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Gundam Exia Getting the MG Treatment

Master Grade Gundam Exia

Gundam Duberu Oh fans, get your wallets ready. Bandai is releasing a Master Grade version of the Gundam Exia. Parts are included to convert it to the Exia-Re mode. The MG Gundam Exia drops in July and it looks like there will be three versions. The regular kit will go for ¥3990, the Ignition Mode will go for ¥6875, and the Ignition Mode First Batch will go for ¥5250. No idea what an Ignition Mode is because I never watched the show.

If I was a Duberu Oh fan, I might hold off. With the 1/144 scale kits of the Duberu Oh universe, Bandai released multiple versions of the same suits with slightly different stuff each release. They might do the same with the Master Grad versions. Oh Bandai, lovers of money.

Source: Gunota

HJU Radio Episode 3

HJU Radio

HJU Radio Episode 3 is up and they’ve got some special guests on the line! Chad “Knux Five” Bonin from GaijInside.Com, Igadevil who has the best Kamen Rider Blog EVER, and Vangelus from WTF @ TFW’s jump in for some geeky toku talk. This is the first part of three which should be dropping sometime soon. Enjoy!

Source: Henshin Justice

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Coming to America!

Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson writes in with the amazingly awesome news that Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom is coming to the US!

I sense that some of you may be wondering why this is awesome. I present the following video as a demonstration of this game’s potential awesomeness!

Okay, so the game doesn’t look like that. But this is freaking cool news. The article is from Nintendo Power so it’s almost certainly coming out for the Wii. I expect we’ll get versions for the other systems as well.

Oh, and here’s some actual gameplay footage of Ken kicking the shit out of everyone.

Source: Kotaku

Gundam Upskirt!

Gundam Crotch

Construction of the full 1:1 scale RX-78 is underway as you can tell by the giant Gundam upskirt. Okay, I guess it’s technically an up-endoskeleton since the skirt armors aren’t up yet, but whatever. Here’s how it looks a few paces back.

Gundam Leg Skeleton

Man, that’s gonna look awesome at sunrise and sunset. There are more images over at Gundam.info with a few shots of the chest armor. Looks absolutely fantastic. Time to plan a trip to Japan!

Source: Gundam.info

Peelander Red is a Bat!

Peelander-Z Live @ the Hot Freaks! Day Party.

Here’s some footage of Peelander Z at SXSW. One of these days, I’m just gonna follow them on tour and be a Peehead, like a Deadhead only with more kaiju action. Peelander Yellow designed the red squid/bass kaiju and the folks at Kaiju Big Battel made the costume for them. You can see it featured in the Ninja High School music video or on tour. Their last show is this Saturday in New York at The Studio at Webster Hall. If you up round that way, check em out. Video just doesn’t do them justice. Peelander Z must be experienced live!

Hip Hopkido Saves the Day

Oh Power Rangers. I still get bummed when I think about Thuy Trang. She might have actually had a decent movie career if she didn’t die so young. It’s always tough looking back to the first season of Power Rangers and seeing her smiling face again. Ah well.

I find that the best way to win a girl’s heart is with some good old fashioned Hip Hopkido. The dance fight at the end is full of… something.

Evangelion, Gainax’s Little Golden Egg Laying Goose

While I will admit this trailer for Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance looks fairly badass, I am somewhat suffering from Eva overload. How many times can you remix a franchise? It’s not like these new one make any more sense than the original one. Yeah, it’s really pretty. Yeah, there are giant freaking robots doing awesome giant robot things. But seriously, enough is enough. No more Eva!

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