Here’s More of That Eva Horse Thing

Seems like the JRA Evangelion commercials are continuing their story line. In this edition, we get to see the Eva Pony racing its ass off. As weird as this entire series is, Unit 1 looks kinda good as a horse. I love that Unit 2 and Unit 0 give us a “WTF” reaction. If Bandai releases model kits of Eva Ponies, I think I’d call that the beginning of Third Impact.

Just in Time for the Christmas Special, the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

As much of a Who fan as I am, I’ve never bought a Sonic Screwdriver. Sure, they make cool sounds and light up and extend and some of the more expensive ones are even made from nicely weighted metal. But the disappointment factor of pointing it at an electronic device and nothing happening was something I didn’t really care for. If I’m getting a show accurate prop, I want it to do something. With a lightsaber, I can at least hit things.

Well, now there’s a sonic that makes things do things when you wave it at them!

The Universal Remote Sonic lets you control IR devices with simple gestures. You can rotate your sonic to control volume, change channels with a flick of your wrist, open the dvd tray with a pull motion! All you need is a fez and a bowtie and you can run around your house pointing your sonic at IR controlled devices and make them do things! It’s every Whovian’s dream come true!

So the Christmas Special is on the way and I expect that these things will be flying off the shelves. I can think of no more perfect gift than this to unwrap and watch the Christmas Special with. So get your ass over to Think Geek and get one before they’ve all been lost to the timestream.

From: Think Geek

The Son of Coul Returns to the Small Screen

One of the true break out stars from all of the Marvel studios movies is Clark Gregg who portrays Agent Coulson in pretty much all of the Marvel movies. Though he was a character invented for the movies, he’s gained a huge fan base of comic and non-comic fans alike. His ultimate fate has been a little uncertain since his appearance in The Avengers, but now it seems we’ll be seeing more Agent Coulson.

Confirmed over the weekend by Joss and crew, Clark Gregg will reprise his role as Agent Coulson in the SHIELD television pilot. No word on whether or not he’ll be a regular cast member or if this is just a cameo. But seeing him back in action will be a real treat. The more I hear about this television series, the more excited I get. Which always worries me because I tend to get excited for shows that ultimately get shit canned. Here’s hoping SHIELD bucks that trend.

From: Bleeding Cool

The Un-Filmed Post Script to “The Angels Take Manhattan” Will Make You Water the Plants With Tears

Despite playing fast and loose with the permanence of time in a time travel series and a few other holes of plot, I really enjoyed crying while watching the Doctor Who mid-season finale, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” There were a few dangling threads at the end that could have been tied off, but the one that I really wanted to know more about was what happens to Brian, Rory’s dad.

Thanks to this storyboard from the BBC sent along by AZM Ally Smallwonder, we now know Brian’s end of the tale. If you haven’t caught up fully with Doctor Who, this will be spoily woily for you so don’t click play. If you have caught up, this will make you cry a little bit more. And if you’ve seen “Blink,” this will kind of remind you of that episode, but fuck it, it’s still really good.

Can’t wait for the Christmas special! I wonder if they’re going to tease us with these little tid bits from here until December.

Neon Brony Evangelion?

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) is looking for new fans and is targeting emo, rage-filled teens with daddy issues. That’s really the only explanation I can come up with for their new ad campaign which features narration from Kotono Mitsuishi who portrayed Misato in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Not being a Brony myself, I wonder how well an Eva Pony would stack up against the My Little Ponys. Would it demolish all of the magic that is friendship or do the Ponys have powers that can withstand an AT Field?

From: Anime News Network

Power Rangers Samurai Go to the Wub Wub Machine

Power Rangers Samurai gets a new season and to celebrate, they bust out some tasty moves in the wub wub machine. So that’s a thing. I guess.

Cartoon Network Celebrates 20 Years With an Amazing Tribute

This tribute short for 20 years of Cartoon Network goodness is absolutely phenomenal. It’s fun to see how all the characters interact with each other. It really feels like we’re seeing them hang out like actors off set.

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