“Come along Pond, please!” A Mid-Season Doctor Who Farewell

I. Fucking. Cried.

“The Angels Take Manhattan” was an amazing, bitter sweet farewell to the Ponds. It brought Amy’s companion arc to a satisfying, yet gut wrenching conclusion in so many perfect ways. The Weeping Angels were as creepy as ever bringing with them terror and heart break. But enough gushing, let’s get into it!

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Korra, Booty Bending

More fan animations from official animators! Kwang Il Han of Studio Mir threw together this pencil test of Korra dancing to Sistar’s “Ma Boy” which you can find here. Seems like it’s only a matter of time before one of these K-Pop stars asks Studio Mir to animate a music video for them.

Solomon Grundy No Fight Girls!

The Super Best Friends Forever return to face Solomon Grundy. So freaking adorable! I think this short is part of that DC Nation block that they play on Cartoon Network that also featured that Shanghai Batman thingy. It would be so amazing if they turned this into a full fledged series. Sometimes I feel the DC Universe could use a good sense of humor. Everything’s so stupid dark and depressing from them these days.

“Patience is for wimps!”

Though I thought “The Power of Three” was much better than “A Town Called Mercy,” this latest Doctor Who episode felt rushed. Lots of running around, lots of bits of plot thrown all around. As random as a lot of it seemed, it kind of worked somehow. This episode is really about the relationship between Amy, Rory, and the Doctor. Really, that’s what this entire season has been about thus far.

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“You’re both good men. You just forget it some times.”

“A Town Called Mercy” is one of the few episodes of Matt Smith’s run that I really didn’t care for. It felt a little jumbled to me, almost like they were trying to cram too much in. They also hit a few points directly on the head a little too much for my tastes. A bit of a miss for me. But still enjoyable. So let’s get to it.

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PSY Plus Ellen and Britney May be the Most Perfect TV Moment OF ALL TIME

Nope, not tired of it yet.

Remember, the key is to dress classy yet dance cheesey. I love Britney’s face when she sees PSY. Also, Simone saying that PSY’s brilliant is a gem. I only wish he got up there with Brit and Ellen. I also wish it was a longer segment and that Ellen and PSY led the entire audience out of the studio doing Gangnam style all over the place. Still, this is absolutely perfect!

“I’m Rory’s Queen.” Season 7’s Got a Case of Dinosaurs

Season 7 continues with “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.” It was a pretty silly, fun episode with a few hints of things and some portents of doom. As silly as it was, there was a touch of sadness that made it all feel like we’re heading to an ending of sorts. So, let’s get on with the spoily woily bits.

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