Man Down

The weekend kicked my ass. I don’t know what hit me, but I’m feeling horrible. So I’m going to be sleeping all day to hopefully recover from whatever it was that decided to kick me in the head. Hopefully, I’ll be ready to believe you by tomorrow. Oh yes, there will be a con report.

Odiogo Dio Go Dio Do

Trying out a new feature here at AZM. If you click the “listen now” link under the title of each article, a robot will read the text of the entry thanks to odiogo, a service that gets robots to read your blog posts out loud. You can now subscribe to Angry Zen Master as an audio podcast. This may ultimately be more annoying than useful, but I’ll give it a try for a bit. It’s hysterical listening to a robot read the fucked up shit I write about every day. It kind of sounds like a robot imitating me since I write exactly like I speak which is both funny and slightly creepy. Let me know if you absolutely hate it or don’t mind it (I don’t foresee anyone absolutely loving it).

NOTE: I think there’s some delay between when I publish an article and when it becomes audio. I guess we’ll find out.

Seeya Next Tuesday

Mah sister-in-law is getting married this weekend so I’m heading out to Chicago after work. I’ll be coming back late Monday so I won’t be near a computer until Tuesday. I freaking looooooove Chicago and if it wasn’t so fucking cold, I would seriously consider moving there. Actually, even with the cold, I still think it’d be an awesome place to live. It’s got a great art scene, lots of great food, music, and giant pillars with lights that spit water at you. WIN! I’ll probably be twitting a bit as I go so keep an eye out if you’re entirely bored.

How Terminator Salvation Should Have Ended

AZM Ally Henry sent along this absolutely brilliant mash-up of Terminator and Back to the Future. It’s so bleeding obvious why hasn’t anyone done this before! I love it. All the shitty reviews stopped me from seeing it in the theater but my guess is that this mash-up is worlds better than Terminator Salvation.

Source: How It Should Have Ended

Fighting tha Fevah!

At home in bed all day because I feel gross and don’t want to spread whatever it is to my co-workers. No flu as far as I can tell, but you never know. So I hope you all have a fevah free weekend and I’ll hopefully catch you on Monday.

One Two Rorschach is Comin’ For You

Alright, I’ll admit that when I heard Michael Bay was producing a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street I got dizzy from my eyes rolling so hard. But seeing Jackie Earle Haley as Freddie, holy shit balls this looks good. As the sequels kept piling on top of each other, Freddy became more of a punch line than the scary twisted fuck we were introduced in the first film. I can’t think of anyone better to make Freddie frightening once more. Jackie Earle Haley looks great and I’m sure he’ll terrify all those sleepy kids on Elm Street. Hate to say it, but I’m looking forward to this.

T-Pain Kills Hip Hop With iPhone App

Apparently, this is called “I Am T-Pain.”


Fuck this shit. You know what killed Hip Hop? It wasn’t no Soulja Boy with his stupid Crank Dat bullshit. It’s the autotune. That bullshit autotune sound that started with fucking Cher and her believing in life after love is fucking stomping Hip Hop in the fucking face. Fuck. Thanks to AZM Ally Mike Dent for sending this along.

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