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Gundam Musou2 Big Zam

Gundam Musou known as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam over here is my absolute favorite Gundam game. So my pants got all crunch and hard when I saw screens over Gundam Musou 2 posted over at Kotaku! Above, we see Amuro taking on the Big Zam.

Gundam Musou2 Psycho Gundam

That’s the Psycho Gundam lumbering around in the background. I hope it’s an unlockable mobile armor. I imagine it’s slow as hell, but it’d be so fun to just stomp on mobile suits!

Gundam Musou2 Nu Gundam

Char’s Counter Attack has been added and I just geeked all over myself after seeing this shot of the Nu Gundam!

Gundam Musou2 Sazabi

And now I need a whole new wardrobe. You can pilot the Sazabi! I wonder if you can unlock the Nightingale and Hi Nu Gundam. If not, it’s still quite crunchy pants worthy to fly around in both suits. I’m guessing the ReGZ is also playable.

I’d like to see the War in the Pocket suits available. The Kamfer would be so sweet to pilot. And of course, if the Ex-S Gundam was available I would never leave my apartment. Ever.

Gundam Musou 2 hits Japan consoles in December which probably means we’ll be getting Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 sometime early next year! Crunchy mobile pants for all!

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Cardcaptor Will and Mike Discuss The Horrors of Otakon 2008

Conversations with Cardcaptor Will #4

Will and Mike are back to discuss cosplay horror stories, cosplay harems, the real purpose of the anime con rave, and the horrors of Otakon 2008 including Artist Alley Tablegate. Apparently, some asshat bought a giant block of tables at Artist Alley for his family and friends who all sold the same friggin art. Or something.

You know, after hearing about all of this insanity, I’m kind of glad I didn’t make it out to Otakon this year. Yikes!

[Via R5 Central]

Marvel and Madhouse Sitting in a Tree

Iron Man Mangaverse

AZM Ally Nelly from the most amazing prop makers in the ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE, Morlock Enterprises, sends word that Marvel is partnering with Madhouse Inc. to bring Marvel inspired anime to the Japanese market. There will be four series launching in Spring 2010. And man, please let them not be based on the Mangaverse. Blech. Okay, I really like Spiderclan and obviously I’m a big fan of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! But seriously, Marvel should adopt a hands-off approach and see what Madhouse can come up with. Mangaverse was full of feh. Bleh. And Ugh. And none of it in a good way. Except for the previous two I mentioned.

Of course, this is Madhouse we’re talking about. So we can expect the intro title sequence to be fucking amazing as well as the first two or three episodes. Then it’s a toss up. Iron Man and Wolverine have been mentioned, but in my heart of hearts, I’d like to see anime versions of some of the b-listers. Taskmaster would be fun, especially UDON’s version of his costume. You could do some sexy yaoi stuff with Northstar. Jubilee needs some anime love. And we haven’t seen Dazzler in a good long while.

Who would you like to see get the Madhouse treatment?

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R5 Central Vs. Meep Mop

So there’s this which is full of awesome and made me laugh.

But how did this epic rivalry begin?

Looking forward to how this insanity wraps up! Big shout out to AZM Ally Mike Dent for an entertaining start to an otherwise bleh week.

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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Americanized Rider Names Revealed

Kamen Rider Siren

Much like Power Rangers Americanizes the names of the Japanese Super Sentai Characters, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Americanizes the names of Kamen Rider Ryuki. Henshin Justice has the exclusive list of the new names. Unlike Power Rangers, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight looks like it’s going to be a sausage fest with one female rider among the thirteen. This is typical of the Rider shows since we’ve only seen three or four women Riders throughout the entire history of the show. If Dragon Knight sparks off a new generation of Americanized Kamen Rider shows, I hope they can bring in some more lady riders. It doesn’t matter that the suits don’t have boobs. You could still have a woman henshin and kick some ass without metal cleavatude.

Anyway, I think Dragon Knight will kick all kinds of ass! Can’t wait for it to air and I can’t wait to get my hands on all the wonderful toys that are sure to come!

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Sounds like they got that cheesy Soul Calibur announcer to start matches. Awesome. I can’t wait to play this!

Mega Man’s “E” Gives You 8-Bit Energy In Real Life!

Mega Energy Drink

Mondays suck some serious ass so AZM Ally Mike Dent sent along some “E!” For a mere ¥137, you too can power up between office meetings to extend your energy to last the rest of the work day! Oh man, I bet if you drink enough of these you’ll start hallucinating at the office, strap on a stapler to your arm, and attack your boss to acquire his power!

How much more awesome can Mega Man 9 get!

[Via Japanator]

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