Why Bubble Feet Sucks at His Jorb

Ever since his debut in Empire, Boba Fett has become one of the most well loved characters in the Star Wars universe which is quite impressive for someone who utterly fails at his job:

Of course, this begs the question, is Jango any better? If we use Episode II as evidence, Jango kind of goes out like a bitch. We don’t see him do any kind of bounty hunting anything. Sure, he serves as the genetic template for all the clone troopers which is actually kind of badass. But we see no evidence of bounty collecting prowess in the film.

However, I don’t think it’s totally fair to just use the movies for evidence. After all, the Star Wars films are really the story of the Skywalkers. The Fetts are side characters. I feel like Boba serves more of a purpose in the films than Jango. It’s because of Boba that we have to rescue Han from Jaba. Jango’s just kind of there. And then he’s not. And that’s fine because it’s not about the Fetts. It’s about the Skywalkers.

I don’t think the films are a good representation of Fett skill sets. There’s a reason Jango was chosen as a genetic template. There’s a reason that Darth called Boba. These facts are undeniable in the context of the films. That’s gotta mean something. So even though we see very little on screen evidence of bounty hunting skill, the Fetts are certainly badasses.

Judgement Time

AZM Ally Jeff Posey sent along this trailer for the new Judge Dredd movie and holy fuck does it look intense. Sure, I love to hate on remakes, but honestly, that Stalone flick wasn’t all that great. Rob Schneider has the uncanny ability to make movies worse and certainly didn’t belong in a big action blockbuster that the 1995 Judge Dredd was supposed to be. Also, the fact that Karl Urban can say that “I am the law” line not sound idiotic makes me really believe him as Dredd.

Olivia Thirlby looks really tiny next to Karl Urban. But I love that he just throws her in there with the wolves. It’ll be fun to see her kick the shit out of futuristic meth heads. I think it’s going to be a really fun action flick.

Taken 2: Taken Harder

I never really thought of Liam Neeson as an action star, but after seeing Taken, I wanted to see him ACTION ALL THE THINGS. Didn’t think they’d be able to pull it off convincingly, but Taken 2 seems like a pretty believable sequel to the first one. And as much as I am adverse to Hollywood’s sequelitus, I think it’ll be super fun to see Liam use his very specific set of skills to ACTION ALL THE THINGS!

Ah, If Only Samara Had Proper Shampoo

Samara just wanted to look pretty, that’s all.

Everything is a Remix: The Matrix

I remember when The Matrix came out it praised for its unique vision and revolutionary filming techniques. Turns out it might not have been so unique after all. Some of the references were pretty obvious like the whole “white rabbit” bit. But I had no idea that the fight choreography was so heavily remixed. I guess in some ways, remixing the fights could make sense if you suppose that the resistance referenced old movies to learn different fighting styles. But it’s a truly fascinating look at just how recycled something that was once thought to be completely unique can be.

To further examine the remix culture, Everything is a Remix has a four part video series. Mind blown!

From: Everything is a Remix


Hey look, a video game movie that doesn’t make me want to gauge my eyes out! Wreck it Ralph looks like a lot of fun. The licensing behind this thing must have been a nightmare to get all those cameos. I absolutely love the video game villain support group. I think more zombies need to make motivational speeches always. Also, why hasn’t anyone already put Jane Lynch in a video game?

Granted, it’s no The Wizard, but it’s a great looking video game movie.

Tony Stark Has the Shiniest Closet

If Iron Man 3 was nothing more than Tony talking about each of these armors as the camera slowly pans across to eye fuck us with all the shinies, I’d be totally okay with that. I’d watch that shit in 3D. Goddamn, are they gorgeous. Click on the photo for the full resolution sexy.

From: Bleeding Cool

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