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The Notorious Joaquin

What’s worse? Joaquin Phoenix rapping…

…or Eddie Murphy singing?

Gypsy King Mario

Along the lines of the awesome Zelda theme guy, Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson sent this clip of Adrian Holovaty playing an awesome gypsy jazz version of the theme to Super Mario Brothers 2. It’s a bit old so you may have seen it before. But it makes me so happy, I just had to share!

[Via Adrian Holovaty]

One Man Zelda, Better Than Wii Music

Introducing Diwa de Leon, Violinist, vocalist, composer, owner of awesome hats.

Unfortunately, Wii Music doesn’t sound anywhere near this good. So playing with… um… yourself… sounds better than Wii Music.

Apparently, Diwa de Leon has a number of videos of him playing video game themes on an electric violin. But I think his take on Zelda is the best of the bunch thus far.

[Via Master Diwa]

Celebrate The Inauguration With Repo!

Looking for something to do on Inauguration Day instead of freezing your ass off in the middle of a sea of people down on D.C.? Angry Zen Minion Brian Dirk sends word that you can stay home and enjoy the madness of REPO! The Genegtic Opera! The DVD and Blu-Ray disc come out on January 20, in time to ring in the new President. Awesome timing! We need a Repo man to take back our country.

Anyway, the Blu-Ray disc will have deleted scenes and video sing-a-long that you won’t be able to get on regular DVD. Damn. Time to get that PS3. To coincide with the release, this month they’re taking REPO! on tour. REPO! Road Tour 3 is coming to a theater near you. Hopefully. The tour ends January 24.

[Via REPO! The Genetic Opera]

Doctor Horrible Tickles the Keys

I no longer watch Saturday Night Live when it naturally occurs, partly because it lacks the funny, but mostly because the funny stuff usually pops up later on the interwebs, like this bit that Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson sent over. Who knew Doctor Horrible had mad skills?

If you can’t view this (damn Hulu for not getting its international distribution rights in order, Damn yous!), what we have here is Neil Patrick Harris playing the “Dougie Howser M.D.” theme. You will recall that a baby-faced NPH played the title role Dougie Howser, a fifteen year-old doctor who was kind of a snotty little shit. Oh god, it looks like Hulu has full episodes of “The Doog” online!

I love that NPH is one of those celebrities that can laugh at himself. He clearly loves fandom and geekery and can smell awesomeness when it throws its stink at him. I hope Doctor Horrible gets picked up for a full feature length musical so we can see more of the geeky side of NPH.

How to Sleeveface!


The one good thing about the death of vinyl is that you can hit the used record store or vintage shop and pick up a bunch of sleeves for dirt cheap. And if you’re too lazy to do it yourself, you can pick up the Sleeveface book and check out over 200 Sleevefaces!

[Via Sleeveface]

Biggest Harmonica Evar!

Is that a giant harmonica you’re blowing or are you just happy to see me!

I’ve been using a lot of public domain swing and big band music for Headline DS because it just fits so well. I was trolling around trying to figure out what that old Bugs Bunny factory song was when I came across this absolutely hysterical video.

The song is “Powerhouse” composed by Raymond Scott which you may recognize from many Bugs Bunny and old Warner Brothers cartoons or from Ren and Stimpy or other shows or commercials or pretty much anything that has industrial imagery. No matter what version you hear, this song always evokes images of assembly lines or factories or heavy metal smashing things. It’s amazing how well this track has held up over the years. There’s also a psychotic gyspys ringing bells version out there somewhere, but it’s too frightening to post.

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