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The Collaborators Behind Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”

Daft Punk’s newest album, “Random Access Memories,” drops May 21.  In anticipation of the release, The Creators Project interviewed two of the collaborators who helped the robots put it all together.

Giorgio Moroder is one of the early pioneers of electric dance music.  When the robots asked him to collaborate, he couldn’t resist.

Todd Edwards is a dance music producer.  He talks about working with the live instrumentation the robots wanted to use on their new record and why that’s unique in this genre.

Man, just the little clip of “Get Lucky” used in these short docs makes me want to shake my ass!  It’s gonna be an awesome May when this finally drops!

Harlem is Sick of Your Shit! Here’s How You Harlem Shake!

Meme, you just got SERVED!

Goats Make Everything Better

This is Taylor Swift’s new hit single remix, “I Knew You Were a Goat When You Walked In.”  Enjoy!

The Harlem Shake

The KSLA news team does a fine job of explaining it:

Now let’s see how many of these things you can get through without loosing your brain.

This one was the first one I ever saw:

This one features friend of Super Art Fight Caldwell Tanner dancing with a cane and sunglasses:

An army? Because?

Jimmy Falon gets in on the action:

Buzzfeed’s version features people in the background coming to the office for meetings. I love their WTF looks as the entire office is wigging out:

The Exocrist version made me laugh my ass off:

But if you really want to know how to dance to this song, here’s Emily Sasson and Victoria Quintana working the hell out of it!

So, if you’re brain isn’t too badly broken, do you have a favorite version that’s not on here?

Journey Beyond Steve Perry

I guess I’m kind of a Journey fan.  I don’t know their catalog or history as well as Metallica or KISS (don’t ask), but I like to walk into an 80’s arcade with “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” blasting on the speakers as much as the next user entering the grid.  I watched one of those VH1 Behind the Music documentaries on the band and their Steve Perry days and I gotta say, as much as Steve Perry shaped the sound of Journey that plays in most people’s heads, he came off as kind of a controlling dick.  It’s no small wonder that the band decided to go on without him.

The next part of the story begins with a YouTube clip.  Journey was looking for a new front man.  One of the band members clicked on a clip of some little dude singing a Journey cover in some little club and was completely blown away.  That little dude with a huge fucking voice was Arnel Pineda.  Journey had found their new front man.  Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey follows Arnel’s rise to fame.  It’s an amazing story and looks like an excellent documentary.

Of course, the lesson here is to always put your shitty little cover gigs on YouTube.  You never know who’s gonna click on that shit.

This Kid Revived My Love For Gangnam Style

I never thought it would happen, but when I saw Psy shilling for pistachio’s during the Super Bowl, I was done with “Gangnam Style.” I was so upset that I walked out of the room. Fucking pistachios? I guess a paycheck is a paycheck, but I was hoping he’d avoid Tag Team’s fatal mistake. When they did “Whoomp, the Adams Family, There It Is” there they went and ensured that Tag Team would forever be a one hit wonder. It would be one thing if they just used the song in the background, but Psy showing up to crack dem nutz in person just fucking ended it.

And then this girl:

Her sister’s reaction is pure gold! And I’m back loving this song. Oh Psy, I’m sorry I ever doubted you!

The Misty Mountain Cover Orchestra

This string ensemble cover of “Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit is hauntingly beautiful.  I’m a sucker for cello.  There are six violinists, six cellists, and a cajon player making an ensemble of thirteen just like the thirteen dwarves which is pretty cool.  I guess the camera would be the fourteenth in the company, sneaking around to film the performance.

48 Frames Per Soooo Weird Looking

So this gives me a chance to talk about the movie once again.  On a whim, we decided to check out a high frame rate, 3D matinee.  I had heard many of the complaints, but I wanted to see for myself.  I really wanted to like it.  Even though I grumble a little, I’m always fascinated by the leaps that visualization technology has taken in such a short period of time.  Maybe this higher frame rate would be the perfect way to show off the higher quality of CG filmmakers can achieve.

Sadly, it was not meant to be.  The higher frame rate completely detracted from my suspension of disbelief.  Some of the scenes looked like they were sped up somehow giving the segment a total Benny Hill look.  Other sections looked like they were filmed with that old BBC camera that made the original Doctor Who episodes look so campy.  I also couldn’t stop making comparisons to those Latin American Telenovelas.  Many of the action scenes looked like were ripped from a video game.  It looked super fake which is silly considering that the film takes place is a made up world.  But somehow, it’s easier to get lost in that world when it’s played at 24fps.  Something about the blurring between the frames at a lower rate makes it easier to suspend disbelief.  Maybe the 48fps looked almost too real.

It was fortunate that we had seen it before because the look of the thing made it difficult to get drawn in.  The slow parts of the film seemed to drag more than our first viewing made all the more weird with this new look.  I know Cameron is all excited to release the next two Avatar films in 48fps, but I’ll probably be looking for a lower frame rate viewing. Already, it’s difficult to take his blue cat people seriously.

I could just have old eyes.

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