Baby Break

My daughter needs all of these.

My daughter needs all of these.

Not that you guys expect any sort of regularity from AZM these days, but I’m taking a break from geek blogging at least until the week of February 17.  We’re having a baby girl this week and it’s probably going to take me some time to figure out my schedule.

She’s about two weeks overdue so we’re heading to the hospital later tonight to see if we can coax her out.  So by Thursday, we will have evicted our baby girl from Audrey’s belly.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up.  When I return, I think I’ll continue with my opinion based stuff instead of just reposting new reports and announcements (unless it’s some really cool shit that I like).  There are so many aggregators for geek news these days that it’s almost impossible to scoop anyone.  And since I don’t have any real primary sources, my news is really old news by the time I report on it.  However, no one can write the crazy shit that’s in my head except me.  So that’s what I think I’ll continue to focus on when I return.

Thank you all for sticking around and reading my crazy ramblings.  And I’ll see ya mid February!

I’m Going to be a Dad!!!!

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but now that we know the gender I got the okay to announce to the world that Audrey and I will be welcoming a baby girl into our family come the new year!

“Are you ready?”

Everyone asks me that whenever we tell them that Audrey is pregnant.  My answer is always some variation of, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! OF COURSE NOT!”  I think if you wait until you’re “ready,” you’ll never have kids.  What I am ready for is being absolutely clueless and making shit up as I go along.  Yeah, there’s shit we will read and classes we will take and advice we’ll get from fellow parents, but every kid is a goddamn snowflake and special in their very own way and will fuck your shit up in ways you never could have anticipated.  So I’m ready for failing a lot and working through things together.

Here’s the fucked up part.  One of the chief things that concerns me is doing the comic through all this chaos.  My only priority should be the newborn.  But I can’t help it.  I want this to be my job and I’m so very far from that goal.  I can’t stop now.  I don’t get much sleep as it is now so maybe it won’t be so bad.  But I have no idea what’s going to happen in January.  I’ll try my best to build up some sort of buffer and lineup probably a month’s worth of guest strips, but I expect there’s going to be some hickups in the schedule in the new year.

One of the things I never talk about but take an extreme amount of pride in is that I’ve updated YP consistently Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since I started it.  I missed a day because of a power outage which annoys the shit out of me (fucking PEPCO), but other than that, there’s been drawings of things waiting here for you every update day.  I’d like to keep that streak going somehow.  We’ll see how it all shakes out.

So like the worst kind of addict, I’m keeping a sort of comics journal of my feelings and thoughts as we get ready for the little lady.  At some point, I’ll turn that into some sort of graphic novel of the experience because I’m an idiot and just can’t help myself.  And I’m sure I’ll be relating stories of things here to embarrass her when she gets older.

Thor, The Dark World

Holy fuck, this thing looks intense!

I thought the first Thor movie was a lot of fun.  The chemistry between Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth was adorable.  And, of course, Tom Hiddleston as Loki absolutely killed.  I’m excited to see Natalie back although it looks like we’re being set up for ALL THE FEELS.  Dammit, trailer, you giveth and then you taketh away!  But at least we have some Asgard Bros action to look forward to.

Pardon the Dust

I am not entirely certain what I’m going to do with this thing there.  AZM started as a webcomic and morphed into some sort of sprawling blog cataloging my favorite and not so favorite things from around the web.  I also started up Monster Cutie which initially started out as an illustration tutorial site and has now morphed into… uh… I have no idea.  There’s also Jamihn which used to be my portfolio which I haven’t properly updated in forever.

Since I’ve started Yellow Peril, much of my focus has been on pushing the comic as much as I can.  Most of my online activity circles around YP.  As a result, my other sites have kind of fell by the way side.

There’s nothing worse than a dead blog.  So for 2013, I want to dust things off.  AZM will continue to catalog the cool things that I find on the webs.  MC will focus on my illustration, toy, tutorial things.  Not sure what Jamihn will be but it’ll be something.  YP will keep trucking on.  And eventually, I’ll consolidate things and come up with some kind of unified branding for all the crap that I do so it’s not so disparate.

Part of that is rebranding all the sites.  I don’t really have time to design them all at once so I’m going to slap on a basic theme and develop the brand treatments as I go.  All of this is a long way of saying, pardon the dust as I start to shake things up a little for the new year.

At Least These Red Dawn Reactions Aren’t Using Racial Slurs

What’s surprising about these reaction tweets to the new Red Dawn film in which the North Koreans invade Detroit is that there are no slurs. Not a “gook” or “chink” among them.

That “gook” has fallen out of the modern racist’s vocabulary and that they properly identify the enemy as North Koreans and not just any “chink” looking “oriental.” So, uh, win? I guess?


The folks over at You Offend Me You Offend My Family have a good take on the phenomenon and the Race Benders have actually seen the movie.

I wonder how many of these same people were rocking “Gangnam Style” last week.

New Robo is Ready for His Closeup

Here’s a nice clear view of the new Robocop suit. Like I said, these armors always look different when they’re in motion. And properly filmed. And color graded. And all that. So any opinions I might for based on these photos will probably change once I see it in action.

Now that we get this closer look and see all the paneling and armor and such, the only thing that really bugs me is the all black color scheme. It really makes the red visor pop which is kind of cool. Maybe if some of the panels had a different finish to them it wouldn’t seem so generic. There could be sections that are matte finish contrasted with a high, mirror-finished gloss. Or maybe some piping and carbon fiber, something to break up the blackness.

Still, I like the shapes and forms so I don’t instantly hate it. He looks more like a ninja to me than a cop, but who’s to say what a future cop will really look like. And honestly, seeing some giant all-black cyborg with a glowing red visor walk down the street with a giant gun in hand would scare the fuck out of any criminal.

Pond Life, Part 4

Ah! Continuity! The Ood on the loo has stuck around for this episode! I would love to have an Ood hanging out, but I’d feel really guilty trying to find things for him to do. I’d want to ask him all sorts of questions about where he’s been, what’s the Ood sphere like, all that kind of thing. Although, I bet he’s an awesome cook!

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