Dollhouse Foreclosed

Dichen Lachman, the deadly Sierra

AZM Ally Samurai Art Guy has some thoughts on the announcement that Dollhouse will not be picked up for a third season:

So yes, like Firefly before it, FOX has indeed canceled Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. This was not exactly a SURPRISE.

Honestly, as soon as I saw the November Sweeps Hiatus, I knew the show was toast. Between that and the dodgy ratings, and FOX no longer pushing the show most of this season, I knew they were just waiting to jettison the series.

It remains to be seen if FOX will hold to their tenuous and questionable word on the airing the remaining episodes. Or will they bail at the end, like they did with Firefly, yanking the season prematurely, leaving episodes unaired? I guess we’ll see, won’t we? But at least with some warning, Joss and crew can write some closure into the last episodes and not leave it hanging with a season cliffhanger. That always suks. …

I’m still kind of surprised Dollhouse got a second season to begin with.

I think one of the chief reasons the show never really found its audience is that the viewing public is generally against the idea of renting people. The morality of renting people out for sex was never really addressed in the first season. And if it was never touched upon in the second, I dare say I would have forgotten it all together. And then, Sierra’s episode came along.

“Belonging” is Sierra’s origin story. I don’t want to reveal any details of the episode because I don’t want to spoil it, but I truly think that this episode embodies the true potential of what the show could be. Dichen Lachman, who plays Sierra, has been my favorite active from the very first time I saw her on screen in season 1 and this Belonging ensures that I will follow her to whatever series she’s cast in next (well, unless it’s as someone on Hanna Montana. Then all bets are off). Dichen shows an amazing range of vulnerability and strength and it’s really a shame she isn’t the star of the show. Much more than Eliza Dushku, I think Dichen can actually carry the show. We also see a lot of growth from Topher in this episode. Up until now, he’s treated the Actives as his play things. Here, we actually see his conscience kick in. He begins to question what he’s doing and we start to see him as more than just the heartless techy nerd. We see why it made sense that Topher chose Sierra to geek out with last season when Adelle let him play with one of the Actives for a day.

There’s so much good in this episode that it makes me mad that there aren’t more Dollhouse episodes that are this strong and that we won’t get to see the show rise to its full potential.

That’s the other thing that annoys me. There’s so much potential for this show to kick some major ass and yet it always seems to fall short.

Here’s the episode I like so bad for those of you in a country that Hulu likes. I’ll be watching Dollhouse until it ends. I’m sad to see it go, but only a little. I’ll support Dichen in whatever she does next because I think she’s good enough to star in something awesome. But I won’t be signing any petitions or anything like that. It had a decent run, more than it may have deserved.

At This Point, I Believe William Shatner MUST Release Another Album

It’s been years since William Shatner released “The Transformed Man” album in 1968 and I believe it’s high time he released another one. I implore Mr. Shatner to release an album of celebrity tweet performances. This is fucking gold!

Never be an Emo Vampire

I don’t think this song or video are particularly good. But it does articulate very well the many reasons why these Twilight era vampires absolutely suck sweaty donkey scrotum.

Vampires used to kick quite a lot of ass. Even Buffy era vampires were hardcore. You never saw Angel brooding… um… okay, so maybe Angel had his “mooning over Buffy” moments. But he could kick the ever loving shit out of Edward Cullen. Pre-Twilight era vampires were dead sexy, lustfully dangerous, horribly evil. Twilight era vampires are chaste, boring, emo. Where’s the sex? Their clothes are still on, HOW IS THIS LOVE?!

I understood when women swooned over Angel, Spike, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Tom when he was in interview. Those vampires dangerously oozed sex. The ladies couldn’t help but lust after these bad boys. I don’t get the hubbub over these Twilight era wussies. Okay, so glittery shiny things always attract your eyes. But these boring fucks don’t do anything remote dangerous or sexy or evil. They’re boring and a bit stalkery. There’s no denying that Stephie Meyer tapped into something that the tweeny girlies drool over. But damned if I can figure it out.

I guess that’s the point. I’m certainly not the target audience for Blahlight, The Vampire Diarrhea, True Blood, or whatever other wussy vampire shlock is out there ruining the name of vampires. I just hope it doesn’t last. Looking forward to Daybreakers to bring the kick ass back to vampires!

Kamen Rider Double Episode Zero

This December we’ll finally get the Kamen Rider Double origin story with Kamen Rider Double: Episode Zero which will play along with the really real end to Kamen Rider Decade with Kamen Rider Decade: Decade vs. All Rider.

I have to say, thus far I’m really enjoying Double. Philippe is not as girly as he dresses. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Akiko isn’t the doormat I thought she’d turn out to be. She’s still slightly annoying, but at least she’s not always being kidnapped. Shotaro is pretty good. I also really like the main villains. They do a lot more than Narutaki. Goddamn, I hope we find out what the fuck his deal is in the Decade movie.

I like what they’re doing with Double in terms of plot. Only seven episodes in and we’ve learned a great deal about how Double works. Philippe’s body goes unconscious when he transforms; Philippe and Shotaro control their respective halves of Double; if one is distracted, Double becomes pretty useless; if Philippe is getting chased by a crazy Cat Dopant and Shotaro wants to henshin, Shotaro has to wait (which also explains why Philippe usually stays at HQ while Shotaro goes out to investigate. Philippe’s body will be safe should Shotaro need to henshin); there are books in his world library of knowledge that even Philippe can’t unlock; there are also books missing pages including the one of his family. All this awesome stuff going on and we’re not even half way through the series. Actually, I don’t know how long it’s going to run. But I like what I’m seeing.

Rachel Feinstein Has This Terrible Itch

Comedian Rachel Feinstein will be taping for Comedy Central on Friday, November 6, 2009 at the John Jay College Lynch Theater in New York. And although she’s goddamn funny, you may be wondering why I would be linking to such an event. I went to elementary school with her!

My brain meats are horribly Swiss cheesed and I can’t remember all that much from my college days let alone my elementary school days. And it’s not because I had a lot of drunken fun in college and blacked out a lot. I just don’t keep a decent log of the past in my brain. So I’m sad to say that I can’t tell you any embarrassing stories about Rachel that you can spring on her when you go see her perform. Damn, should have kept a dirt log on all my friends. But I’m really proud to see that she’s kicking ass and taking names. Comedy is a tough gig and to see someone I actually know make it this far is pretty amazing.

Good luck Rachel! I’m sure this is only the start!

Source: Facebook

Inara Will Bring Us Health Care

Sooo shiny!

Momma always said, “Never trust a big shiny face alien who promises peace and health care. No good can come of it!” But, but, it’s Inara. And she’s so perdy. And smiley. What could possibly go wrong?!

The Visitors arrive November 3.

CNN Fact Checks SNL Because… Um… Whuh?

I have long abandoned CNN as a credible source of anything. Whatever credibility they once had, they’ve completely squandered it trying to get ratings with pundits and tabloid news. I mean, fuck, they use TMZ as a credible news source! A fucking gossip website! They’ve got a 24 hour news cycle that they fill with trash instead of, you know, news. Seriously, who gives a fuck if SNL is not factual. They’re comedians! That’s their fucking job! They make shit up so you laugh you assholes!

CNN, fucking goats so you don’t have to.

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