The Beast is Broken

Kamen Rider Beast makes his debut in Episode 17 of Kamen Rider Wizard and already I’m sick of his shit.  The show has kind of been floundering.  Shunpei is supremely annoying.  Rinko somehow manages to keep her job as a cop even though she does NO ACTUAL POLICE WORK.  Shigeru the ring maker is pretty interesting but doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.  Koyomi is totally moe bait.  Haruto is okay, but there’s no real personality there.  He’s almost too cool for school.  Also, the power creep has begun way too early.  So the show could use an injection of awesome.  Secondary Rider, GO!

Suit wise, Beast fits in nicely with the Wizard aesthetic.  The off-center design with the lion head on the left shoulder is kind of awesome.  And who doesn’t love a gold colored Rider!  I was pretty excited to see what new awesomeness this wizard could bring to the show.  And then Kousuke Nitou, the guy who wears the Beast suit, shows up.  He’s a bit of a foodie although his palette is somewhat questionable as he puts mayonnaise on absolutely everything.  Part of me wants this to be a side effect of him becoming Beast.  He’s lost his humanity so that his tastes are completely wacked similar to Ankh and the whole Popsicle thing.  But I suspect that this will just be a character quirk that will just annoy the shit out of me.  Kousuke is constantly hungry which will probably be his only weakness since Beast is completely overpowered.

Speaking of, Beast’s first fight scene is completely one-sided.  Certainly secondary Riders usually bring the pain.  Accel and Meteor both kicked a lot more ass than the show Rider, but I never felt that they broke the show.  On the other hand, the only way for Beast to ever lose a fight is if he gets too hungry and just collapses.  He can turn invisible, he can instantly heal himself, he can fly, he eats mana, he’s got a sword, he’s got more form changes than Kuuga.  The only way for a phantom to compete is if he’s similarly overpowered.  And then the show becomes a great big pissing contest over whose suit can get the most ridiculous power-ups.  There’s no build up, there’s no tension.  It’s all just form spamming and ring spamming for the sake of selling toys.

I’ll keep watching the show, of course, because it’s Kamen Rider.  But I think they’re blowing their load way too early.

“It’s Smaller on the Outside”

Lady Vastra and her companions.

Inter-species marriage, killer snowmen, a sassy potato warrior, a humbug of a Doctor, and a new companion?  It can be only one thing.  A Doctor Who Christmas Special!  After such a gut wrenching mid season farewell to the Ponds, “The Snowmen” was the perfect way to kick off the second half of the season.  New companion, new TARDIS, and more Lady Vastra!  I could gush all day, so let’s get to it.  And remember, spoilers!

“Good evening.  I am a lizard woman from the dawn of time.  And this is my wife.”

Lady Vastra and Jenny are the most perfect couple, ever!  Along with Strax, this episode proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the three of them could carry a spin-off series.  I would need a closet full of new pants if we got that.

I love that Vastra and Jenny are the inspiration for Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.  Would that make Strax the template for the bumbling Lestrade?  Who cares.  The three of them are perfect and I want to watch them always.


Vastra’s one word test was absolutely brilliant.  We got to see just how clever our new companion is.  Clara does a superb job of navigating the test.  I also love the looks Jenny shoots Vastra.  You can tell they’re both trying their best to contain their excitement.  They know that Clara is perfect for the Doctor and can’t wait for her to break him out of his humbuggery.

The Doctor’s Carol

Last Christmas episode, we got a Whovian take on “A Christmas Carol” with the Doctor playing the ghost of Christmas Past and sort of rewriting the Scrooge’s history.  This time, we get another take with the Doctor as Scrooge.  There’s been some time between “The Angels Take Manhattan” and “The Snowmen.”  The Ponds are long gone and River is no longer traveling with him.  We don’t know if she’ll turn up again, but we knew that she wouldn’t travel with the Doctor for too long.  So he’s been left up in a cloud to sulk and mourn the loss of the Ponds.

Still, he just can’t help himself.  If the Doctor really wanted to disappear, he could have done so easily.  Let the TARDIS wander aimlessly through time and space and never bother to stop anywhere.  Except he did stop and reach out to Vastra and her crew.  The Doctor needs people, even if they are a lizard woman or a potato warrior.

