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Gundam Extreme Vs. is YES!

For a while, Gundam games kinda sucked. Then the Gundam Musou series came out based on the Dynasty Warriors engine and Gundam games started to literally kick ass. Now we’ve got Gundam Extreme Vs. that drops in December and from the looks of this trailer, they’ve got another hit on their hands. Gundam Fight, reeeeeeeeady, GO!!!!

Source: Bandai

The Greatest Char Aznable Fan Drives the Greatest GTR

This is a GTR kitted up like Quatro Bajina’s Hyaku Shiki. I can never say Quatro Bajina without thinking “Quite Oh Vagina,” but that’s cause I’m a sick fuck. Anyway, this is an amazing paint job made all the more amazing because it’s so damn clean! He must keep it hermetically sealed between drives. Such a beautiful thing.

I wonder if it’s three times as fast as a regular GTR.

Source: Gundam Guy

Kamen Rider Fourze, Episode 5, “Two Sides to Friendship”

The Kamen Rider power creep is starting way early as we get introduced to three new switches this time around. Also unicorns. It’s spacey spoiler time!

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Win a 1/48 Gold or Silver Gundam

This sucks for the rest of us, but if you’re reading this in Japan, good news! You have the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous 1/48 scale Gundams.

All you have to do is get one of the Gundam Collection Campaign energy drinks show above. Each drink comes with a serial number card. Enter that number into the website and you’ll be registered to win shiny Gundam action. Entries will be collected until November 30. Winners will be announced in December. Winners will also receive my eternal jealousy for winning such an amazing prize.

Source: Gundam Guy

Kamen Rider Fourze, Episode 4, “The Transformation in Secret”

Not only is she a stuck-up snob, but Miu is also a champion bowler? Part two of the Miu arc concludes this week with almost no fanservice. Spoiler time!

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Zaku Jacket, I Must Have You!

Fall is coming up which begs the question, what’s the best way to keep warm? If you answered, dress up like a great big stonking Zaku, then you win!

Dropping this December, the Zaku Batted Jumper retails for ¥11550 and features a high collar and hood that make your head look like a Zaku. Now all you need is one big bright eye and you’ve got the perfect Zaku cosplay. You can pre-order it now from Ami Ami. It is YES!!!

So now the question is, do you pre-order this now, or do you wait until they release a red, Char version? Which may not happen?

Source: Gundam Guy

Kamen Rider Fourze, Episode 3, “Election of the Queen”

This week, we start off a new two episode arc focusing on Miu, the Queen bee of the school. I like to call this one the fanservice episode! Spoilers!

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