Tokusatsu Time #4 – Henshin Devices

A very brief overview of henshin devices.

And here’s a link to the news about Toei streaming tokusatsu!


So I guess “The Fires of Pompei” was secretly a casting call.  Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor (or is he technically the 13th) over the weekend.  I’m a little surprised because I was expecting someone I wasn’t too familiar with.  I know Matt Smith and David Tenant had done things before landing the role as the Doctor, but from what I understand, they were both relative unknowns.  Peter Capaldi has been in a whole mess of things. I guess I’m just used to someone I haven’t seen do things before.

I’m always excited for a new Doctor. There’s so much room for interpretation.  Colin Baker’s Six is the only Doctor I really couldn’t stand.  But for the most part, I’ve enjoyed seeing what each actor brings to the role.  They’re all different, yet they all somehow fit together.  So I’m looking forward to what Capaldi will bring with him.  I’m also curious to see if Clara will still be flirting with him as much as she did with Smith.  Will the TARDIS become the snog box that it was meant to be?!  Will we get a new sonic design?  Will the TARDIS get a new desktop?! AHHHH So many questions!!!  Christmas is too far awaaaaaay!!!!

And here’s a fan trailer of Capaldi as the new Doctor!  Oh my shit, this would be so awesome if this is the way he played it! HAHA!

Kids Love Dem Cheerios

Somehow, I totally missed the whole interracial Cheerios commercial controversy.  And I would have been really pissed seeing as how I’m building an interracial family and my brother has one.  But before I could touch finger to key board to fire off a litany of vitriolic social justice I came across this video of kids watching the commercial.  It’s so fucking precious!  My favorite bits are Dylan with his whole “begins with an ‘E'” rant and Olivia’s bit at the end who just can’t take it anymore.

Obviously, I’m with the kids on this one.  It’s the new damn millennium.  Why is this a big deal?  And people say we’re in a post racial society. HAH!

And now I will buy all the Cheerios because they are awesome.

Kamen Teacher Will Teach the Shit Out of You!

This is exactly like Dangerous Minds except instead of Michelle Pfeiffer being all inspirational with a Koolio jam in the background, we have Gouta Araki beating some learning into some troubled students.  Fuck detention.  If you don’t pay attention in class, Kamen Teacher will punch some math into your brain!

Man, if they offered Masked Teaching as a major in college, I’d be teaching the shit out of people right now.

From: Henshin Justice

“Goodbye, Raggedy Man”

Amy and her Raggedy Man

This past weekend, we got word that the Doctor will be regenerating this November with the 50th anniversary special.  Matt Smith is hanging up his bow tie for something much cooler.

I really enjoyed Matt Smith’s take on the character.  You could see that his version of the Doctor carried such tremendous heart break even when he was twirling on his heels and throwing his arms in the air seemingly with no care in the world.  He had companions all around, yet he was the loneliest man in the ‘verse.  And dammit, he made fezes and bow ties cool.  This aspect of the Doctor came out so much more with Matt Smith than with previous Doctors.  All of the little quirks and turns he brought really made him a joy to watch, even when the episode dragged.  I’ll miss him and wish him well.

And so begins the speculation over the next Doctor.  If you really think about it, the 50th anniversary is the perfect time to introduce a new Doctor.  I don’t think John Hurt counts as I doubt he’ll be taking over.  Man, I’m still completely befuddled as to which regeneration Hurt is playing.  Some want Benedict Cumberbatch, some want Martin Freeman, I kinda want Idris Elba, some want a woman, some want a minority.  In all honesty, I want someone I haven’t seen before.  Never heard of Eccleston or Tenant or Smith before they were cast which was just perfect.  We didn’t know what to expect from them which gave them the freedom to bring their own personalities to the Doctor.  We will forever see them as the Doctor first, the actor second.  So even though my pants would be forever crunchy if Elba were cast, I’d love to see an unknown get the part.

Jenna-Louise Coleman has been confirmed for the eighth season so she’ll be breaking in the new Doctor along with the rest of us.  I loved the way she and Matt played off each other and really wish there was more of that in this last half of season seven.  I really thought she was terribly underused.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see Clara do a little more this time around.

I’m hopeful.  I think the 50th is going to be crazy good and I think this new Doctor will be just fine.

Doctor Please


If you have not seen the season finally of Doctor Who, why did you click on the link?!  There are going to be massive spoilers throughout this review so come back when you’ve watched it.


Alright, let’s get into this.

Despite the glorious fanservice of all seeing all the old Doctors in the beginning, there was a lot of fist shaking in the Noguchi household while watching “The Name of the Doctor.”  I legit yelled at the screen when Jenny died.  And I threw up my hands when we didn’t actually get to hear the Doctor’s actual name.  But the final reveal just made my brain break.

