First Look At Green Lantern is Meh

Now keep in mind that this is actually a commercial for Entertainment Tonight and not a proper Green Lantern trailer, but this sneak peak at the film sent along by AZM Ally WayneW doesn’t do the movie much justice. The clips they chose for this promo make the film look like a really bad comedy. And that suit looks just as bad in motion as it did on that magazine cover.

Still, it’s not a proper trailer so it’s a little too soon to break out the pitch forks. We’ll be getting a real trailer sometime later this week. But I’d keep them pitch forks handy. I suspect a real trailer won’t do all that much to allay our worst fears.

Londinium: A Steampunk Short Film

Have you ever wanted to be part of a short film? Now’s your chance!

My friend, Mason Booker, whom you may know from a little sci-fi pilot that I worked on called C-47 is at it again. He’s partnering with another good friend of mine, Jim Brown from Morlock Enterprises, to put together a short Steampunk film called Londinium.

So here’s where you come in. Mason is raising money through Kickstarter. And I’d love to see this project happen because Jim’s props need to be filmed. If you’ve ever seen the Morlock booth on the anime con circuit, you know that his stuff is freaking solid. Other vendors know Jim’s stuff for its quality and workmanship. More people need to know about his stuff and Londinium is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate the full potential of Morlock Enterprises.

Check out the campaign page to see all the awesome donation gifts. And share with all of your Steampunk fans!

Source: Kickstarter

Popcorn from St John Ambulance

“Popcorn” starts off innocently enough. It then goes horribly wrong. I don’t want to spoil the turn, but this is a fairly intense way to encourage us all to learn some basic first aid.

Bad Things That Could Happen

“Bad Things That Could Happen” from the This is It Collective is fairly self-explanatory. These are bad things that could happen during the course of any given day. It’s slightly disturbing how joyous it can be to watch things go horrendously wrong, but it’s difficult not to smile while watching this.

The Commuter, Shot Entirely On The Nokia N8

While I’m still mad at Dev Patel for participating in the Racebending, “The Commuter” shot entirely with the Nokia N8’s HD camera is pretty freaking sweet. The damn thing shoots in 720p and the results are quite good. There are spots where the light burns out the frame and there’s not much in the way of depth of field. But for a four day shoot and a cell phone, this is an excellent action short and a great entry for Short Film Friday.

Sucker Punch is Like a Sexed Up Pan’s Labyrinth

This full Sucker Punch trailer reveals a lot more about the plot of the film. It has kind of a weird sexed up Alice in Wonder Land, Pan’s Labyrinth vibe with the dial firmly set on 11. It actually looks more like a video game trailer than an actual movie, but it seems like it’s going to be silly fun. Be sure to leave your brain at home when you go see this.

This Tron Legacy Clip is Less Boring Than The Tokyo Drift One

Alright, so there’s not a whole lot of wizbang flashy shenanigans in this latest Tron Legacy clip. But it goes a long way to show that this film isn’t just about sparkly doodads and ‘splody things.

There’s a surprising amount of meat in this short clip, but I think it will have a much bigger impact in the context of the entire film. Kevin Flynn’s detachment from his son is very disturbing. It feels like Kevin has shut himself off emotionally for so long, he doesn’t quite know how to react to Sam suddenly showing up out of nowhere in a world that is completely virtual.

This clip gives me a lot of hope that there will be some strong emotional hooks in this film. I’m trying not to get too excited because it’s rare that a film lives up to the geek hype, but it’s looking pretty damn good to me.

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