The Time of the Doctor Trailer

Oh man!  I have so many mixed emotions!!!  I can’t wait to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special but I kind of don’t want to because it’s Matt Smith’s last episode but I kind of HAVE to see it but GAH!!!!!!

Alright, so we’ve had “The Night of the Doctor” where number 8 regenerated into the War Doctor, “The Day of the Doctor” when the Doctor who ran and the Doctor who forgot helped remind with War Doctor who he was, and we end with “The Time of the Doctor” when all hell seems to be breaking loose.  There’s a lot of stuff going on in this trailer.  Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Daleks, the Silence, Trenzalor, and even mention of the Time War!  They’re throwing everything possible at the Doctor save a regenerated Master.  It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.

And just to make sure you’re good an ready for a proper Doctor Who cryfest, BBC America will broadcast a Farewell to Matt Smith at 8 before the premier of The Time of the Doctor.

Ah, fuck. I seem to have got some dust in my eye or something.

Not crying. Nope. Not crying.

A Blizzard Cometh

I kinda spaced out and forgot to do an episode review the Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. mid season finale.  I thought it was pretty entertaining and you could probably just start watching the show from that episode and not have to suffer through the earlier ones like I did.  And it finally introduced a conflict worthy of the audience’s attention.  Coulson gets kidnapped.  Sorry. Spoiled it. Whatever.  You’re not watching it anyway.

So to entice us nerds to keep watching this thing, ABC and Marvel have announced that episode 12 which airs January 14 will feature a classic Marvel villain from Iron Man’s rogue’s gallery, the Blizzard.  Who looks liked this when he debuted:

The Ice Man cometh!

The Ice Man cometh!


Sadly, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the Blizzard.  I admit, my knowledge of the Marvel Universe is far from encyclopedic.  There are a shit ton of villains and heroes that I’ve never heard of.  So maybe there are nerds out there who might be excited to see the Blizzard in action.  I’m not sure I really care though and I don’t know if it will be enough to grab the attention of Avengers fans who only know the movie universe.

However, this is what he looks like in Iron Man: Armored Adventures:

I'm a badass ice cube tray!

I’m a badass ice cube tray!

Okay, that’s fucking badass.  And if that’s the version we’re going to get to see on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., sign me way the hell up!  I’m sad that the announcement didn’t come along with a screen shot so I have a sneaking suspicion that the Blizzard might end up being some dude in a trench-coat or some equally cheap wardrobe decision.  But if we get a man in a mech suit on television, fuck yeah!

From: Coming Soon

Ghost in the Plane

Melinda May is sick of your shit. Or maybe this show.

Melinda May is sick of your shit. Or maybe this show.

You know what, I really liked this episode.  Like, like liked. Not, weeeelllll it’s not terrible liked.  Repairs is a great example of what works well with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  The ensemble really shined.  We got Fitz and Simmons trying to prank Skye.  Coulson told us about what made Melinda May so cold.  Melinda May actually opened up.  Skye was useful and somehow, Ward didn’t make me roll my eyes.  If you’ve been holding out on S.H.I.E.L.D., this one might be a good one to check out.

The show was picked up for a full 22 episode season.  Hopefully this marks a turning point.

I’ll try not to be too spoilery because I actually think it’s worth watching, but here are some of my favorite bits:

  • Fitz and Simmons fill the nerd quotient of the show admirably.  But as pranksters, they are terrible.
  • Ward and May hooking up makes a lot more sense than Ward and Skye and I honestly don’t hate it as much as I thought I would.  It’s kind of a surprise seeing how hard the show spent the early episodes trying to mash Ward and Skye together, but it’s actually kind of welcome.
  • Coulson’s love of antiques is precious.
  • Until we hear it directly from Melinda May, I don’t think we’ll ever know her full story.  But what Coulson tells us is heartbreaking enough.
  • Somehow, this episode is more of a crossover with Thor: The Dark World than last week’s.
  • Melinda May wins without kicking. Fucking hardcore.

In two weeks, The Bridge will feature the return of Mike Peterson who starred as the hooded guy in the pilot episode.  This means a return of the Centipede which should probably be AIM or Hydra or something and for once, I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.


Now With More Explosions!


Final warning, this post will contain nothing but SPOILERZ!!!!  So if you haven’t seen it yet, turn back as fast as yea can!

Seen it?  Good. Let’s do this!


