The Crew of the Enterprise Will Fight ‘Til They See the Sunlight

Oh god, this fucking Ke$ha song again! This fucking song has a long ass shelf life.

It’s true, the Enterprise always seemed like the party ship of the fleet. At least in TOS. TNG was a lot more formal, more stuffy. DS9 had a decent party atmosphere. Voyager probably should have had more parties. I’m surprised the entire crew didn’t have one big orgy to relieve all the sexual tension. Enterprise? No one should have watched Enterprise. The new movie crew seems like it could be a party crew. Observe:

Anyway, this song fucking sucks. But Star Trek makes it suck less. Kinda. Sorta.

Okay, it still fucking sucks.

Kamen Rider Six Five Oh Oh Oh

Kamen Rider OOO

Not much going on the Gundam world for Gundam Wednesday, but we’ve got new about the next Kamen Rider. You’re looking at Kamen Rider OOO which I will always pronounce as ooh and make big octopus lips! The name is pretty stupid, but the suit isn’t too bad. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. And besides, I’ve learned to never judge a Rider show on the suit alone. Hated Den-O’s suit and hated the show. Loved Kiva’s suit, hated the show. Hated Decade’s suit, loved the show. Loved W’s suit, wasn’t sure about the two dudes in one (especially how weird Philip looked), loved the show. So anytime they reveal the next Rider’s suit, it’s a good policy to wait until you see it in action before you decide.

What we can tell from the photo is that OOO uses an animal motif. Red part appears to be an eagle, the yellow a tiger, and the green a hopper. Yay! Love me some hoppers. Not terribly pleased with Wolverine claws there. Those were played out in the 90s. But it could be cool. The belt looks kinda wonky. It kind of looks like he grabbed a stop light and taped it to his waist. I’m guessing those three slots will be used to change into different forms. Multiple forms are kind of the standard now for the Heisei Riders and I’m always a fan, even if I dislike the show.

I’ll be sad to see Double go. I’ve loved every bit of it. Very curious to see how Ooh shapes up.

Source: Henshin Justice

Live Action Blue Beetle Test is Missing Something

Live Action Blue Beetle

AZM Ally Hawk sent along some FX test footage of a proposed Blue Beetle live action television series. These stills were posted by writer Geoff Johns who seems to be involved in the production somehow. It’s definitely the Kamen Rider fan in me but something just seems off about the suit. I know these stills are kinda blurry, but it looks to me like it’s all CG. That’s not what I want. Ever. If you’re going to have such a badass suit design, fucking make the suit and put a Tokusatsu actor in it. Hell, you already got one waiting around LA for a show like this. His name is Mark Musashi. Call him. Make him a Blue Beetle suit. Put him in the fucker. And watch him kick holy ass on set!

I have absolutely no interest in CG suits. That’s why I have no interest in the Green Lantern movie.

Source: Collider

Paul Walker, Shark Hunter

It’s called “Shark Men” on National Geographic UK and “Expedition Great White” here in the US, but whatever it’s called, that’s “actor/adventurer” Paul Walker in the boat getting ready to wrassle a shark. You may remember Paul Walker from such hits as Timeline or The Fast and the Furious.

Normally I would spend a few moments to hate on Paul Walker. He’s the worst part of the Fast and Furious franchise and he’s got about as much range as a blow up doll. But I gotta give props where props are due. Not many people would go out on a shitty little boat to hang out with a great white shark, much less catch, capture, and tag them. That’s pretty fucking cool. Ever since Jaws, sharks have gotten a pretty bad name. Some species have been almost hunted to extinction. This expedition hopes to tag and track a few great whites to learn more about their migratory and mating behaviors which as yet has never been done before.

Not sure what the schedule is for the show, but it looks like you can see clips at both the UK channel site and the US site. I kinda like Paul Walker more as a dude wrasslin’ sharks than as an actor. I hope he does more of these expeditions and stays off the screen for a bit. He’s much better at this.

Source: National Geographic

Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson’s Appa Van Becomes Reality

Appa Van

Not all Airbender news is shitty!

Last year, Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson designed an Appa Van, an old VW van painted up like our favorite air bison. Now a group of awesome people on facebook are converting a 1985 VW van into the Appamobile based on Tyler’s design!

So here’s what I’m thinking. When Appamobile is finished, the group should do a modern interpretation of Airbender. Get some 1980s interpretations of the Airbender costumes and film a 1980s version of Airbender riding around in Appamobile. It can happen. It must happen!

Source: io9

La Femme Maggie Q

AZM Ally Kensei Dave dug up this clip from the CW’s upcoming relaunch/remake/reimagining/regurgitation of “Nikita” starring Maggie Q which is the only reason I give two shits. Here she is getting her explosion on.

I love ‘splosions. I love Maggie Q. Two great tastes together equals instant win! I think. Of course, it is on the CW the same great network that brings us “America’s Next Top Hootchie” and “The Wussy Emo Shit Poor Excuse For Vampire Diaries” so I’m not getting my hopes up.

Can an Ending Ever Really Satisfy the Faithful?

Lost Kubricks

I never got into “Lost” which is strange because from everything I’ve ever heard about the show, it’s certainly the kind of screwy sci fi that I enjoy. The thing that fascinates me about “Lost” is how it hooked so many of my friends who would otherwise completely ignore sci fi. The thing that kind of kept me away from the show was that by the time I heard about it and how amazing it was, there was already this convoluted continuity that didn’t really seem like something you could just hop on in the middle and comprehend. Now that the show is over over and there’s an ending (well, depending on who you hear from), I’m more likely to pick it up with the Netflix and marathon the thing a season at a time.

If twitter, facebook rumblings, and this review are any indication, a good majority of “Lost” fans were not terribly pleased with the ending. Ah, that complete and utter let-down feeling you get when a show’s ending horribly disappoints you. I know it well. This begs the question, can any ending of serialized television really satisfy the faithful?

There have been a few endings that I didn’t really mind. Buffy’s last season was absolutely horrid but the very last episode did a lot to redeem the show in my eyes. Angel’s ending was a bit cliff hangery for me but word is that the comics have picked up nicely. Dollhouse’s ending didn’t hurt too bad. Star Trek TNG’s ending was satisfying and not entirely rage worthy. DS9’s ending made me want more, a television movie or something but it was decent enough.

And then there are the endings that send fans into a rage. BSG. The Sopranos. Seinfeld. Dallas. Various Kamen Rider endings that don’t make any fucking sense.

I think the success of a show isn’t in how it ends, but how its remembered. And in the end, I think the positives of Lost will ultimately overshadow its ending. It’s certainly made a major dent in pop culture. And because of Lost, more television shows are willing to take convoluted continuity risks.

So what do you guys thinks? Did Lost’s ending completely ruin the show for you? Did it wrap up all the loose ends to your satisfaction? Was it better or worse than the BSG finale? Do you think Jack Bauer will survive tonight’s 24 finale? How would you have ended Lost?

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