Lady Vastra And the Scoobies

Lady Vastra, Jenny, and Strax are total scene stealers.  Anytime they’re in an episode, I almost forget that the Doctor is around.  A spinoff series starring just the three of them would be so much more enjoyable than Torchwood.

Being unconscious for the conference call was pretty fun.  It kind of reminds me of some of the scenes in the Sandman comics where people meet in dreams.  Of course, I always have difficulty remembering my dreams with any semblance of accuracy.  Maybe you remember shit better when it’s a conference call.

I’m sooooooo glad Jenny isn’t dead.  I almost walked out of the room at that point.  And though I suspect that Strax has had to revive Jenny more than once, seeing Lady Vastra freak the fuck out stressed me out.  Sooooo happy she survived.

Seriously, they need their own show.

Farewell Sweetie

We got some closure with River which was kinda cool.  Most of this half of the season, I had been wondering where River was.  We know that she spent some time with him after the Ponds left, but we never got to see it.  He seemed awful flirty with Clara so I suspected that River had already gone to the Library somewhere between the Ponds exit and Clara’s reintroduction and now we’ve got it confirmed.

It was nice to see River finally get her goodbye.

The Impossible Girl

We finally learn how Clara becomes the Kenny of this season.  I was slightly annoyed because I like a good mystery that I can solve.  I would have loved to have seen a montage of clues sprinkled throughout the season that would have built up to this reveal if I knew what I was looking for, but there was no way for us to figure out Clara until we see the shiny splintery thing.

I’m also a little annoyed at how easy it was for the Doctor to pull her back out.  Here’s a leaf. On the wind. Watch it soar.  And, oh, come over here and we’ll get you out.  There was such a build up to the whole, “OH IT’S GONNA KILL YOU AND SPLINTER YOU INTO A BAJILLION TIMEY WIMEY PIECES” that when it got all fixed with a leaf, I just kind threw up my hands.

Doctor Chest Burster



So before the revival of the series, I always thought that The Doctor was his name.  We had a few examples of Time Lords who were just named by their titles, The Doctor, The Castellan, The Master.  We’ve also had named ones like Romana and Rassilon.  So I always assumed that some Time Lords are just named The Something while others have names.

Ten and Eleven introduced the idea that the Doctor has an actual name which is an interesting thing to play with.  Of course, we’re never going to learn it, but it’s a neat mystery to hang in the air.

Which brings us all back to the character that John Hurt is playing.  The Great Intelligence says that the Doctor will be known by many other names before the end including The Valeyard.  The Valeyard is all of the Doctor’s evil bits combined into one and occurs somewhere between his twelfth and final regeneration.  Is John Hurt the Valeyard?

OR is John Hurt the version of the Doctor who ended the Time War between regenerations 8 and 9?  I’m calling him Doctor John from now on.  Did he have to become Doctor John to do what he did to end the Time War?  If so, that technically makes Eccleston Ten, Tenant Eleve, and Smith Twelve. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!

But the REAL question is will we fucking find out in November with the 50th or will we get more questions to lead into the eighth season?  At some point, I’m going to run out of patience with all these new questions popping up.

Why is the Impossible Girl so Impossibly Boring?

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 10.26.41 AM

I haven’t been keeping up with my Doctor Who episode reviews which I never thought would happen. Dalek Clara totally hooked me.  I was sad to see the Ponds go, but I was ready for some awesome adventures with Clara.  Now to be fair, we’ve had some really fun episodes with her.  She’s proven to be quite witty, brave, and able to out-talk the Doctor.  But part of her hook was the mystery of her existence.  And though we’ve seen Clara prove to be an excellent companion, in eight episodes, we’ve learned nothing further about what makes her so “impossible.”  It’s a little frustrating.

I’m assuming they’re saving up any big reveals for the 50th anniversary.  But it just makes the rest of the season feel like filler.  I also kind of feel like Dalek Clara and Victorian Clara did a lot more in their brief appearances than Companion Clara.  It feels like Companion Clara just follows along with the Doctor and does what he tells her whereas Dalek and Victorian Claras were more than willing to ignore him and do their own thing.  I’m fully confident that Dalek and Victorian Claras could save themselves.  Companion Clara, I’m not so sure.  Also, Companion Clara got upgraded to be super computer genius smart.  Yet we haven’t seen her computer her way out of anything save for that first episode.  Sure, a computer isn’t going to be useful against Mr. Sweet back in the Victorian era, but certainly she could have used a terminal to mess with the Cybermen.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still enjoy the hell out of the show and this has been a fun season.  But it just feels like there’s something missing.  Next week is the final episode of this season and it looks like we’re going to be learning a lot about the Doctor’s past.  I’m hoping we’ll also learn something about Clara.

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