Whenever Doctors meet past or future selves, the encounters are usually awkward and tense.  Certainly, they work together in the end, but they don’t like being in close proximity.  Ten and Eleven are different.  They can’t help but enjoy each other’s company.  It’s truly a joy to see Matt Smith and David Tennant on screen with each other.  They play so very well off of each other you wish it could go on forever.

Adding John Hurt into the mix was absolutely brilliant.  Though chronologically the youngest Doctor, at times it felt like he was the dad for the two older versions.  The three of them were so great together.  I was sad to see it end.  It absolutely broke my heart when Tennant said, “I don’t want to go” before he stepped into his TARDIS.  Gah!!!! THE FEELS!


I love that the ultimate weapon of the Time Lords tries its best to save as many lives as possible.  Rose as the conscience of The Moment was pretty genius.  Though I guess it wasn’t really Rose.  The Moment pulled a memory from the Doctor’s future.  And this is the part where I start to think too much and everything starts to break down.

If The Moment always had a conscience, it stands to reason that when the War Doctor first tried to push the big red button, she pulled her Jacob Marley act showing him his future selves.  In one version of the timeline, the War Doctor pushed the button anyway.  In the version that we saw, he didn’t push the button.  Which means there are probably an infinite number of possible outcomes which means there are an infinite number of alternate universes which starts to break my brain a little.

Orrrrrrr the version we saw was always the version that happened, but because of timey whimey wibbly wobbly, the War Doctor, Ten, and Eleven forgot their time together and thought that they had pushed the button all along.  I kind of like to think that this is the way it went down because that moment has shaped new Doctor Who since Eccleston.

Now that Eleven has relearned that he saved his home, Peter Capaldi’s Twelve can spend a season looking for it.


Which brings us to a really big problem.  From everything we’ve learned over the years about the Great Time War, the Time Lords had become just like their hated foe, the Daleks.  If the Doctor didn’t stop them, darkness would have engulfed all of reality.

Wellllll now that we know Gallifrey falls no more, those dickish Time Lords are still around.  They’re still in battle mode which means their still space time Nazis willing to sacrifice pretty much anything to destroy the Daleks.  This probably isn’t the home the Doctor wants to return to.  It’s great that he saved so many lives, but some of those lives are dangerous assholes.  How will he deal with the militant Time Lord council once he frees them?

Still, I would like to see more Time Lords.  Okay, I’m lying.  I really just want to know what happened to Romana.  Did she survive the Time Wars up until the point that the Doctor froze Gallifrey?



The BBC has released the air date (Dec 25) and title of the Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” along with this short synopsis:

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars. And amongst them – the Doctor. Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

And look! A teaser!

Overall, I thought the 50th episode was a lot of fun.  I found it to be a fitting tribute to fifty years of Doctor Who.  As fun as it was, I am still dismayed that the older Doctors were not asked to come back for the 50th.  Yes, I’ve seen the 5 Doctors(ish) webisode and Paul McGann got his chance to shine in that short prequel, but I really think there could have been a way to get the old Doctors into the episode.  Tom Baker had a weird ass cameo, could have snuck the others in.  Still, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I can’t wait to watch it again!

The Hungry Games: Catching Fur

The Hungry Games: Catching Fur!

Join Cookiness Evereat, Finnicky, Tick Tock Lady, and Pita as they attempt to survive the battle arena in the 75 Hungry Games Quarter Quell. Yes, I read the books and shit.

This is an adorable parody of something that should be kind of sickening.  The Hunger Games was pretty entertaining, but it didn’t quite translate the absolute horror of the entire situation as well as the books did.  I think Battle Royale did a much better job making you feel the absurd terror of kids forced to kill each other.  But I did enjoy the first film.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens this weekend!

Clean Up Crew of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pick up the pieces. Uh huh.  Pick up the pieces. Oh yeah.

Pick up the pieces. Uh huh. Pick up the pieces. Oh yeah.

The Well” was promoted as the AMAZEBALLS Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover event with Thor: The Dark World.  Does it pay off?

Well, we do get to spend some brief time on a set from the movie that was featured in maybe a half a scene.  And there is an Asgardian. But if you were expecting guest stars from the movie making cameo appearances or any encounters with Dark Elves, you’d be sadly disappointed.  This episode was meant to give us a reason to connect with Ward.

