Hoppers Return

Three episodes in to Kamen Rider Decade and we get to see my favorite two emo Riders back in action! Opening with the Kick and Punch Hopper fight was freaking awesome! Igadevil has an excellent synopsis of episode 3, “Transcendence,” of Kamen Rider Decade which is great because all I had were the raws and my Japanese doesn’t extend much beyond tasty food items.

I hope we get to see Kaixa set up as one of the Big Bads of the whole series. Kusaka-kun really pissed me off in Faiz and I can’t think of a better big bad Rider. Kuuga’s Final Form Ride was… weird. Not every day you see a Rider’s head fold backwards as he transforms into a giant beetle. But I think I can get used to it. The new Rider smell hasn’t yet worn off.

I’d like to echo Igadevil’s assessment that this episode really felt like a season finale. Seeing as how next episode we’re going to Kiva’s world, it kind of was a finale of sorts. I’m a little confused as to how the Kuuga cards in Decade’s deck got reactivated so I’ll have to wait for the subs to figure it out.

So next we’re in Kiva’s world with kid Wataru?!?!?!? Oh man, echoes of Power Rangers: Turbo. Hmm… this could… hmmm… I’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Igadevil’s Kamen Rider Blog

Powers Coming to FX

AZM Ally Kensei Dave writes in with word that Powers is coming to FX. Powers, written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Mike Oeming, centers around two detectives who investigate homicides perpetrated by super powered beings. Think “Heroes” mixed with “CSI.” The series is in active development with FX. Powers was once optioned for a feature length film by Sony Pictures, but that fell through. The screenwriters just didn’t get the comic. This time around, Bendis will be handling the scripting for the pilot.

I have yet to jump on the Powers bandwagon. So Powers fans, looking forward to a television series? Or is this something best left alone? I think with Bendis’s direct involvement, there’s a greater chance it will closely mirror the source material.

Source: MTV

Preorder The First Episode of Caprica on DVD

Caprica City

Looks like it’s Cylon Monday!

The season finale of Battlestar Galactica has yet to even be teased and already “Caprica” is knocking on the door. You can catch the premiere of the new prequel series months before Caprica airs on Sci Fi Channel in 2010. A DVD of the premier episode goes on sale April 29 of this year for $26.98. Sounds a bit steep, but there’s a mess of stuff you get along with your purchase. You’ll get an uncut and unrated version of the episode; commentary track by the director, writer, and producers; deleted scenes; video blogs; “What the Frak is Caprica?” (fast talking lady is back!); “The Director’s Process”; “The V Club”; and “The Birth of a Cylon.”

This is an interesting business model. I’ve never seen a show that releases its pilot on DVD months before it airs on television. The extras make this a bit more appealing. Fast talking chick is awesome. But I’m most interested in the Birth of a Cylon feature. I hope it’s like a historical accounting of the creation of the Gen 1 Cylons.

So here’s an interesting pickle. Do you get the extras on this DVD when you eventually buy the first season Caprica box set? Or are they really a premier exclusive? It would be really annoying to pick this up and get a second copy of it all once you get the box set. Maybe if it also included a voucher for the future purchase of the set, that would sweeten the deal. Ah well, it’s an interesting strategy. Wonder how many will pick it up. Who knows, this season may be so amazing that I’ll buy anything this production company puts out!

[Via Coming Soon]

Battlestar Galactica – “Blood on the Scales”


AZM Allies Greg and McClaud posted their spoilery thoughts on the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica. I don’t want to say to much before I drop the spoiler tags, but if you haven’t caught up yet, these first four episodes make a great chunk to watch all at once. They’re up on the Hulu so if you’re in a country that has access to it, get to clicky clicking. Everyone else, let’s talk about the episode!

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El Feugo Your Friday

AZM Ally Solkana sent along this Grindhouse style preview of Fox’s Friday lineup of “Terminator: The Sara Conner Chronicles” and “Doll House.” It’s surprisingly tame in terms of content. You’d expect something inspired by the Grindhouse aesthetic to be hyper sexualized, but I guess in these post Janet Bewb times, even Fox has to tone it down. Still, I freaking love the promo.

Guest Review of Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine and Friends

Angry Zen Minion Kyle Goodrich sent along this guest review of “Wolverine and the X-Men:”

Ok well sorry it took a while but I wanted to see Wolverine and the X-men beyond it’s premier. To start with I will warn all the fans this is a new story line with different character set up so if you don’t like other people taking liberties with your favorite comics then I would skip this. Wolverine is not the hard person we all know and love rather he is the leader and seems to take it well, depending on other people taking charge you know being the leader type. The rest of the cast so far is Forge the team mechanic, Beast the brains with the brawn, Kat uhh she walks though stuff, Iceman ill let the name speak for its self; Frost a telepath who reads before asking, and Cyclopes who takes Wolverine old role.

The story thus far is Jean and Xavier disappear in an “explosion”(the quotes are because there was not scientific cause just one minute they are there the next every thing around the is in ruin). Xavier shows up on Magneto’s island in a coma. After bringing him back to the institute he makes contact from the future where the world is in ruin and every one is dead and only the X-men can change that. For more in-depth details you will have to watch the show, but so far it has me hooked.

From there I will go into the style for one it is not anime, which as much as I am a fan of, I am happy for it. It is very sharp very angled faces and square bodies but all in all very pleasing to the eyes or at least mine. It also has a very wide color range, good back ground and foreground art as well as lighting; the explosions are nice along the same lines of being smooth well lit and not to fake looking.

So now for my personal impressions I like the show, the art is nice and mildly original. The story is fairly original, I know were all a little tired of Wolverine but if you look at this with a new mind; never having seen or heard of X-men then you would be set to enjoy a pretty good series as it seems so far. I like the uniforms so far as well the personalities seem to complement each other well even though they are very different from the ones we know and love.

I really hope Emma and Scott are together in this version. I hate Scott with Jean. She uses him as a door mat and he moons over her constantly. When he’s with Emma, he’s so much more badass. I’m kind of tired of Wolverine this, Wolverine that, but I may have to check out a few episodes. I think you can watch full episodes online through their website.

Thanks for the review, Kyle!

What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad?

The Super Bowl is the closest thing I have to a tradition. A friend of mine always hosts a big Super Bowl party and I’ve gone every year for the past ten or so without fail until this year. The 24 hour Super Art Fight took a lot out of me. The rest of Sunday kind of disappeared as soon as I got back home. So I missed the party, missed the game, missed the commercials.

The fact that people look forward to watching commercials instead of the actual game may say something about the worship of commercialization in this country. But that’s a little too heady for me.

Anyway, before I go rambling on too long, what was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Please post a link if you can find it online. You can list your top three if you like. I haven’t seen any of them yet so I’m interested in seeing what was popular with you AZM Minions this year.

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