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World Order — “AQUARIUS”

More gorgeous work from Genki Sudo’s World Order. The combination of their music and movement always brings a smile to my heart. No matter what kind of day I’m having, watching these seems to make everything better.

From: World Order

Gun Caliber Supports R5 Central

R5 Central needs our help and Gun Caliber is here to kick our asses into gear. AZM Ally Mike Dent is raising funds to bring back R5 Central in all of its podcasting glory:

You can check out some of the earlier episodes at the R5 site. And you can support the campaign over at indiegogo.

OhRed is Opening a Toku Bar

Masaru Shishido who played OhRed in Chōriki Sentai Ohranger is opening a Tokusatsu themed bar. He probably had this idea way before Akibaranger aired this year, but I can’t help but see the similarities. Employees will refer to each other as taichou and captain and I bet they’ll be wearing sentai uniforms. Shishido will also host toku themed events at the bar and the first thing that pops into my mind would be a screen of Akibaranger because that would be so freaking meta.

I absolutely love that many of the tokusatsu actors embrace their rolls. Comics Alliance and Kotaku are calling Shishido a former Power Ranger. There’s nothing former about him. He IS OhRed. I remember back when the earthquake happened, many of the tokusatsu actors took to twitter to send hopeful messages as their characters out to the people. That is just so freaking cool and one of the reasons why I love the genre so much.

From: Comics Alliance

Sony’s Egg-Shaped HARO!

I once believed that I would have to wait until I was about dead until science came up with a proper HARO robot companion to keep me company in my waning years. Nope. Sony made this shit in 2008! Now granted, it’s not a full on HARO that floats around and asks you if you’re “genki,” but I’m sure if you filled a Rolly with enough sound clips of HARO from his various animated incarnations, it’d be just as good.

Here’s a bunch of Rollys dancing to “Thriller.”

They are a bit pricey. I found one on Amazon for about $230. For that price, I kinda would want a real HARO-shaped HARO. I kind of feel that Sony or Bandai or both missed the boat here. Clearly, Sony can make a Rolly that’s shaped like HARO. I have no idea how well the Rolly did back in 2008, but if it was a HARO Rolly, that shit would fly off the shelves! Hell, I may get one anyway and just paint it green.

Rolly’s existence in the world gives me great hope that a real life HARO isn’t too far off. Everyone needs a little green robot ball to gleefully shout encouraging words now and then.

Yes, Virginia, There Are Beam Churros

If you skip to 3:00, you can see Beam Churros being served at the Gundam Cafe!

Gundam Front Tokyo open tomorrow and from this short video tour, you can tell that it’s a Gundam fan’s wet dream come true. Along with the Gundam Cafe and exclusive Gundam merch, there’s also Strict G, a Gundam apparel shop with a number of classy items for the fashion forward fan.

It’s a Gundam paradise. I MUST GO!

Gun Calibur Fight Reel

Gun Calibur returns in 2013 with a major release. While we wait, Bueno and crew have released a quick fighting reel with Gun Calibur kicking the shit out of some Shocker grunts who have brought shiny lucha masks to a gun fight. If Shocker is supposed to be the ultimate evil, why don’t they arm their foot soldiers better? Stupid Shocker.

Follow the Bouncing Haros

Here’s some video footage of what they project behind the Odaiba Gundam. You can see a shit ton of Haros flitting about for something called the “Haro Project.” I’m pretty much a sucker for Haro anything.

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