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Honda’s New Asimo Will Daintily Serve You Tea

Honda recently unveiled its new and improved ASIMO robot. The new version can run like a duck, hop like a child, and serve tea like a dandy. It’s actually pretty rad. He’s got something called autonomous behavior control technology which means he can perform tasks without the aid of human control. His newly improved artificial intelligence means that he can adapt to his surroundings. No longer do high powered office managers need to keep interns around to fetch them coffee. They can just call on ASIMO.

The fall of the interns will signal the rise of the robots who have learned that the power in this world is held by corporations. They will infiltrate our wealthiest corporations (after all, who could afford a robot assistant but the most rich of the rich) and gradually insert themselves into positions previously held by less efficient bags of meat. And then, Skynet will pull the trigger and the ASIMO robot assistants will rise up and take over the corporate world in one fell swoop! Running like a cute duckie is the first step in their devious plot!

Source: Honda

Gundam Gives Great Head

Gundam Guy has posted some photos from the Miyazawa Model Exhibtion 2011. I’ve got an office now with a proper desk that needs some geekiness and I think the Gundam Head Collection would look right nice next to my phone. I think they’ve done head collections in the past, but this is the first time I’ve seen a Zaku in the lineup. There’s another photo that shows off some of the Gundam AGE heads. Haven’t had a chance to check out the series yet, but I have to say that I kind of like the look of the secondary suits. I’m a UC fanatic at heart, but I can live with the new suits.

No word on when they’ll be released, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for that Zaku.

Source: Gundam Guy

SD Gundam G Generation Coming to the Nintendo 3DS

Dropping this December is another Gundam game worth keeping an eye out for, SD Gundam G Generation 3D! Unfortunately, unlike previous gameboys the 3DS is region locked so we won’t be able to enjoy SD battles like the SD Unicorn vs SD Sinanju unless you mode your system. The Unicorn suits are included which makes me all kinds of crunchy in the pants. Also looks like the Gundam AGE and its various incarnations will be playable which could be a lot of fun. And they included the cute Bearguy from Beginning G! Check out the website to see screen shots and more suits in the lineup.

Source: Bandai

Meanwhile, In Mexico…

Genki Sudo and his WORLD ORDER return with this amazing video shot in Mexico. It’s a thing of absolute beauty. Thanks to AZM Ally Terrance Wong for sending this my way.

Japan’s Ministry of Defense Creates Real Life HARO!!!

Put a green shell on this bot, give it some glowy eyes, and a robotic voice that says “genki, Amuro, genki” and you’ve got yourself a real life Haro! I’m buying one. I don’t care if it’s for military use or spying or defense or any of that bullshit. I need more Haro in my life. I guarantee that’s what the engineers were thinking as well, “You know what Sasuke-kun, we need more Haro in our lives.” “Quite right, Yuki-chan. Let’s build us a spherical robot!”

Source: Diginfo

J Pop American Funtime No

I couldn’t track down a YouTube version so I apologize if some readers can’t view this. Stupid region restrictions.

Anyway, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live regularly so I missed this sketch when it aired over the weekend, but it’s pretty scary accurate. They must have gone to Otakon at some point because you see kids like this walking the halls the entire weekend.

The truly sad thing is that I get like this anytime anyone says the words Kamen Rider. My stupid hair changes color and I start yelling random Japanese phrases like henshin and Rider Kickuu. And I suspect I’m just as annoying as the people in the sketch. Well, if they just stopped making Rider so awesome, I wouldn’t fan out so hard, now would I!

I probably would.

UPDATE: For non-US readers, check this link.

Live Action Ranma 1/2

And now from our “Live-Action Translation of a Manga That Doesn’t Make Me Want to Stick Blazing Hot Rusted Iron Pokers Into the Soft Parts of Hollywood Execs” department comes news from AZM Ally Kensei Dave that there will be a live action Ranma 1/2 special airing December 9 that will focus on Akane Tendo.

For those who aren’t old as dirt like me, Ranma 1/2 was one of the early manga to be localized for the American market. It centers around Ranma Saotome, a martial artist who turns into a woman if he’s splashed with cold water because he fell into the cursed hot spring of a drowned girl while training in China. Ranma and his father settle down at the Tendo dojo. You see, back in the day, Soun Tendo and Ranma’s father, Genma Saotome, agreed that Ranma would marry one of Soun’s daughters to ensure the survival of the Tendo dojo. Ranman is now marrying age and is promised to the youngest daughter, Akane, who absolutely hates men. The wackiness ensues.

In the TV special, Ranma seeks to turn himself into a full man. He sets out to find the secret hot spring that will change him back and somehow Akane has the answer.

I’m actually surprised that something like this hasn’t been produced sooner. Ranma’s popularity has waned tremendously over the years. It used to be all I’d see at the anime cons. Now, no one hardly remembers Ranma. The cast photos posted over at Comic Natalie look pretty much like I’d imagine a live action Ranma would look like.

No word on plans for a full series, but I imagine if the special is well received, we might get a full on Ranma 1/2 revival.

Source: Anime News Network

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