We open with Team Coulson cleaning up after Thor’s mess.  They’re looking for any alien tech that might get out to the public.  And thus ends the crossover and out time on a movie set.

Meanwhile, some neo-pagans find part of an Asgardian staff embedded in an old Norwegian wood and get rage powers.  So we’re on an artifact hunt to look for something that wasn’t actually in the movie at all.  Why bother saying this shit is a crossover?

The artifacts is one third of the Berzerker Staff which instantly made me think of this:

It was left here ages ago when an Asgardian decided to stay on earth after a big battle.  The Berzerker Staff unlocks the rage within any who touch it while giving them super strength.  The warrior thought the staff to be too dangerous so he broke it into three pieces and hid it.

Team Coulson consults with some professor guy who turns out to be the Asgardian warrior who really turns out to be an Asgardian mason and I kinda just don’t care anymore.  Ward touches the second piece of the staff and he remembers the time when he chucked a kid down a well and wanted to save him but his brother wouldn’t let him or his brother got chucked in a well or something or some well with Samara who isn’t your daughter and if you don’t make copies of the vhs she’ll kill you from the tv… man, I’m really just not connecting with this episode.  Even when he’s rage face, Grant Ward is just boring.  Certainly, he’s got the build.  We get some nice shirtless-o-clock time with him.  He can be a male model.  But he can’t carry this episode.

So Ward now has rage powers.  The physical strength will wear off in a matter of hours.  But the pit of rage, the thing that the staff forced him to face, will be there for decades.  This makes Ward a ticking time bomb.  The funniest shit to me is that when Melinda May touches the staff, it’s no biggie.  Yes, she sees shit, but she sees it every day.  Much like Bruce Banner is angry all the time, Melinda May is seething hate always.  But because she’s so badass, she keeps it in check.  It actually makes her more frightening than any of them.

The only other thing that’s significant is Coulson’s dream.  He’s getting a massage in Tahini and he feels truly relaxed.  He remarks to the masseuse, “Tahiti’s too good to be true.”

She relies, “I know. It’s a magical place.”

Coulson wakes up in a pool of sweat.

Only two more episodes to find out what the fuck it all means!

My friend Marty asked me to tell him when this show became MUST SEE.  We’re not even close.  And we’ve only got two episodes to make geeks give a shit again.  I’d be surprised as hell if this gets picked up for a second season, but if it does, man, they really gotta do something with Ward and Skye.  Make them villains or something.

Catching Up With Korra

I can't believe it's over already.

I can’t believe it’s over already.

I don’t know what happened, but apparently a whole mess of episodes aired and I missed them.  So I hit up to binge the last four episodes.

Night of a Thousand Stars

I kinda forgot that Korra went to Republic City in the first place to try to get the President to side with the Southern Water Tribe.  Seems like the show forgot, too, so this episode is dedicated to closing up that thread and the whole Varrick thing and much of what I felt dragged this season to a halt in the beginning.

It’s kind of cute that Bolin is the one who saves the President, but it really makes Lin Beifong seem like an incompetent police chief.  Still, it’s pretty cool seeing Bolin use his pro bending for awesome.

Team Avatar reunites and Mako’s back in action.  And now we have a stupid love triangle thing with Korra, Mako, and Asami.  Apparently, when Korra lost her memory briefly, she also forgot that Mako broke up with her. Guuuuuuuh.  Kinda want Bolin and Asami to happen.

Tonraq’s fight to retake the Southern Water tribe goes about as well as could be expected. With no reinforcements fro Republic City and Team Avatar headed to the portals, Korra’s father is left on his own to take on Unalaq and the dark spirits.  Tonraq’s uprising is put down swiftly.

Harmonic Convergence

For the love the spirits, please END THE KORRA/MAKO thing!  Why must we be reminded of the worst parts of this season.  And last season.  Bleh.  Not that I like Asami/Mako any better.

Thankfully, we have a Harmonic Convergence to stop.  Man, I have to hand it to the animators, the battle scenes in this show are absolutely fantastic.

Sadly, Team Korra gets captured.  Unalaq’s forces plus the Dark Spirits are too much for them.  Unalaq reveals his plan.  He wants to fuze with Vaatu to become a Dark Avatar.  I think it would be kind of cool to see a Dark Avatar Unalaq vs Avatar Korra.

