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Timelapse of the Construction of the Odaiba Gundam

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, but I’m back and so is the 1/1 scale Odaiba RX-78 Gundam! This timelapse video of the construction is absolutely beautiful.

The one thing that’s missing from the first time they built it is the beam saber. I wonder why they left it out of the reconstruction. How is it going to defend Odaiba from a colony drop?

From: Darwinfish

FT-86 Fastest Painted Website

The amazing Rinpa Eshidan crew returns with a very unusual project, the FT-86 Fastest Painted Website. To celebrate the launch of Toyota’s new FT-86, the Rinpa Eshidan crew painted a live mural in Shinjuku which was turned into a web site in real time. The painting started on November 20 and ended November 26.

Though the finished site is still up for viewing, it doesn’t quite capture the true essence of Rinpa Eshidan. Their work is constantly in flux, always changing, evolving. It would have been absolutely amazing to have seen it painted live.

World Order – “Machine Civilization”

This is a bit old, but to lift the spirits of Japan, Genki Sudo and his World Order put together this video for “Machine Civilization.” This is what he says about the piece:

Many disasters are ongoing in Japan; earthquakes, Tsunami, and nuclear accidents. These unprecedented things may be able to change however from now. That’s why I expressed through World Order to convey some message to you on my own way. I see these accidents will become a turning point of civilization. I think the time of revolution is coming, where people in the world coexist with this planet against the system of modern society, economy and politics.

Any accident is neutral. Although we are straying around this deep darkness, I believe we can get through anything when each of us can let go of our fear and face things positively.

The world won’t change on its own. We do change one by one. That makes the world change. The darkness just before the dawn is deepest. So, we do rise up together to greet the brilliant morning truly coming for the human beings.

Genki Sudo

mp3 free download:

All Rider vs. All Ranger

It’s clear to me that Toei thinks I spend too much money on pants.

AZM Ally David Caceres sends word that Super Hero Taisen will premier during the 2012 Golden Week celebration (April 29-May 5) which will feature every single Kamen Rider and Sentai Ranger ever created. That’s over 40 Riders and over 200 Rangers all in one pants exploding movie.

No word on plot details, but we have confirmation that Masahiro Inoue will reprise his role as Kamen Rider Decade’s Tsukasa Kadoya. This is a good way to bridge the Sentai and Rider universe’s as Decade teamed up with the Shinkengers to defeat a Gedoushu who had stolen the Diend driver. Tsukasa opened the path between those worlds. Of course, continuity doesn’t count for shit in Rider or Sentai films, but it’s nice to think that they’ve established a portal in a previous series. And honestly, I want to see Decade get used as more than just a background Rider. I kinda feel he’s been terribly underused in the current string of All Rider films. I really hate that Den-O gets more screen time than him.

While I’m finding it hard to stay conscious with all the blood currently rushing to my loins, the fact that we’ve got over 240 costumed heroes to see means that unless this movie is five hours long, some of my favorites will not be getting much screen time. Kuuga is arguably one of the most powerful Riders ever. His Ultimate form could destroy the entire world with a finishing move. But I fear he will be just one of those background Riders that gets to punch one or two baddies before the camera pans away. I also fear that as a secondary Rider, Accel will get less time than Rider Man who is also a secondary Rider but seems to get a lot of attention because he’s Showa Era.

Still, I cannot deny that I will be very sad that I won’t be in Japan during Golden Week to witness the awesomeness in a theater. I’ll have to wait for it to drop on DVD so that the fansubbers can grab it. Seriously, this is tokusatsu fan’s wet dream!!!

From: Alafista and Henshin Justice

Gun Calibur Teaser

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the man called Gun Calibur. It looks like the Garage Hero gang are gearing for another installment of indy toku action. Looks like our boy’s been busy taking on Shocker.

Ultraman Saga Movie Features JPop Idol Group AKB48 and Lots of SHOUTING!

AZM Ally David Caceres sent along this trailer for the upcoming Ultraman Saga movie which will feature seven members of the Jpop Idol group AKB48 as Team U. The film will feature Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Zero, and a new Ultra, Ultraman Saga. Ultra continuity is a bit screwy. I know that Tiga and Dyna took place in their own separate universes. But I think in at least one of the movies, the original Ultraman crossed into Tiga’s universe. And there was a Tiga/Dyna movie that I’ve got on DVD somewhere.

I don’t think I’ve seen either Tiga or Dyna in any of the new Ultraman movies that star Zero, but that may be because I was drooling over seeing all the old guys back in action. I have no idea where Cosmos fits in. But honestly, no one watches Ultraman for continuity. They watch it because it’s fucking awesome! And this movie looks freaking crazy.

Source: Japanator

Rider Sessions – Nigo

Rider Sessions continue with Ichigo’s aniki, Kamen Rider Nigo! This time, with color! Two hours compressed into four minutes. The jam in the background is just something I came up with that I thought would help pass the time.

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