfect ideal of people-to-people connection and I was very moved.”

You see? Gundam is that damn awesome! It can stir within people the desire to connect with one another on a new type of global interaction! And it has giant robots with beam sabers. It is nice to see that a giant robot show can inspire such feelings of unity. I hope the students take that message to heart when they become the leaders of China. Actually, we all could use a little Gundam unity, especially here in the U.S.

Source: Japan Times

Bearguy Vies For Cutest Mobile Suit Title

Bear Acguy

The MSM-04 Acguy is arguably one of the cutest Mobile Suits in the entire series. I think the SD versions of the MSM-07 Z’Gok are the absolute cutest, but in terms of straight up non-SD versions, it’s hard to argue with Acguy’s major cute factor.

How do you make the cutest Mobile Suit even more cute? Stick a bear head on it. This 1/144 scale HG GPB-04B Bear Acguy is from that anime that’s about building gunpla and is set to be released sometime this month. It retails for ¥1,800 (about $21.56USD).

I’m actually not entirely sure about this guy. The creepy bear eyes make it look like one of those plushie monsters from Akira which always creeped the shit out of me. And honestly, I think the original Acguy may be more cute. But if you’re into bears and mobile suits, this might be the perfect XTREMEMAS gift for you.

Source: HLJ

You Can Pilot the Sinanju in Gundam Musou 3!

Gundam Musou, Sinanju

Angry Zen Minion W. C. Tucker sent me a link on Monday alerting me to a live press conference that Koei was broadcasting that night on Ustream demonstrating Gundam Musou 3. Fortunately, they recorded the broadcast so you can check it here. I will warn you, though, as much of a Gundam freak as I am, even I had to turn the shit off after 45 minutes. This is where my lack of language skills hinders my fandom because I suspect I would have messed myself the entire time if I knew what the fuck they were saying. They did show off some gameplay clips and cinematics throughout, but I had to take a break. And anyway, you can find a lot of the video clips at the offical Gundam Musou site.

The biggest thing for me was discovering that you can pilot the Sinanju as Full Frontal! Well, once you unlock the shit you can use anyone to pilot it which means you could actually play as Char in the Sinanju which is three times the awesome! I would probably lose every mission because I would just fly around watching it move in its 3D glory smashing things without actually paying attention to the mission alerts. I’m so freaking excited for this game!!!

Learn How to Chrome Out Your Gunpla

Syd over at HobbyLink TV teaches you how to get that “Extra Finish” effect on your gunpla model. Every now and then, Bandai will release an “Extra Finish” version of a popular kit which basically means all the parts have a shiny, metallic, reflective finish. So if it’s an “Extra Finish” regular Zaku, it’ll have a green metallic finish. If it’s Char’s Zaku, it’ll have a red metallic finish. Etc. Syd shows you how to achieve this effect with some Tamiya spray cans.

Oh, and someone we know is having a super Gunpla sale going on from now until December 10!

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