Radcliffe to Finish the Franchise

Despite flapping his wang in the breeze for all to see, Daniel Radcliffe has signed to play Harry Potter in the final two films. I like that Europe doesn’t care if a celebrity unfurls their wang on stage. Now, if he just whipped it out at McDonalds, then I could see the studio not signing him for the last two films.

On the subject of Radcliffe’s patronus, upon further investigation of that full frontal shot, I’m thinking it’s a fake. I’m not saying the Radcliffe doesn’t have a horse-sized wang. But that particular picture seems a bit fake from the waste down. The angle of the legs is all wrong and the build doesn’t match the rest of him. Of course, the only way to really know is to see him in Equus and I’m not going to England just inspect Harry Potter’s wang.

Shellhead – Man in Suit!

Jon Favreau posted this little nugget on his MySpace blog:

Thirdly, Stan Winston Studios has been unveiling suits for us. Once again, they have exceeded our expectations. Those of you who follow my career know that I am very skeptical about the overuse of CGI. I am happy to report that the film will be a healthy mix of both computer generated and practical effects. My goal is to make the two integrate in a way that they usually do not.

Awesome! I completely agree! On the one hand, I’m a CG whore. Any movie with heavy use of CG is usually something I want to see. I always want to see if I can tell what parts are CG and what aren’t. There are a number of camera shots and effects that would be impossible or too dangerous for practical solutions. On the other hand, I really love seeing the creativity of practical effects and the wacked out solutions effects houses used to use to come up with new visuals.

I can’t wait to see pictures of the practical suit. Adi Granov’s Iron Man illustrations are quite amazing and I’d love to see his designs in real metal and chrome. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve already bought my ticket for this thing! I can’t wait!

Damon is Kirk

IGN is reporting that Matt Damon is in negotitations to play a young James T. Kirk. But wait, there’s more. Adrien Brody is in talks to play a young Spock and Gary Sinise could play a young Leonard McCoy.

The thought of all three of these guys in the same movie is somewhat appealing. But I remain firm. I don’t care for seeing a young Kirk or Spock or McCoy in love. What about Sulu? What about the Dominion? What about the Prophets? What about looking towards the future as Star Trek has always done? I predict a solid rental for this next Star Trek film.

Although, it would be kind of funny watching Matt Damon chasing after some green hotties! Green Gone Wild!

Scanners Remake

Yet another movie that I’d love to see re-released instead of remade. Dimension Films has picked up the rights to remake Scanners. The remake will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman who directed Saw II, Saw III, and is currently working on a fourth. David Goyer is penning the script.

Dammit, I’d love to see the original in the theaters again. You know, if I had my own movie house, I’d show all the originals of remakes the day they’re released. Movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still and Scanners don’t need remakes. They need to be re-released. I really liked the Saw films and the fact that the director of the last two is directing this remake almost makes it a rental for me. But I’d rather watch the original.

Yeah, that’s what I need to do. Buy a movie house and show nothing but originals! And poorly dubbed kung fu!

Miller Writes and Directs The Spirit

This was announced a while ago, but now we’re getting some more details. Frank Miller could not attend NY Comic Con this past weekend because of a broken hip (he slipped on some ice), but he left an email for producer F.J. DeSanto to read at the opening of The Spirit panel:

Sometimes life really sucks. I slipped on a patch of black ice on a Manhattan sidewalk, smashed my left hip to bits and have spent the last bunch of weeks undergoing medical procedures and losing out on all these chances to tell everybody how much fun I’m having writing ‘Will Eisner’s The Spirit.’ Don’t go expecting a nostalgic tongue-in-cheek romp here. Remember, remember how scary Eisner got whenever he chose to. Remember how he broke your heart with the story of San Serif, so expect some hair-pin turns, some dead end back alley madness, the wet kind. Get set, we’re on our way to some dark places.

Sounds good to me!

Superhero Hype has an awesome review of the panel. The Spirit will be set in contemporary times instead of the 40s or 50s to give it a more timeless feel. Expect to see some femme fatales in the mix to stir up trouble for the Spirit. Miller has been drawing pages of scenes that occur between panels of the original comic. Those would make an amazing book! The film might also use the same technology that brought Sin City to life. Oh man, it’d be awesome to see Robert Rodriguez and Troublemaker Studios teaming up with Miller again!

In closing, Uslan dropped some hints about some of his future projects including a Captain Marvel/Shazam project and The Shadow that he’s developing with Sam Raimi. Please let it be better than that Alec Baldwin crapola.

More movies from Miller I say! They should have let him direct Daredevil!

Eckhart on Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Sounds like The Dark Knight will have at least two villains in it after all. Aaron Eckhart has confirmed that at some point, we will see his transformation into Two-Face:

Well, I’m Harvey Dent … then I go into Harvey Two-Face.

Now it’s just a question of when. We’ve all seen the crapitude that occurs when too many villains try to upstage each other. Batman and Robin and Batman Forever combined killed that formula. But we’ve seen that it can work if you play it right. Scarecrow and Ra’s al Gul played very well together in Batman Begins. I think that Nolan can pull it together with Joker and Two-Face in the same flick. Can’t wait!

Harry’s Patronus


I kinda feel that if I’m going to post photos of a chick wearing naught but an iPod, I have a moral obligation to also post photos of Daniel Radcliffe doing his best horse impersonation. Although Audrey would prefer it to be Rupert Grint, you gotta give the boy credit. He’s got balls, and you can see them here (NSFW! Seriously, NOT SAFE FOR WORK!), to let his patronus hang out there in the wind for all to see.

Daniel Radcliffe is starring in Equus, a play about 17-year-old Alan Strang who has an unhealthy obession with horses. He is brought to a mental health facility after he is discovered burning horses eyes out with a red-hot metal hoof pick. So the above has some context. The role calls for Radcliffe to appear naked on stage and it appears he’s very comfortable with nudity.

I guess I’m putting this in the Happy Fun Bag tag because I don’t forsee a lot of man wang going around.

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