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Kamen Rider Fourze Has Literal ROCKETO PAUWNCH!

When AZM Ally Mike Dent told me that the next Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Fourze, had a literal rocket punch, I raised an eyebrow. Then I clicked on the link he sent me and laughed my ass off! This is either the best or dumbest Kamen Rider in the universe!

Fourze has what appears to be the biggest belt in Rider history. The Fourze gimmick is Rider switches which somehow allow him to use different weapons on his arms and legs. If you notice, there are ports on his extremities which match up with a standard Playstation controller, circle, square, triangle, and x. At first I thought there was going to be a video game theme and his belt was some kind of gaming station, but I think the different slots are for the switches. His head kind of looks like a bamboo shoot which is kind of growing on me the more I see it. I know it’s supposed to be some kind of rocket since there’s a space theme this time around, but it seriously looks bamboo shootish.

Now, I always kinda laugh whenever the new Rider suit comes out. I still think OOO is fucking dumb, but I fell in love with Double even though I compared him to Schwartz Bruder from G Fighter Gundam. Fouze, I don’t instantly hate. And the idea of having a rocket on your arm makes me laugh in a good way.

Fourze seems like it could be stupid fun. What I’d really like to see is a female Kamen Rider. Maybe the secondary Rider this time around can be a lady. Please?

Source: Riders Rangers and Rambles

You Got Den-O in My Kenshin!

Takeru Satoh who played Ryotaro Nogami in Kamen Rider Den-O will star in a live-action film of Rurouni Kenshin. The film will have an international release so there’s every chance that we’ll see it states side. There’s also word that a regular television series might come out of this.

So I kind of despise Den-O and it boils down to my absolute disgust with Ryotaro. I don’t like his character at all. I’ve enjoyed some of the Den-O movies because they shift the focus away from Ryotaro. And Satoh isn’t in most of them. However, I think he’s kind of perfect for Kenshin. I mean look at how pretty he is:

Slap some red hair on him, give him a pink kimono, put a sword in his hand and you’ve got the perfect Hitokiri Battousai right there. I’m actually hoping they go with the first OVA origin story for this film rather than jump into the series proper. That shit fucked me up.

I also kind of have a hateful relationship with Kenshin. My ex-wife absolutely loved the series. We had all of the fansubs on VHS before you could download them shits online. We got all the OVAs. We had toys all over the place. There was even a wall scroll at some point. Thankfully, she got all that shit. Kenshin reminds me of those dark days. But it is still a good series and could actually work well live-action. Kind of surprised it hasn’t been adapted until now. Hiko Seijūrō was my favorite character because he’s fucking badass and voiced by Char Aznable.

Source: Anime News Network

Proof That a Good Tekken Film is Not a Myth

The live action Tekken movie was a thing that people should not have admitted to watching on purpose. If the goal was to make an unwatchable film, it succeeded in spades. This may lead one to believe that a Tekken movie is something that should never be done.

However, thanks to this clip that AZM Ally Mike Dent sent along, we have documented proof that Tekken movie could be an amazingly awesome thing! Namco will release this CG feature, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, sometime this summer. Honestly, it could be about harvesting bees to create ninja honey for all I care and it would still be infinitely more entertaining than the live action travesty.

I’m glad Namco is doing right by Tekken. I mean, it’s not like it’s impossible to make a fighting awesome in live action. Mortal Kombat: Legacy is proof enough of that.

Kamen Rider GIRLS Sing “Let’s Go Rider Kick!”

This is the official music video for the Kamen Rider GIRLS version of “Let’s Go Rider Kick.” What I find most interesting is that although the girls wear the belts for Blade, Ryuki, Kiva, Den-O, and OOO only OOO, Den-O, and Rider 1 show up. Still don’t like their getups. Besides the belts and the hair thing, you can’t really tell they’re related to Kamen Rider. Sure, they got the racing stripes like Rider 1 and the gloves, but they could have done a little more with the uniforms.

As for the song, the rap part is kinda growing on me, but the singing parts just don’t have the epic feel that the original had. I get they’re going for pop idol and all that, but it’s Kamen Rider! It should be an epic battle theme that you play while you’re kicking the shit out of Shocker. This is just too cute for ass kicking!

Stray Bullet: A True Superhero Story

There are costumed heroes who you’d be proud to call role models who stand for truth, justice, awesomeness.

And then there’s Gun Caliber.

Stray Bullet: A True Superhero Story gives us a unique perspective on the man behind the myth. Who is this foul-mouthed, womanizing, alcoholic, washout who shoots dudes in the face? What kind of woman is he looking for? Can he fly? With a special appearance by Battle Hero J, Stray Bullet: A True Superhero Story is a brilliant documentary of one of Japan’s greatest unsung heroes.

Directed by Fumi Minamitsuji. Produced by Bueno, Mike Dent, and Paul Sullivan. Special thanks to Fernando Ramos, Remi Plourde, and Yuki Yasutaki.

You can download it for all sorts of devices here.

Beware of this Gundam’s Heart of Gold

I’ve never really been impressed with the gold finish on Gundam kits. Something about those gold finished parts always looks fake to me. But this gold plated Master Grade RX-78 looks absolutely gorgeous. It seriously looks like it was cast from gold ingots! Apparently, this is a special limited edition kit that could only be bought if you belong to Club MG. The details are a little sketchy to me since the sight is in Korean and Chrome’s translation isn’t the best, but it seems like you had to acquire a certain number of points before you were allowed to purchase this bad boy.

Of course, this song immediately popped in to my head after seeing the pics. Check out the Dalong.net link for some more drool worthy photos.

Source: Dalong.net via Gundam Guy

Gunpla Auction to Benefit Survivors of the Sendai Earthquake

Some highly skilled modelers, some of whom have work in Dengeki Hobby and Model Graphix magazines, are joining together to raise money for survivors of the Sendai Earthquake. They’re auctioning models and dioramas through the Ball Joint Project. The page is in Japanese so you’ll have to use some kinda translation thing for you English readers (Chrome actually does it for you).

Man, it’s good to see even the gunpla and modeling community coming together to do what they can to help.

Source: Ball Joint Project via Gundam Guy

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