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I’m Going to be a Dad!!!!

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but now that we know the gender I got the okay to announce to the world that Audrey and I will be welcoming a baby girl into our family come the new year! “Are you ready?” Everyone asks me that whenever we tell them that Audrey is […]

Pardon the Dust

I am not entirely certain what I’m going to do with this thing there. AZM started as a webcomic and morphed into some sort of sprawling blog cataloging my favorite and not so favorite things from around the web.

At Least These Red Dawn Reactions Aren’t Using Racial Slurs

What’s surprising about these reaction tweets to the new Red Dawn film in which the North Koreans invade Detroit is that there are no slurs. Not a “gook” or “chink” among them. That “gook” has fallen out of the modern racist’s vocabulary and that they properly identify the enemy as North Koreans and not just […]

New Robo is Ready for His Closeup

Here’s a nice clear view of the new Robocop suit. Like I said, these armors always look different when they’re in motion. And properly filmed. And color graded. And all that. So any opinions I might for based on these photos will probably change once I see it in action. Now that we get this […]

Pond Life, Part 4

Ah! Continuity! The Ood on the loo has stuck around for this episode! I would love to have an Ood hanging out, but I’d feel really guilty trying to find things for him to do. I’d want to ask him all sorts of questions about where he’s been, what’s the Ood sphere like, all that […]

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