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Homemade DBZ Short Better Than Live Action Movie

AZM Ally Mike Dent sent along this short that this Jeroni guy made with his kids and some After Effects ninjitsu and I’ve got to say, it’s so much more entertaining than the live action Dragonbawl that stunk up theaters earlier this year. It shouldn’t really surprise me that a father with a handycam and a computer can capture the spirit of DBZ more accurately than a gigantic Hollywood production with fancy wires, giant sets, and entire teams of CG artists. I mean, this little short is proof that it’s possible to make a live action Dragunbleh that doesn’t suck. If a guy screwing around with a handycam can get it right, why can’t the fuckers with the deep pockets of endless money?

Tetsujin 28 Protects the City of Kobe

I was terribly sad to see the 1/1 scale Gundam being decommissioned. Who’s gonna protect Japan now? Well, we have nothing to fear. From this video that Angry Zen Minion elucidarian sent me, Tetsujin 28 has stepped up to the plate to defend Japan with its mighty powers of dynamic pose! It’s a good day to be a giant robot fan.

Frank West vs. Tatsunoko

AZM Ally Joe Guinto writes in with word that zombie photographer Frank West joins the Capcom ranks in Tastunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars! And from AZM Ally Mike Dent, we have an new trailer for the American release!

Yes, yes, fucking YES! Please, please, please release this bad boy on the 360! PLEASE!!!


Ultra Galaxy Neo Ultraman Awesome Something Something Something

Okay, I’ve given up remembering the title of the latest Ultraman movie. But the shit looks awesome. Here’s a much longer preview than the previous ones we’ve seen. That Ultra in the armor is Ultraman Zero who’s apparently the son of Ultra Seven or something along those lines. This movie looks totally bad ass.

Dragon Sensei is the Best Sensei in the World!

If I ever become a teacher, I will work out so that I can teach class shirtless and make awesome Bruce Lee yells.

Actually, might be funnier if I did’t work out.

R5 Central, Extended Shout Outs

The Ladies of R5 Central

The lovely R5 Central crew is back with an episode of extended shout outs, a never-before-heard R5 Central blooper reel, and a special cameo appearance. I love the story arc episodes. It’s a lot of fun to hear the true madness of Mike Dent unfold. Someday, someone should turn it into a comic of some kind. Hmmmm…

Source: R5 Central

UPDATE: HOLY SHIT BALLS! I just listened and I don’t want to spoil it… but… can’t… hold… out…. SPECIAL GUEST MARK MUTHA FUCKING MUSASHI!!!!!!!

That’s right, this Mark Musashi!

HJU Radio Episode 7, The Next Rider

Henshin Justice Radio episode 7

The HJU Radio gang is back with a whole mess of Kamen Rider goodness. Episode 7 comes to you in three part. In Part I, the boys go over what they’re geeking on. Part 2, they discuss the cliffhanger ending to Kamen Rider Decade. Part 3, they discuss the next Rider, Kamen Rider Double. If you’re looking for a giant helping of Tokusatsu goodness, HJU Radio is the place!

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