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Blowup Dolls, Your Days Are Numbered!

Thanks to top pasty lovely called Jackie, the world is safe from the evil menace of the floating plastic ladies! Seriously, the girl can shoot some targets.

Extended Trailer for All Riders Vs. Daishocker

Wow! Seeing all 26 Riders posed for some Rider Kick! AWESOME!!!! Apparently, Kamen Rider J missed the early call. But word is he will indeed show up. So if every Rider goes through their full henshin sequence at least once, we’re looking at a five hour movie here. Also, I’m curious if the other Riders of each show will appear or will it just be the main Riders? I want to see the Hoppers back in action so badly. Also would love to see Orga and Psyga again. But that would make it a ten hour movie.

Play Megaman 7 as Kamen Rider Decade!

This is just so freaking awesome. Head on over to the Henshin Justice forums to grab both Rockman 7-FC and the Hesei era Kamen Rider sprite folder to journey through the Rockman as Decade! So freaking cool! Den-O seems to be a bit schizophrenic and Kuuga keeps transforming when you shoot or jump. But this is so freaking awesome!

Source: Henshin Justice

Ever Wonder Why Rangers Have to Yell At the Top of Their Lungs to Transform?

There are some obvious questions that always come to mind while watching a Tokusatsu series. Why must the heroes shout their transformation sequences? What’s with the six story fireball that ignites behind them when they transform? What’s with the giant anime eyes on the cars? Well, leave it to the Disney version of Go-Onger, Power Rangers RPM, to elucidate.

Dear Fandom, When Companies Finally Listen to You, STFU!

Thanks to Funimation, you can now watch subtitled episodes of Full Metal Alchemist: Brootherhood online a few days after they premier in Japan. It’s seems that the anime companies are finally listening to the fandom and giving us what we want! Happy day, right?

Well, according to AZM Ally Mike Dent there are fans out there who have taken this opportunity to shit in our cereal. Understandably, Funimation is issuing cease-and-decist letters to fansub groups who still insist on fansubbing the show even though it’s being professionally fansubbed subbed for free. How does the fansubbing community react?

Sadly we lose some of the best fansub groups in the FMA: Brotherhood. Right now I dont know about Eclipse or the other fansubs groups about this subject of Funanimation treating them to drop the series.

As you know FMA: Brotherhood is being subbed by many, and I think every week a new comes out. Now we got guys like The Alchemists doing the subs and many others.

So hang in there, we probably wont lose our dear FMA wekly fix. Please continue to support the fansub groups, specially the ones who dont sucumb to big corporations.

Obama Facepalm

Tee hee! Thanks to Angry Zen Minion Nathan Yuen for the new facepalm!

Okay, back to yelling at the fandom. Used to be that fansub groups would have a little disclaimer at the beginning of every release that said in effect, “stop distributing this show if it’s ever officially released. Support official releases, support the anime industry.” Once a show was officially picked up, those fansub groups would take down their version of the show. It seemed like a good relationship. But things have changed. Fansubbers responded to a growing desire by the fandom to watch new shows as soon, or pretty damn close, as they aired in Japan. Traditionally, official translations are released a few months after the episodes have aired and by then, the fans have already seen the fansubs and ignore the official releases. This makes it tough to make money on the anime for western companies.

Well it seems that western companies are starting to get it. And with Funimation releasing FMA:Brothorhood for free almost concurrently with the Japanese air dates, you’d think that the fandom would be all crunchy pants for it! And I bet a lot of them are. Funimation should be supported for their efforts. They recognize the growing demand and have responded more than appropriately. The fansubbers should get with the program and embrace the official release. After all, aren’t fansubbers all about spreading anime to the fans? Or have they grown too big for the artform that they say they love?

Source: Justice Ace

All Riders Pose For Great Justice!

And there we have it, all Riders doing their slow motion walk of Rider Justice! I’m still hoping to see some of the original actors back in action, but there’s no denying just how awesome this could be. Kabuto and Stronger should totally have an arm wrestling match.

Kamen Rider Ultimate Fan Fic Movie

All Riders Vs Daishocker

AZM Ally Mike Dent confirms that the Kamen Rider Decade movie will be a Kamen Rider fan’s wet dream. All Riders vs. Daishocker will feature all past Kamen Riders from both the Showa and Heisei era battling against Daishocker and its army of revived monsters, most likely from all the eras as well.

We don’t know if the original actors will reprise their Rider roles. I will mirror some of Mike’s disappointment that the current series recast all the past riders. Well, the Den-O imagin and still in full effect and we get some of the original Hibiki cast, but for the most part it’s all new faces. I was disappointed in Faiz’s World’s new Takumi. What a doormat. But I digress. My hope is that when Decade and DiEnd are done world hopping and come back to their own world, we’ll see all the original Heisei actors together at last to kick Narutaki’s ass. If Ultraman can do it, certainly Kamen Rider can!

On a side note, am I the only one who finds Narutaki unbearably lame? Walking around in his tan trench coat and rain hat, he looks like a creepy flasher. And all he does is yell at Tsukasa. Well that and recruit other Riders to fight Decade. But other than walking around like a creepy flasher, getting an orgasm everytime Kivala bites him (seriously, WTF), and yelling like an asshole, Narutaki is one lame ass villain.

Back to the movie, I’m really hoping for the original actors. As cool as I think it is to see the suits back in action in the same damn show, and trust me, that’s going to be absolutely freaking cool, I realize that it’s the characters behind the mask that really hook me into the series. Faiz just isn’t Faiz with out nekojita Ta-kun. Kabuto just isn’t Kabuto without cocky ass Tendou. I care about the characters so much more than the suits which kind of surprises me. So I’m hoping for a henshin miracle here.

Source: Justice Ace

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