Gundam Upskirt!

Gundam Crotch

Construction of the full 1:1 scale RX-78 is underway as you can tell by the giant Gundam upskirt. Okay, I guess it’s technically an up-endoskeleton since the skirt armors aren’t up yet, but whatever. Here’s how it looks a few paces back.

Gundam Leg Skeleton

Man, that’s gonna look awesome at sunrise and sunset. There are more images over at with a few shots of the chest armor. Looks absolutely fantastic. Time to plan a trip to Japan!


Gundam Unicorn Premiers Worldwide Simultaneously!

Gundam Unicorn Movie

Angry Zen Minion Sirhouse writes in with the most excellent news that Sunrise will release Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn worldwide simultaneously! I don’t believe I have enough pants to contain the awesomeness of this announcement! The movie premiers later this winter. No word on format, but I imagine the movie will be released online worldwide and premier in theaters in Japan.

So the dude with the giant 80’s pompadour is Banagher Links. I’m guessing he’s our new Amuro, a civilian thrown into the cockpit of Gundam Unicorn because, well, that’s what young kids do in the future. Apparently, New Type powers make your hair totally awesome. His love interest is Audrey Burne which is totally awesome because now I have an excuse to try to get my wife, also named Audrey, to watch Gundam.

Source: Anime News Network

Gundam Unicorn Movie is Real!

Gundam Unicorn Movie

AZM Ally Mike Dent writes in with the UH MAY ZING news that the rumored Gundam Unicorn movie is real! So far, all we have are some preliminary leaked details and the scan above. Yasuyuki Muto will be handling the script. You may know him from Afro Samurai (never saw it myself). Kunio Okawara will be around as always. It just wouldn’t be Gundam without Okawara-sensei. But the news I care about is that Hajime Katoki will be on the mechanical design team! Damn straight! After all, they are his designs.

I expect we’ll have more news within the week when the magazine actually hits shelves. But man, it’s a great freaking Gundam Wednesday!!

Source: Justice Ace


This amazing bit of news comes from AZM Ally Mike Dent who writes in with word that the President of Sunrise confirmed that there will indeed be a Gundam Unicorn movie in 2010! WIN! This is the video of the announcement (I think) at a press event where Tomino Yoshiyuki was present. Hells yes! About damn time Gundam came back to the Universal Century. Sorry all you alternate century universe parallel world fans, but we here at AZM are gigantic nerds–er UC fans. We like our Char in original recipe flavor. We also like our Char clone to be an actual Char clone.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0081 Coming to PS3

This has to be one of the worst game trailers I’ve ever seen. No animation, no game play footage. Just a bunch of still shots and barely any shots of the Gundam RX-78-7. I don’t read Japanese so I have no idea if the text indicates what type of game this will be, strategy, RPG, Gundam Musou. Oh man, a UC 0083 Gundam Musou game would kick so much ass! Anyone out there have a better idea of what this will be?

Source: Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081

Real Scale Gundam to Guard Shiokaze Park

Gundam Real Scale

AZM Ally Kensei Dave writes in with word that a real scale RX-78-2 will be built in Odaiba’s Shiokaze Park. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, the real scale Gundam will guard the park from July until August. It’ll be made of fiberglass over a steel frame with a movable head, lights, and mist. I didn’t know Amuro’s Gundam could shoot mist.

Bandai hasn’t yet determined what it will do with the statue once its vigil over Shiokaze Park has ended. Might I suggest sending it to Rockville, Maryland where a certain friendly neighborhood Gundam otaku can bask in its real scale glory? DO. WANT.

Source: Anime News Network and Gundam 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary Gundam Returns to the Universal Century

RX 78-7

It’s a good Gundam Wednesday if you’re a giant Universal Century dork like me! AZM Ally Mike Dent and Angry Zen Minion John Russell write in with word that the next Gundam show will be set in Universal Century 0081, one year after the end of the One Year War. The Republic Zeon has signed the peace treaty and is working towards rebuilding. But not all Zeon citizens are interested in reconstruction. Pockets of Zeon resistance, the Invincible Knights, are working towards a revival of the Principality of Zeon. And so, the Earth Federation forms the Phantom Sweep special forces team to wipe out the militants.

Katoki Hajime is on board as mech designer which makes me all sorts of school girl giddy! He’s my absolute favorite mech designed in all of anime. I can’t wait to see what additional gear the RX-78-7 is going to pick up along the way. There are some previous RX-78-7 designs from mainstay Gundam designer Kunio Okawara floating around out there, but I’m guessing that Katoki will do his own thing.

While it’s not Gundam Unicorn, I’m still quite pleased. No more pretty boy Gundam. Finally, a Gundam show I can get into.


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