Dark Tower Movies

Stephen King has confirmed that JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof will bring The Dark Tower to the big screen:

I said no to everybody until recently, because I didn’t think much of the chances of it being a good movie. I mean, this is my life’s work, since the time I was 22 years old. It’s very important to me. Usually, with the other [books], I don’t give much of a shit. My attitude is, ‘Go make a movie, and if it’s good, that’s terrific, and if it’s bad, then it will go to the video stores and back shelves of Blockbuster, and I still get royalties on the book.’

I know J.J. Abrams’ work and Damon Lindelof, who is his collaborator on Lost. Damon is just a total comic-book freak, and he loves the Dark Tower books. I trust those guys, and they have a lot on the ball. When they said they wanted to talk about doing this, I said, ‘You know what? Why don’t you buy the option on this and see what you can come up with.’ They asked, ‘How much do you want for an option?’ I said, ‘$19.’ [It’s a key amount that comes up frequently in the books]. And that’s what they paid me, and that’s where it is.

Dayum! It’s a good day to be Abrams. First the Star Trek franchise and now The Dark Tower. Abrams is Hollywood’s geek “it” boy!

Having not read anything without pictures in almost a decade, I have no idea if this is good news or not. However, I am interested if only for the fact that he let the film rights go for $19. He must really trust Abrams and Lindelof. And though Mission Impossible III really bored the hell out of me, I’m going to be following this story with some interest. Gotta get my ass to the comic book store and pick up Gunslinger first!

John Rambo

The fourth Rambo flick gets a title, John Rambo. Just like Rocky Balboa, Stallone is writing and directing. And that’s pretty much all I got. While I really enjoyed Rocky Balboa, I’m not as keen on more Rambo. First Blood was a damn fine flick portraying a man plagued by the horrors of Vietnam. Sure, it had all the blood and guts you’d want out of an 80’s action flick. But it was a bit deeper than just an explosion fest. My fear is that this latest entry will be heavy on ‘splody and light on plot. I mean, really, what other stories are there to tell about a psychotic war vet? First Blood should have been enough.

Who knows, I might be surprised like I was with Rocky Balboa. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Writers Hired for Great Justice

Warner Brothers has hired Kiernan and Michele Mulroney to write a feature film based on the Justice League of America. Batman and Superman, together at last! Although I was cold on Superman Returns, I think Brandon Routh should play Superman. And anyone but Christian Bale as Batman would just be wrong. If it’s got those two, I’m already there.

I also hope that whoever they end up choosing for that Wonder Woman movie plays Wonder Woman in the JLA movie. It’s about time that these franchises started crossing over. Superman and Batman is a no-brainer. The two of them alone in a single film would almost gurantee you a block buster. This JLA film could be a great way to jump off new franchises for the characters who don’t have their own features yet. Paint me cautiously optimistic.

Klaatu Barada Nikto

On May 9, 2008, Earth will stand still once again. Fox has confirmed that they’re remaking The Day the Earth Stood Still to fill out their gigantic 2008 slate. When will the madness end! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Out of all the classic sci-fi films 50s and 60s, The Day the Earth Stood Still holds up over time. The rampant fear that grips a nation when faced with the unknown is certainly a theme that we can relate to in these days of fear and terror. In fact, I think it’s actually pretty scary how relevant this movie could be today.

Why not re-release it to theaters? Why waste all the money to produce this thing when we pretty much know it’s going to be utter shit. There is nothing about this remake that could possibly interest me in the slightest. Okay, perhaps if Scarlett Johansson ran around topless for a good half-hour I might be inclidned to at least rend the thing, but this remake is dead on arrival. No amount of movie magic can improve on this already classically awesome sci-fi film. Just re-release it in all its original glory so that those of us who weren’t even born when it came out can see it on the big screen for the first time. Hell, I’d pay full price for that. I might even spring for popcorn!

Scorsese, the 1930’s, and a Robot

Damn, I don’t have a good Karnak punch-line. Ah well.

Warner Brothers has acquired the film rights to Brian Selznick children’s novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, with Martin Scorsese named as the potential director. Set in Paris France in 1930, The Invention of Hugo Cabret tells the story of a twelve year old who lives in the walls of a train station, his late father, and a robot.

This sounds like it could be quite fun. Robots and 1930’s Paris is such a weird mix it could actually be fairly interesting. And it might be nice to see Scorsese’s work on a smaller story. I hope he signs on.

Wanted on the Silver Screen

Mark Millar got to see thirty minutes of footage from the big screen adaptation of his comic Wanted.

This is going to be amazing. Like I trailered yesterday, even Gill’s Mum gave a big Keannu-style WHOA at a sequence between a car chase and a train. I can’t give much in the way of details here, but watching some of the scenes from the book come to life can only be compared to giving birth to a 100 million dollar baby. The opening sequence with The Killer plus boyfriends chasing his would-be assassins across the rooftops is just jaw-dropping. I was honestly pinching myself, worried I was bi-polar and this whole thing was just a wishful hallucination.

March 08 cannot get here fast enough. McAvoy, Freeman and the big star they aren’t telling you about until Summer plus an action director THIS GOOD really is going to be something special. Three months ago my expectations were zero. Now they’re enormous.

I think, perhaps, that I would have a permanent hard-on if anything I ever created was to make it to the big screen. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for Mark Millar to stand up. I have to admit to missing Wanted on the shelves because my comic-buying habits have been scaled back to a few issues every other month or so, but this sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Jones Family Values

No confirmed news about the fourth Indiana Jones movie because they’re keeping things under a tight lid. But the current rumor is that Shia LaBeouf will play Indiana’s grown ass son. LaBeouf stars in the upcoming live-action robot movie that I hate so much yet can’t seem to stop talking about.

I thought that the chemistry between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery really made The Last Crusade a lot of fun so the family angle could be quite good. Don’t know really how to take the rumor at this point because I’m kind of cold on this sequel to begin with. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this sounds like it’s going to be worth watching in the theater or as a rental.

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