Mystery Soulfe Girl

I like the idea that our big mystery for this last half of the season is Clara herself.  She’s died twice.  She’s appeared in two periods of time with a third on the way.  She’s also completely delightful.

For once, we see the Doctor running after the Companion.  There’s been some fan chatter about the possible romance angle between them.  The Doctor is still married to River so wouldn’t that be cheating?  UNLESS, of course, the heartache that Vastra is talking about is not the loss of the Ponds but the loss of River.  We know that she dies in the Library.  Maybe between “The Angels Take Manhattan” and “The Snowmen” River told the Doctor she was off to go explore the Library.

Anyway, I’m super excited for the new season to begin.  Clara is a wonderful addition to the show.  I think she’ll challenge the Doctor and shake up his life in all the best ways possible.  We’ve got so many awesome things to look forward to this season including more Vastra, Jenny, and Strax and the return of the Cybermen in an episode penned by Neil Gaiman.  And the new TARDIS.  Still not so sure about it, but it’s growing on me.

Lady Vastra And Her Companions, Good Lord

This prequel to the Doctor Who Christmas Special demonstrates the absolute perfection of a Lady Vastra, Jenny, and Strax spin-off series. Seriously, I can’t get enough of the three of them investigating crimes in Victorian England.

The Christmas Special airs Christmas Day on BBC America at 9pm and BBC One at 5:15pm GMT.

Drinking Gummy Berry Juice Has Never Sounded So Good

I don’t know what the context is, but here’s Alicia Keys singing the “Gummy Bears” theme song on Jimmy Fallon. It’s definitely one of the theme songs that informed my childhood. I remember watching that show and wishing I could just bounce all over the place on my butt just like the bears and how awkward it felt to eat bags of them after watching the show. Mind you, I never stopped eating them, but it was a little weird reconciling the cutie bears on the show with the delicious treats I was stuffing in my face.

Anyway, Alicia fucking kills it! I don’t know what it’s like for someone who’s never seen the show or heard the theme before, but for me this is absolutely fabulous.

Gunpla Expo 2012

The crew at HobbyLink Japan went to Gunpla Expo 2012 and brought along their cameras to capture the fun. A few highlights for me are the salt and pepper shaker Acguy, the HGUC Ex8 (weird that it’s taken this long for an HGUC version of the kit), the Sinanju Stein which apparently made an appearance in a video game, the MG Rezel, and of course, the ver. Ka MG Nu Gundam.

The 2013 rollout kits intrigue me. I’m guessing one of them is an MG Gaplant which is not my favorite suit, but it would be good to see some of the more weird Zeta suits in MG form. Maybe they had like a VIP reveal for people who paid a shit ton for a private viewing. But I guess we’ll have to wait until later next year to find out what’s coming.

Man, looks like a really fun show. Someday, Japan, someday I will return to you and lick all your Gundams so they have to come home with me!!!

I Wear Top Hats Now. Top Hats Are Cool.

It’s Cyberman Monday so it’s time to dump a shit load of Doctor Who news!!!

First up, we’ve got a startling prequel to the Christmas Special. We get a little glimpse of how awesome a Vastra, Jenny, and Strax mini series could be.

Goddamn minisodes with their four minutes and heart breaking twist endings!!!

Next, we get a proper trailer for the Christmas Special, “The Snowmen.”

Does Steven Moffat read Calvin and Hobbes or does he just love scaring the shit out of children?

Finally, my good friend Kelsey, who I am convinced will one day rule the art world with an iron fist, is starting something she calls the Gallifreycrumb Tinies. It’s her take on Edward Gorey’s classic Gashlycrumb Tinies, a rhyming alphabet book in which the grisly tale of a child’s death is recounted for every letter of the alphabet. Kelsey’s version is full of Doctor Who goodness. And who better to die first than stinky Adric, one of the worst and most annoying companions ever to step foot into the TARDIS. Enjoy your Cyberman Monday!

Axe Cop Trick-or-Treats Alone

Next summer, Axe Cop will be headed to the small screen on Fox’s ADHD Animation block. Today, we get a preview of what that might look like. Here’s Axe Cop answering little Timmy’s question about Halloween.

And yes, that’s Nick Fucking Offerman as the voice of Axe Cop. I will now forever see Ron Swanson as Axe Cop’s disguise.

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