How in the holy fuck did I miss this!

The platinum Fix Figuration RX-78-2 ver. KA (dude, that’s from memory!) is on display at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan August 18 19. It $250,000 worth of platinum and if I had that kind of money, it would be on permanent display welded onto my skull! Condo, Gundam, condo, Gundam, condo, Gundam! ACH! Too many choices!

Seriously, this is amazing. It’s also kind of cool because I think one of the roll-out versions of the RX-78 was painted all white with a low-friction paint. I can only imagine how sparkly it looks in person!


[Via Kotaku]

Gundam YMCA

Wow! Wish my Perfect Grade Gundam Wing had that much articulation. Thanks for the link Jassie!

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The Gunion

If you somehow manage to henshin together The Onion with the Mecha Anime HQ, you’d get something quite awesome. That awesomeness would look an aweful lot like The Gunion! Brought to you by the same great minds behind the MAHQ, The Gunion takes a satirical look at the world of giant robots and the characters that bring them to life. Today’s headline, “LYNN MINMAY SEX TAPE SCANDAL!

This is so good, it bring a tear to my eye.

Gundam Unicorn

I must learn how to read, write, and speak Japanese. I am missing out on way too much Gundam goodness! Someone sent me preview images of Gundam Unicorn a while back and I hadn’t heard anything about the series since. Today, I came across the official Gundam Unicorn website. Wouldn’t you know it, the damn thing is all in Japanese. However, there’s enough romanji around to figure out a few details.

First off, this appears to be a U.C. series set in U.C. 0096. Second, the mechanical designs are by Katoki Hajime (man, what I wouldn’t give to be a mech designer for a living!). U.C. and Hajime Katoki are pretty much all I need to know to be really excited about this series. It appears that it will be serialized in New Type or some other magazine and not an actual anime. That’s somewhat disappointing because I can’t read Japanese and I love seeing Katoki’s designs in action. But I’m a U.C. whore and this smells of all kinds of awesome! Can’t wait for the model kits!

Hi-Nu Gundam FTW!

So cute! So deadly!

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