What Hawkeye Does When He’s Not Avenging

Holy fuck sticks, does Jeremy Renner kick quite a lot of ass! Here he is in The Bourne Legacy as CIA operative Aaron Cross jumping on mother fuckers in alleys like they’re cardboard boxes. I’m gonna have to go back and watch the previous three to remind me what the fuck is going on. It seems like a fairly self-contained movie that doesn’t rely too heavily on the setup from the earlier ones, but it’d be fun to marathon the entire series before heading to the theater and catching this.

Gotta say, I like Jeremy Renner a lot as an action hero. There’s an edge to him that Matt Damon lacks. The Bourne Legacy opens August 3.

Iron Patriot in its Red, White, and Blue Glory

Fuck set photos! Marvel just dropped this gorgeous shot of the Iron Patriot armor!

It looks like it’s based on the Mark II from the movies which was converted to Rhodey’s War Machine. Very sexay.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, turns out that this is merely fanarts. Ah well. Still looks freaking cool.

Iron Patriot to Feature in Iron Man 3

With Iron Man 3 filming, we’ll be getting a whole mess of set photos and spoilers including this little photo of a certain Iron Patriot. Now we know that it’s not Norman Osborn because I believe Sony still owns the rights to the Spider-Man characters which technically includes the Osborns.

It’s a crappy photo, but I dig the armor even if it’s a little cheesy. I’m guessing that this is either Rhodey’s War Machine painted up all nice and patriotic or at least based on Rhodey’s suit.

Though I’m a huge sucker for armored anything and pretty much anything that Adi Granov designs, I’d like to see Stark face off against something not armored in the third flick. Even with the second film, I felt like Tony was facing off against things that he designed. Don’t get me wrong, I love the design aesthetic of the drones and the Whiplash armor, but they all looked like they were made by Tony. This time around, if the villains must be armored, I hope they get a new design team.

From: Bleeding Cool

The Dark Sausage Rises

My Dark Knight has a first name, it’s O S C A R
My Dakr Knight has a second name, it’s M A Y E R

“I’m retired.”

“Bruce, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Reports of Jackie Chan’s Retirement Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Thanks to commenter Josh Russell, we have word that Jackie Chan’s intent may have been lost in translation. According to a facebook post:

Yesterday in my press conference in Cannes for Chinese 12 Zodiac I said that this movie was my last big action movie.

Today I was shocked when I woke up to read all the news coverage that I was retiring from doing Action movies.

I just want to let everyone know that I am not retiring from doing action movies. What I meant to say is that I need to do less of the life risking stunts on my movies. After all these years of doing so many stunts and breaking so many bones, I need to take better care of my body so I can keep working.

I will continue to do international action movies.

And I will keep improving my English 🙂

I love all of you!


YES! The gods of Kung Fu are smiling upon us!

I still stand by what I said about seeing more of Jackie in dramatic roles. I think he’s got a lot of range. But this is great news. And honestly, I don’t mind fewer crazy stunts. 50% Jackie is better than 90% of any other action star.

Jackie Chan Retires From Ass Kicking

While promoting his latest film, Chinese Zodiac, at the Cannes Film Festival, martial arts action film icon Jackie Chan announced his retirement from the genre:

This is my last action film. I am not young any more. I am really, really tired. The world is too violent right now. It’s a dilemma – I love fighting. I like action. but I don’t like violence. I want the audience to know I am not just about fighting. I can also act. I want the audience to know also I’m not only a comedian. I can act. Day by day, year by year, I’m going to show you the real Jackie Chan.

I can’t say I’m surprised. He’s been putting his body through the ringer for years. I’m surprised it hasn’t caught up with him sooner.

I’ve seen Jackie in a few dramatic roles and I was quite impressed. Granted, he also kicked a fair amount of ass in those films, but I think he’s got a lot of potential as a dramatic actor. His protege, Michelle Yeoh, has already stepped out of the action film shadow to take on dramatic roles including Burmese Prodemocracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi for the upcoming biopic The Lady. I think he’ll be fine.

Sure, it’s a sad day for the action genre. But Jackie is here to stay.

From: Daily Mail

UPDATE: Found the trailer! Looks like he’s going out with a BANG!!!

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