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Russell Simmons wants to do a biopic on his little brother, Reverend Run, which what I kinda thought Crush Groove was. But I suppose this will be more in depth and possibly more serious in tone (although, without the Fat Boys or Curtis Blow, I’m more inclined to wait for the DVD).

It might have been nice for Russell to do a flick about Jam Master J. But Russell Simmons can make any damn movie he wants. Besides:

[Via Hollywood Reporter]

Soulja Boy Ballet

I believe at this very moment, words fail me…

Slutting Up Halloween

This kind of goes along with the Owner of a Lonely Heart post in that it’s a might exploitive. Found this via Henshin Justice and since I never put up a proper Halloween post, I thought this would do.

So ladies, what is it about All Hallows Eve that compels you to wear less and less? Not that I mind, but I find it a bit strange that while women take the opportunity to dress in costumes that would make their parents blush, men either go for the complete gore makeover or don’t bother at all. Is there an inner hottie that’s been waiting to come out to the world? Do you just enjoy being really sexy with all eyes on you? Do you have an asshole boyfriend that pimps you out like a trophy (you should probably punch him square in the balls if this is the case)?

[Via Henshin Justice]

Max Graham vs. Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart

Found this while searching for some Yes.

While the remix is nothing all that interesting, the video is cute, bordering sweet. These kids are absolute genius! Yes yes, there’s a little objectification going on. No one would mistake this for a women’s lib public service announcement. But it’s really cute. And I can’t see anyone getting too offended.

However, this next video takes a similar concept, ladies shaking their groove thangs, and takes it to a totally salacious and raunchy level (no nudity, but possibly NSFW).

A few questions. Is it the kids that make the first video seem less sexist? If the ladies in the bikinis were doing “aerobics” moves instead of just bad dancing, would the first video still seem as innocent? If the guy in the second video was replaced by the kids would the producers be arrested for child porn?

And can you think of any better way to advertise power tools? Again, you might not want to watch this in front of your boss.

Death to DRM

Back in February, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter discussing his thoughts on the future of downloadable music and the plague of DRM. iTunes now offers DRM some songs DRM free. Amazon upped the ante with their mp3 store. Every track they sell is DRM free. Yahoo!, it seems, is the latest to declare independence from DRM.

Ian Rodgers, a VP of Yahoo! Entertainment and general manager of Yahoo! Music, shared his thoughts on why DRM is bad for the music industry at a panel for the Digital Music Forum West. You can find the transcript of his speech along with some images on his blog. His conclusion is a call to arms for the future of digital music:

Lets envision the end state and drive there as quickly as possible. Lets not waste another eight years on what is obvious today. Lets build the tools of a healthy media Web and reward music-lovers for being a part of it.

In the end you get what you pay for. I won’t spend another dime paying engineers to build false control, making listening to music harder for music-lovers. I will put all of my energy into making it easier and making the experience better. I suggest you do the same.

It’s a wonderful presentation and I encourage all music fans to read it in full.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where you can play the music that you bought on absolutely any and every device you own? Apple (to some extent), Amazon, and now Yahoo! are working to bring that dream to life. Bless them all because damn sure the music industry is too fucking stupid to do it.

Death to DRM! Long live the rocking!

[Via Fistfulayen]

Superflat Louis Vuitton and Takeshi Murakami

Danny from Critical Hits sent me this tasty jam complete with awesome superflat animation. It’s a fun animated short advertising Louis Vuitton.

And here’s a little vid about Takeshi Murakami whose superflat style greatly informed the animation. I believe Murakami also collaborated to create the multicolored pattern for Louis Vuitton.

Thanks for the link Danny! I absolutely heart superflat!

[Via Critical Hits]

Ingrid Michaelson Gives You a Sweater

There’s this Old Navy sweater commercial that’s features some nice ladies walking around wearing sweaters in what seems to be some sort of design or architecture or maybe photo studio. If the speakers on your tele weren’t working, you would hardly notice and you would miss the best part, if there can be such a thing in a commercial. The song they chose fits perfectly with the ad and just lingers around in your brain meats after the thirty seconds pass.

The tune is “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson. The song is catchy, her voice is beautiful, and here she is performing live on the Carson Daly Show.

For now, she is label free and promotes her work all by herself. On her MySpace blog, she asks whether or not it’s considered selling out to have her song played in a commercial:

my question to you all is, when do you call it “selling out” and when do you call it “succeeding”? i have gotten a few emails and comments saying that now that my songs are on TV and mainstream radio programs, that i have become “a sellout”. i suppose i should have stayed in my basement playing concerts for my dolls all my life…. i have seen this before. it makes me a bit upset because it seems that some people love knowing about an indie artist, but as soon as they garner some attention, these people get mad! but you have to understand that this is how we make a living!

It’s amazing that she was able to land the gig without a label throwing all sorts of commercial ventures at her and I hope more and more independent artists are able to find similar success unfettered by greedy labels.

Ingrid, I sure hope you sell out. Every damn show you play!

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