The Doctor’s Kindergardener Regeneration Recalls His Stonehenge Speech

I’m surprised that there’s Doctor Who tag on this bloody site. I’ll have to remedy that when I get around to a site re-design. I am a gigantic Whovian. I was a big fan of the original series (Tom Baker was my first Doctor) and was overjoyed when the current one was originally announced.

So this young kindergardener decided to do Matt Smith’s Pandorica speech for his school talent show. The show wasn’t judged so there were technically no winners, but we all know who stole the show.

Pantless-O-Clock Time For Wonder Woman

According to this photo that was tweeted out by Christopher Cooley, this is what Adiranne Palicki’s final Wonder Woman costume would have looked like if the television series had been picked up.

As much shit as the production got for the other variants, I kind of like the pants version. Seems a lot more practical for ass kicking. Of course, we’re talking about a woman running around in a shiny red bustier so practicality probably isn’t a concern. I don’t know, I think the panty shorts look a little awkward. Still disappointed we never got to see her in action. Really need to see a costume in motion to get a good sense if it works well or not.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Can Wonder Woman Catch a Damn Break?

Image Credit: Richard Beetham/Splash News

According to this news that AZM Ally David Reimer sent along, after some fairly poor test screenings, NBC had decided not to pick up the new Wonder Woman series.


I know that the net was all abuzz about the new costume, but I honestly don’t think that had anything to do with NBC passing. What little we heard of the updated plot sounded absolutely terrible. What’s the fucking deal, Warner Bros? You can churn out Bat flicks til the cows come home. Green Lantern gets a new coat of paint. Superman is up for another fucking rebake, although that one could probably use some more time in the oven. And you’ve yet to give us an updated Wonder Woman?!

I’m really disappointed in the treatment of women super heroes in general. Of the big two, DC has much more of a slate to choose from when it comes to women super heroes that have their own titles. Marvel has ladies in a lot of their line ups, but very few headline their own books. So if we’re going to get a movie or television series featuring a female super hero, it’s more likely to come from DC. And they keep fucking it up!

So what’s the fucking deal? How hard is it to make a film starring a lady kicking the shit out of bad guys wearing a ridiculous Halloween costume? Actually, that sounds kinda dumb. But with all these comic book flicks coming out this summer, next summer, and foreseeable summers into the damn future, there’s gotta be room for a goddamn Wonder Woman film. Fucking pay Gail Simone to write the shit, recast Adrianne Palicki for the movie role, get a decent director, and MAKE THE GODDAMN FILM ALREADY!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Are You Ready to Form Voltron? Again?

In June, Nicktoons premiers a new version of Voltron, Voltron Force. The clip above spends way too much time with the voice actors and producers and hardly any time with the animation so I honestly don’t have much of an opinion on this thing just yet. Kind of disappointing. Oh, if the clip is region locked, you’re not really missing shit. The new series takes place five to seven years after the original series. Why they haven’t nailed down exactly how many years is a mystery to me. I mean, you made the shit. Just pick a number.

Oh, and if you were hoping to see some animated Voltron action in this video for the new theme song, “Let’s Voltron,” you will be disappointed. If you can’t see it because it’s region locked, you missed out on some really whiny guitar shit and some autotuned dude saying, what else, “Let’s Voltron.”

Source: Voltron Force

These Boots Were Made For Wondering

Angry Zen Minion Jeff Posey sent along a new production photo of Wonder Woman running around in some new duds. Looks like they’ve replaced the shiny pants and gave her some red boots. What’s wondrous to me is that the producers actually listened to the internet reactions to the first official photo we got.

I appreciate the changes, but again, I think the real proof will be seeing the costume in action.

Source: SFX

Fight Like Cats

UPDATE: You’ll have to head directly to YouTube to view the footage.

Wow! This looks like a lot of fun. Not so sure about mechs walking around Thundara, but I’m really sold on this new version of Thundercats. We get a lot of backstory in this latest trailer and some nods to the original series. Can’t wait!

NBC Unveils Its Woman of Wonders

This broke last week so it’s kind of old news by now, but this is Adrianne Palicki in her Wonder Woman costume. She’ll be starring in the NBC update of the show. Since the image went up last week, I’ve seen a lot of internet chatter on how to “fix” it. The boots aren’t the right color, the blue isn’t the right hugh, it’s too far from the original comic design, it’s not close enough to the current comic design, her pants are too long, the armor parts look cheap.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned from years of watching Kamen Rider. You can’t really judge a new suit/costume from the promo photos alone. You have to see it in action. If it looks like a cheap costume while she’s kicking major ass, then yeah, it’s not a good costume. But there’s a good chance it could look awesome as she’s flipping or kicking or blocking bullets. Give the gal a chance. I mean, it’s not like Lynda Carter’s version was so special. Those Star Spangled granny panties were not the best. And the eagle design looked like cheaply sewn sparkly craft fabric. And she worked that shit out! It look totally believable when Lynda was kicking the shit out of dudes. So let’s give Adrianne a chance.

The thing that popped into my head when I saw this was why does she even bother with a disguise? If this is new show is going to take place in modern times, her face is totally exposed in her Wonder Woman costume. All it takes is a quick snap from a camera phone and everyone is gonna know that Ms. High Powered Exec By Day is a costumed crime fighter. The glasses/hair trick won’t work on us modern folk. How are they going to spin that? Or does she gain magical anti cell phone camera powers in the new series?

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