Super Hero Boobs

A little rambly, but here are some thoughts on the practicality of super hero boobs.

Here’s a link to our art show, http://deathstarartshow.tumblr.com/

Why I Like Miles Morales As Ultimate Spidey

Angry Zen Minion Greg suggested I rant a little more in my vlog, so here are my thoughts on why I kinda like the new Ultimate Spider-Man.

Jamie vs. Giant Chewy Nerds!

For those who want to experience diabetes, these Giant Chewy Nerd things will put you on the fast track. Seriously, this is more sugar than even I can handle. Normally, a bag of candy would be gone in a week around me. This thing has been in the apartment for a freaking month now. I’m sure you can find these bad boys in your favorite grocer’s candy of doom aisle.

Sculpting With the Cutie

Monster Cutie, Scultping with the Cutie

Over at Monster Cutie, I did a quick review of some sculpting materials I’m using for a few upcoming projects. You can also catch a sneak peak at a piece I’m working on for a custom toy show down in Florida that’s happening in February and my own toy that I’m working on. Hoping to do some resin casts of it and possibly selling a few if it goes well.

So if you’re interested in that sort of thing, head on over to Monster Cutie and check it out!

Jamie vs. Pepsi Throwback

I finally got my hands on Pepsi Throwback! Such a moron. But here it is, my first tasting.

Dippin’ Dots As Sprinkles on a Cupcake

One day as I was driving past the Pentagon City Maul, I had a food epiphany. What if you used Dippin’ Dots instead of sprinkles to top a cupcake? Would that not be the most ultimate desert? There is a Dippin’ Dots stand in the maul, but the nearest cupcake place is miles away. I ran home to tell Audrey of my brilliant idea and she just gave me one of those “I know I married you and all, but you’re really weird” looks. Little did I know, she saved my brilliant idea to spring upon me when I least expected it!

Audrey and her mom conspired to make my dream desert a reality. Yesterday, when we went over to visit for a Mother’s Day lunch, my mom-in-law sprung the surprise! And let me tell you, it’s as tasty as it sounds! The trick is getting the Dippin’ Dots to the cupcake before they melt. We had a cooler full of dry ice, but if you acquire the cupcake first and bring it to the to Dippin’ Dots stand, that should work just as well. I can think of no better treat for a stinking hot summer day!

Blowing Eggs is as Disgusting as it Sounds

Sooo… what did you do with your eggs Easter Sunday?

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