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JJ Abrams is Hot for Teacher

JJ Abrams is producing Hot for Teacher, a comedy about a high school senior’s attempts to have sex with his teacher before graduation.

Wait, didn’t someone already make this movie?

I suppose in the spirit of the teen-quest-for-sex genre, trying to bag your sexy teacher is par for the course. However, in light of all the scandals involving teachers and under age high school students, this kind of squicks me out a bit. Sure, high school seniors are usually eighteen so if there is hot extra curricular nookie, it will occur between consenting adults. But no good can come from such a relationship.

Of course, this is also assuming the lad closes the deal. If there be no hot teacher nookie, this might be much less icky.

The major problem I’ve always had with the teen-quest-for-sex genre is that it usually reduces women to sex objects. That kind of objectification may have been the norm in, well, pretty much every decade. But in the new freaking millennium, it’s time to come up with something new. There are so many other aspects to teen sexuality that are left to explore that could provide endless comedic opportunities. Juno was an excellent subversion of the teen pregnancy angle. I would love to see similar takes on homosexual self discovery or interracial sexuality. There so much more material to mine for hilarity that I get really discouraged when I see the same movie being made over and over again.

Okay, so maybe there aren’t so many student wants to bang teacher flicks out there. But it’s high time to expand our comedic horizons.

[Via Hollywood Reporter]

Shamisen Hero – Smoke on the Water

Before Guitar Hero, there was Shamisen Hero! Okay, not really, but this is pretty damn sweet. I love the dude who just screams in the middle of the verse. I got no info on the group or where this is from, but it’s filled with the awesome!

Punjabi Rick Rolled

It has always been my belief that everything is better with Punjabi music. For example, witness how much funnier it is to be Rick Rolled when remixed with Punjabi music.

For our second example, witness the genius of Elvis is when dancing to Punjabi music.

For our final example, witness Justin Timberlake bring Punjabi back.

For more examples of how Punjabi music is awesome sauce, check out YouTube user Hsoomal’s videos.

Korean Wins Musicals!

This is footage of Evil Dead: The Musical which opened this week in Seoul, Korea.

That’s it. I’m going!

Ghostland Observatory

Ghostland Observatory performs “Sad Sad City.”

These two are covered in grade A, pure, uncut awesome sauce. With Aaron Kyle Behrens on lead vocals, guitar, and tight pants and Thomas Ross Turner on drums, keyboard, synth, and background vocals, they are Ghostland Observatory!

This next track, “Vibrate,” is full of dancing goodness.

And lookie! They’re coming to the 9:30 Club Saturday! I may just have to check them out.

Rock Icon FTW!

When your competition has Lemmy from Motörhead as a judge, your competition wins!

[Via Release Your Rock]

Rave Invaders

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders, Taito takes the Invaders to a rave.

Cause, you know, when I think space, I think rave!

It actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. Or seizure inducing. Probably both.

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