Gundam Pepsi Cans, the Only Way I’ll Buy Pepsi on Purpose

UMD College Park is a Pepsi campus. When I went there, there was only one refrigerator in Stamp Student Union that sold Coke. Everything else was Pepsi. And since I kind of hated college and associate Pepsi with those dark times, I despise Pepsi as well.

However, I may have to swallow my soda pride because these Gundam Pepsi cans are freaking awesome! I will not be drinking the evil swill inside. Nay, these will go in some kind of case to display for all eternity! Apparently, Jlist has them for sale for $3.50 a can. That’s convention prices!

From: Kal01

All I Need is $1.3 Million For My Very Own Mobile Suit

Holy fuck! I can think of no better way to kick off a Gundam Wednesday than with KURATAS, an actual mobile suit available for purchase for the small sum of $1.3 million.

Worth it!

KURATAS makes you the ultimate airsoft player! Although, it’s really fucking creepy that you fire the gattlings by smiling.

The one thing that worries me is the ability to control KURATAS via 3G. Anyone who’s ever seen a Patlabor movie knows that controlling mobile armors by remote can lead to some fairly bad things. If a significant number of these things come into general use, hackers could really make a mess of things. Still, I think the price point puts the days of general user waaaaaay ahead of us.

I never honestly thought that mobile suits like this would ever happen in my lifetime or at least not before I was old as shit and forgot how to pronounce Gundam. The fact that this thing exists makes my pants explode. So, now we can actually have a discussion about practicality in a real sense.

Though it pains me greatly to admit, I don’t see much practical use for individuals for a mobile platform like this. There are much smaller, practical devices that can help the disabled become more mobile. Where I think a mobile platform like KURATAS could really work well is in construction, much like the Labors in the aforementioned Patlabor. The arms and manipulators are much more agile and flexible than the standard backhoe. I expect it’s also easier to lift things and move them with the KURATAS arms than a regular fork lift.

Military applications are fairly obvious, though honestly, I really hope it doesn’t go that route. I know Mobile Suit Gundam is inherently a series about war, but I feel the promise of the mobile suit can be so much more than a cold blooded killing machine.

Thanks to AZM Allies Robert Aube and Ward McCaul for sending this my way.

From: The Verge

Gundam Age Comes to PSP

Gundam Age is coming to the PSP in the form of two RPGS, Gundam Age Universe Accel and Gundam Age Cosmic Drive. I don’t read or speak nihongo so I have no idea what any of this means. Is it like Pokemon Black and White or something? But the preview video looks pretty sweet. I like the AGE in SD form and the enemy suits look quite badass, especially that black and gold one at about 1:29. And the different AGE forms towards the end of the video are freaking awesome. Are those in show? If so, I think I might have to start watching it.

From: Gundam Age Game

Gundam Gaming Crack, The First Hit’s Free

Mobile Suite Gundam, Battle Operation is coming to Playstation 3 for FREE on June 28! Sounds fucking insane. So of course, there’s a catch.

You can play for free, but one play takes up one unit of energy. You can store up to three units of energy at one given time. You can earn one unit of energy every two hours OR you can buy energy at ¥100 a pop. Of course, like any good crack dealer, you get a bulk discount, 6 for ¥480, 13 for ¥950, 27 for ¥1850.

No idea how long you’ll be able to play on one unit of energy, but you can bet it won’t be long unless you’re a Gundam meister.

But wait, there’s more.

Like a lot of these games, you’ll unlock new Mobile Suits and items to upgrade them as you play. However, certain items will only be available using a Limited Unlock key which you can purchase for ¥200 to ¥300.

This is pretty disappointing. The whole fun of a Gundam game is unlocking and using all the Mobile Suits. I’d play Dynasty Warriors Gundam for hours on end even though I had beaten it just to unlock more mobile suits. Paying to unlock new suits, that just feels like a cheat. I’d rather spend the time playing the game than buying little bits and pieces of the game.

I guess they’re banking on Gundam fans being so completist that they’ll be willing to shell out the money to unlock every single bit of the game. As much as I love Gundam, I don’t see myself doing any of that. I’d much rather pay $60 for a full game than get something for free that I constantly have to pay into. But maybe I’m old and curmudgeonly.

From: andriasang

Papercraft Nu Gundam is–HOLY SHIT THAT’S PAPER?!

You have to check out this Korean papercrafter’s Nu Gundam. It’s fucking mind blowing! On first glance, I was totally fooled into thinking this was a Master Grade build. I almost didn’t link the shit, and then I saw it was made out of PAPER!!!!! The username is rara1121 and that’s pretty much all the information I can gleen from the Korean site. There’s a whole lineup of Gundam papercraft that this person has created. If you can figure out how to view the others, please let me know. I don’t know any Korean. Fucking amazing!

From: rara1121

Gundam Extreme vs. Full Burst

This looks like Virtual-On with Mobile Suits. I don’t recognize the suits in the promo video above, but I’m guessing they’re from OO. From the looks of this next video, it seems like this game spans every single Gundam show ever:

That’s a holy fuck ton of mobile suits! They even included the Crossbone Gundam series and the Gundam Seed Astray suits, neither of which ever got an animated series. There’s a somewhat complete list of mobile suits available to play here.

Gundam Extreme vs. Full Burst is already in Japanese arcades. I believe it’s coming to the PS3 sometime soon. No idea if it’ll be available for the 360 around the same time. But it’s probably best to just buy the arcade machine so you can get the updates when they add more suits and levels.

From: Gundam Extreme vs. Full Burst

The Gundam Store of My Dreams

Once upon a time, I had a crazy dream of opening a shop that would sell nothing but Gunpla. That’s actually how I got started doing webcomics. I figured the site would need something more than just a store to get traffic so I started a stupid webcomic which kind of got the whole messy ball rolling.

Anyway, if there’s any question about Facebook ads working, here’s some proof. I logged on over the weekend and saw this ad for something called Robot4Less. There was an RX-78 head on the ad so of course, I clicked the shit. And there, before my very eyes, was the Gundam store I have always dreamed of! Good lord, they have everything I’ve ever wanted to build including some kits that I lost due to a few moves here and there. They’ve also got a youTube channel where they do unboxings and other features.

I haven’t ordered anything yet so I can’t comment on reliability and shipping and all that for a proper store review. But I am amazed that this is a thing that actually exists. Now, if someone does the same thing for Kamen Rider toys, my mind would fucking melt.

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