Tyrese Brings Sexy to Thundercats

Sexy Tyrese

“The thunder is my penis.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist the Dr. Horrible joke.

At a press junket for Death Race, Tyrese revealed that he’s been heavily involved in the Thundercats movie adaptation. That’s about it. No word on what character he’d play or if it’s still going to be a CG feature as Warner Brothers announced last year. So let’s turn on the internet speculation machine.

I think if it’s going to be Beowulf style CG where the models are based on the actors (well, except for Beowulf), Tyrese would make quite the awesome Panthro or Mumra. You know, I think he’d make a decent Lion-O as well. If he’s just providing voice acting, really anyone would work.

I’m not sure I’m entirely looking forward to this movie. But I like Tyrese well enough. We’ll see.

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Metal Fighter T-Boys!

AZM ally Mike Dent just sent me this promo trailer for a Korean animated show called Metal Fighter T-Boys. Bad ass! Four teens are chosen to represent Korea in the World Metal Fighters competition, a super robot fight where martial artists perform actions that are mirrored by giant freaking robots! Korea animates everything these days, it was just a matter of time before they started unleashing their own awesomeness! Actually, I’m sure there are a lot of Korean anime that I haven’t heard of. Anyway, this looks freaking awesome. Scheduled to release sometime next year.

Monkey’s Journey to the East

My wife sent this to me this morning to help start my day. AWESOME!

The Monkey King, Pig, and Friar Sand have journeyed the West. Now, the trio head East for the Olympic games.

This animation is freaking bad ass! And if it looks kind of like the Gorillaz, it should. Jamie Hewlett, the mind behind the look of the Gorillaz, is one of the producers of the short. There’s a little production feature on the animation that gives a little insight on what it takes to create a two minute piece of extreme bodacity.

[Via BBC]

Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor Form, Piyu Piyu Piyu!

What the hell is the crazy little dragon saying? Ah, who cares! It’s Kiva’s Emperor Form, piyu piyu piyu!

Have to admit, I haven’t been keeping up with Kiva like I did Kabuto. The time switching got annoying by the fifth episode so I dropped it. IXA looks pretty cool, but it just hasn’t done much to win me back. I’ll be waiting to check out the real movie (not that stupid crossover with Den-O). But yeah, Kamen Rider Kiva just hasn’t held my interest.

Something About Goku

“Is that hair gel?”

AZM ally Mike Dent sent over this magazine scan of Goku. Why have all the magazine scans been from Japan? Oh well.

I think it looks like he got some left over “hair gel” up in his doo. You know, I just thought of who I’d want to see instead of this guy as Goku. Dante Bosco! RUFI OOOOO!!! Seriously, the world needs more Dante Bosco. The hell has been up to lately? I know he voices Prince Zuko for Avatar, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen him in anything. Ah well.

I’m so overwhelmingly meh over this stupid movie.

Exia on Sci Fi

Exia, gets those hard-to-reach places in the shower!

AZM regular Kevin Bahrt sends word that Sci Fi channel will air Gundam OO starting in November. Two episodes will run each week for a 13 week run.

The question is, does America give two shits about Gundam? I know I do. But the franchise really hasn’t reached a significant US audience, at least not significant enough to keep the toys on the shelves. Hopefully, Sci Fi won’t make the mistake that Cartoon Network did with Seed and edit out all the good shit. What little I’ve seen of Gundam OO will certainly appeal to the action crowd. And if most US Gundam fans think of Wing as classic Gundam (*shudder*), OO should be right up their alley.

So, will we see Lockon Statos cosplay next con season? Or is Gundam a lost cause for the US?

[Via Anime News Network]

Domo Nation!

How irresistibly kawaii!

Domo now has his own English language website. You gotta check out this DDR inspired Domo Dance game! HAHAH!

If memory serves, Domo-kun was part of an ad campaign for Japanese television station NHK. His popularity outside of Japan has grown vast and wide. Not only does he have this awesome site, but he also has his very own Veoh channel!

Wow, I remember seeing all those old ones years ago. This one is still my favorite.

[Via Domo Nation]

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