Bumi saves the day in one of the most unlikely rescues ever animated!  It’s great and I kind of think this season could have done with some more of him.

Team Avatar makes it to the portal, but are too late to stop Harmonic Convergence.  Vaatu escapes.

Darkness Falls

Man, Vaatu’s design is kind of awesome.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him show up as a tattoo on a few arms and backs.

Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi search for Jinora while Korra fights Vaatu.  Again, the fight scenes are amazing.  Korra vs. Vaatu is exceptional. Especially when Korra goes all Avatar state on him.  Though Korra kicks quite a lot of ass, Unalaq stops Korra from imprisoning Vaatu once again.  Vaatu fuzes with Unalaq and the Dark Avatar is born.

Meanwhile, Uncle Iroh returns to give Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi some guidance. It’s heart breaking to see him again.  They let themselves get taken to the Fog of Lost Souls to find Jinora.  The Fog is actually a spirit that slowly infects your mind, eventually driving you insane.  Zhao the Conqueror from Avatar: The Last Airbender makes a cameo in the Fog.  He mistakes Tenzin for Aang.  It’s kind of a disturbing cameo.  Kya and Bumi succumb to the madness leaving Tenzin to search for Jinora on his own.

Tenzin is able to overcome the Fog when he realizes that he needs to stop trying to be like Aang and just be Tenzin.  We’ve gotten some really good character development from Tenzin this season.  It’s been fun to watch him grow through his interactions with his siblings.

Unalaq and Korra continue to battle.  They are evenly matched for a while, but the Dark Avatar proves too much.  Vaatu draws Raava out of Korra and destroys the Spirit of Light.  Unalaq goes all Super Sayan 5000 and turns into a giant of Darkness.

Light in the Darkness

The Dark Giant descends upon Republic City, and though General Iroh voiced by RUFIOOOOOO is there with his armada, the city falls.  The giant is really impressive.  I love the sound design when he unleashes his chest laser.

Tenzin gives Korra some truly excellent spiritual advice.  It a great emotional moment and looking back on this season, it feels like this is what the show has been building up to, Korra’s true spiritual awakening.  In some ways, since she’s been such an annoying brat for a good portion of it, the scene is probably a lot more impactful than I expected.

Korra becomes a giant of Light and returns to Republic City as a spirit to fight the Dark Giant.  More epic fight animation!  Seriously, this is impressive stuff.  The Dark Giant proves too much.  And then, JINORA!!!!!!!!


Seriously, I got all choked up when she descended.  I love that she was the one to truly save the day.

“Don’t worry, they’re alright. Korra saved the world.”

Um… no. You did, Jinora.

Korra and Raava reunite, but her link with her past lives is gone.  I actually think that’s a good thing.  A break with the past forces Korra to be her own person rather than live up to the expectations of her previous lives.  She also decides to keep the portals open so that humans and spirits can co-exist.

Last Impressions

While I feel this ending is far superior to season 1, overall I felt season 2 of Legend of Korra was terribly uneven.  Though we got a lot of good development with Tenzin, the show literally reset its title character halfway through.  After Korra’s brief amnesia and a look back at Wan, she was a completely different character.  Granted, she became way more tolerable in the second half of the season, but will it stick?  Will she revert back to her asshole ways in season 3 only to turn it around halfway through?

The biggest surprise was how essential Jinora was to the ending.  Tenzin’s children have been comic relief for the most part.  It was great to see Jinora take a more important role.

Bolin kind of got lost in the mix until the end.  The Republic City/Varrick/Nuktuk storyline was a bit too obvious for my tastes and didn’t really add much.  I guess we needed something for Mako, Bolin, and Asami to do, but it somehow didn’t feel essential to the overall plot.  Yeah, Varrick was trying to cash in on the war. And?

Unalaq was my least favorite type of villain, the sort of obvious mustache twirling evil mastermind that you can recognize the second they step foot onto camera.  No nuance.  No subtlety.  Just a big red sign over his head that read, HEY LOOK EVERYONE, I’M A BAAAAAAAD GUY.

Still, they have done some pretty great things with Korra.  I’m a huge fan of the world that they’ve built.  And the animation continues to be some of the best I’ve seen.  And I really do love the concept of the show.  In the end, I’ll still probably keep up with it.  I’m not super excited for season 3, but I’m not ready to ditch it just yet.  This season finished strong and I hope it carries over to the next.

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