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Ah, got time for one shorty before we disappear.

These are all the Kamen Rider Kiva henshins thus far, Kiva mode, Garulu mode, Bashaa mode, and Dogga mode with a little bit of Ixa thrown in the mix. I think the helper who turns into Bashaa mode is supposed to be a dude, a very fem dude. Dogga mode looks like an after thought, like they took one of them big Hulk Hands, painted it purple, nailed it to a post, and then took some pieces of purple cardboard and stuck it all over Kiva. I guess that’ll have to keep us occupied while we wait for The Incredible Hulk to drop.

Anyway, gotta get packing. Thanks for all the well wishers. You guys are the freaking best!

Great Kahuna Bot V

Great Kahuna Bot V

Great Kahuna Bot V is my riff on the classic giant robot style. If I didn’t have a day job, I would even do a quick one-shot comic to demonstrate Great Kahuna Bot V’s amazing might. But for now, you’ll have to settle for a shirt.

Great Kahuna Bot V Shirt

I’ve signed up with Design By Humans for some of the more illustrative shirt ideas that I have. Bountee is great but they only accept vector format. So I figured I’d give DBH a shot. In order for you to take home your very own Great Kahuna Bot V, you must sign in with DBH and vote your heart out. With your help, we can spread Great Kahuna Bot V’s protective might to the world!

Bumblebee Pwns Prime

I found this much more enjoyable to watch than the high end CG monstrosity of a Michael Bay flicky. Stop motion FTW!

Official Dragon Knight Trailer

[flv:http://www.angryzenmaster.com/video/dragonKnightTrailer.flv http://www.angryzenmaster.com/video/dragonKnightTrailer.jpg 540 364]

I just messed both sets of pants (yes, I keep an extra pair on hand for random acts of crunchiness).


This kicks Power Rangers square in the crotch. Waaay up in the crotchal area! They’re definitely taking the serious tone of the Heisei era Kamen Rider shows and kicking it up quite a few notches. I’d love to see their take on Faiz and Kabuto. SO AWESOME! Will have to get used to them saying “Kamen Rider” instead of “Henshin,” but I can live with that.

The fans over at HJU are supremely overjoyed! Thanks to Keith for breaking the news. Sometimes fandom is its own reward. Sometimes they fly you out to LA to hang with the cast and crew!

[Via Henshin Justice Unlimited]

Honda Duped By Skynet Into Developing Motorized Walking Assistant

Honda Walker

Skynet must have inside agents working at Honda. They’ve developed the motorized Walking Assist Device, a motorized walker that you wear like a belt. The 6 lb. device senses how much aid the wearer will need and power assists the user’s stride to make walking easier. Honda believes this device will give greater mobility to the elderly.

This is how it starts, people. Oh sure, it’s only a cute little belt with a two hour lithium-ion battery charge. Next it’s going to be full robotic legs to do the walking for you. Hell, why even bother walking when a robotic assistant can fetch what you need.

Skynet, robotizing our elderly obsolete one limb at a time.

[Via Gizmodo]

Stan Lee’s Ultimo

Stan Lee's Ultimo

Stan Lee does manga.

Drawn by Hiroyuki Takei and written by Stan Lee, Ultimo will be chronicled in Viz Media’s Shonen Jump. And that’s pretty much all I got. Oh, the character Dan pictured above is obviously based on Stan Lee. Looks like he’s dressed for sepuku.

UPDATE: Thanks to KamenOtaku, you can now experience the first chapter online. Um… well… meh. Only one chapter and it’s already convoluted as all hell which I suppose in some way is standard fare for manga these days. Color me underwhelmed.

[Via Anime News International]

Dragon Knight Justice!

Keith Justice and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

That’s Henshin Justice Unlimited’s own Keith Justice standing next to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. OH. MY. SHIT! That’s fucking awesome!

Keith spent a few days in LA on set hanging with the cast and crew of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. They apparently have a few episodes in the can and are currently in discussions with networks to get the show on the air.

It’s about damn time we get some Rider love and Dragon Knight is a perfect show to kick off some domestic Kamen Rider. I love the fact that it’s called Kamen Rider and not Masked Rider. I hope they limit the use of old Kamen Rider Ryuki footage. CG effects are so much better now than they were back then. Some of that old effect work just doesn’t hold up.

I can’t wait. If this kicks as much ass as I know it should, this could start the flood gates. I’m thinking domestic Faiz, Blade, and Kabuto. And that means domestic re-releases of Kamen Rider belts! HENSHIN!

Looking good Keith! Thanks for the news!

[Via Henshin Justice Unlimited]

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