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Akebono Loves Glee

Best. Commercial. Ever.

It’s too bad that this is just a commercial for the Japanese premier because I believe that Akebono is just about the only thing that could make “Glee” better. In fact, Akebono in anything automatically makes it better. If Akebono was a Doll, Dollhouse would still be on. If Akebono was in the series finale of Battlestar Galactica, it wouldn’t have sucked. If Akebono was in Showgirls… um… I think I just went to far in my mind. ACK!

Anyway, “Glee” is actually quite entertaining. I didn’t think I would give two shits about it, but it deals with a lot of issues that most high school tenny boppy shows only touched upon in their “very special” episodes. The actors are all wonderful singers and the characters are quite engaging. You’ll recognize some of the fuckers you grew up with in high school. The second season should be good. And it would totally be better with Akebono!

Wu-Tang Remix

From the Eclectic Method, the same crew that put together the Tarantino Mixtape, come this awesome Wu-Tang Clan remix. I love the video highlights mixed in with the old school Kung Fu flicks. Seems like they went back to uncover every Kung Fu movie that Wu-Tang took a sample from. I also love the ODB tribute towards the end.

Source: Eclectic Method

Mashup Tasty Jams on Your iPhone with Looptastic

I have yet to get an iFondle or iAnnoyOtherPeopleontheMetroWhenI’mYellingIntoIt, but this Looptastic app looks like a whole mess of disco fun. The real power comes when you’re able to import your own library of sounds. That will set you back about $15 but compared to a full priced audio editing program, if you’re just looking to do fun mashups with your own stuff, $15 is pocket change. The day is soon coming when all a DJ needs is a set of good speakers and their handheld device to keep the party going all night.

Source: Sound Trends

Peelander Z – So Many Mike

My most favoritest band in the whole fucking universe is back with another video, this time for their song “So Many Mike.” I can think of no better way to start your Friday if your name is Mike! Enjoy!

Can Ukulele Make “Poker Face” Listenable?

Let it be known that the Lady of Gaga amuses us greatly. Her fashion sense is hysterically awesome. Her live performances are freaking insane. Her music, well, let’s be honest. No one listens to KISS because they’re musicians. So yeah, Lady Gaga gets a pass for throwing up crappy dance tunes.

Anyway, the answer is yes. Yes, a girl with a ukulele can make a mediocre (okay, crappy) song like “Poker Face” tolerable, bordering on awesome. Hell, even Lady Gaga’s piano version of the song is better than the hot tranny mess they play on the radio.

Turns out ukulele can fix any broken song! Take Jason Mraz’s whiny hipster ballad bullshit “I’m Yours” and put it in the hands of a kid with a ukulele and magic happens!

“Stay the Ride Alive” With Gackt

There’s only one thing that can cheer you up after you Final Attack Rided all of the Showa and Heisei Kamen Riders into oblivion. That’s right. Gackt. With an army of string players. In a burned out warehouse.

Igadevil got to see the Decade/Double movie and posted a spoilerific review over at his site. I really liked Decade and I really wanted a proper ending. It sounds like the movie doesn’t deliver. But I’ll be looking for it when it finally gets fansubbed. I’m really loving Double thus far and the Double part of the movie sounds awesome. But again, I’ll just have to wait.

In the mean time, we can rock out to Gackt singing to Tsukasa in the middle of a burned out warehouse. Cause that’s what he does.

Ultra Kaiju Thriller!

What would you do with a room full of kaiju from the upcoming Ultraman movie? Well duh! You’d hold a dance contest! Who knew Baltan Seijin could move so well with those giant, pincer arms?

Source: Justice Ace

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