Monskey Series 2.5 and Giant Monskey Series 1 Video Review!

Been a while since I’ve done one of these, but here’s a quick toy review of the new Monskey Series 2.5 and Giant Monskey Series 1! You can buy them now from the Monskey store. The little guys go for $6 and the big guys go for $25. And you get a sneak peak at our custom Super Art Fight Monskey that we’ll have on sale at the show! They did an amazing job with Nick’s design.

And for all you artists out there, they have an open submission policy. You can download a template from the website and submit your designs for the next series. So get them crayons drawing!

[Via Monskey]

Armored Trans Kamen Rider Kiva and HCM Pro Gundam Deathscythe Review

Okay Winger fans! This week I got my hands on Bandai’s HCM Pro 1/220 scale Gundam Deathscythe! And there’s some Kiva action in there, too. As always you can purchase Deathscythe and Kiva from HobbyLink Japan.

Oh, I forgot to mention the action base for the Deathscythe. It’s a clear plastic platform with a clear plastic ramp that you can snap one foot into. With one foot stationary, it kind of looks like a ballerina of DOOM. Deathscythe is flexible enough to get some really dynamic running poses or swiping poses with the scythe. Very nice display piece.

Uploaded this one directly from iMovie 08 to YouTube. I’m not happy that iMovie 06 has features that 08 doesn’t, namely time remapping and some of the effects, but one-click uploading is quite nice. Although the ones I compress myself turn out fairly decently. I’ll keep mucking with things.

Thanks once again to HobbyLink Japan for the hook up. And be sure to check their latest podcast where Scott interviews Bandai’s Katsumi Kawaguchi about the MG Gundam ver. 2.0. Good god, I’m going to have to start building kits again!

Henshin Justice Unlimited Invades Anime Central 2008

Keith from Henshin Justice sent over this trailer for their coverage of this year’s Anime Central. This is great because my con going schedule has been severely curtailed due to lack of both vacation time and travel funds. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Justice League Unlimited’s adventures. Video casting FTW!

[Via Henshin Justice Unlimited]

Giant Art Robot Attack

[flv:http://www.angryzenmaster.com/video/techTest2.flv http://www.angryzenmaster.com/video/techTest2.jpg 420 315]

2nd tech test of Ustream. This one goes for about 27 minutes so feel free to fast forward. We will be able to stream live so that’s pretty awesome. And Ustream can record and stream at the same time. Doubly awesome. It can also convert to different video formats so I’ll grab that raw feed and edit it down to something manageable.

A few quirks. For some reason, Ustream won’t play the recorded show on the website so I downloaded the flv and loaded it up here. Video size is 320×240. Not bad for free streaming and live recording and the audio seems to be quite good.

As for the night of the show, we’ve had a bit of a change. Instead of being downstairs in the main area, we will be arting and broadcasting from the 2nd floor of the Ottobar. Slightly different than what we were expecting, but we are guaranteed internet streaming. We also have the run of the entire 2nd floor which could mean lots of awesome. We’ll still be giving away plenty of toys and robots and maybe a DVD or two. Still hashing out more details. I’ll keep you updated as we finalize things.

Be sure to bookmark my Ustream profile so you can check out the art action live, June 1st.

Sniffing Markers

Did a quick tech test of Ustream last night to see if we could use it to stream the carnage of Art Fight. Have to say, I’m fairly impressed with the results. All I had to do was plug in my camera, hit record, and the little web app recorded my impromptu sketching session. This is great for little quicky vids like this. Once you’re finished, you can send your recorded video to YouTube. I don’t know how it deals with videos longer than ten minutes yet. May have to run another test sometime tonight. But if we get permission from the Ottobar and the musicians performing, we could be streaming Art Fight live so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

I can’t imagine anyone sitting through me drawing or coloring an entire page, but apparently, Ustream is the webcartoonist’s new platform of choice. There are some nice encoding tools once you’ve recorded your show. It records your video as an flv, but you can request to have it dumped out as an mp4, mov, or wmv. You can then download the format of your choice and keep it on your machine to archive your show or upload to wherever. The help docs say you can upload to other sites like blip and such directly from the interface, but it wasn’t working for me last night. YouTube obviously worked like a charm, but the other services were unavailable (either I’m a moron which is more than likely, or this is something they’re trying to fix).

Overall, quite impressed. Very easy to just plug and play. Haven’t gone much further than that. At some point, I’ll want to figure out how to take video of my screen. Perfect solution if you don’t want to mess with editing and don’t care too much about high quality video.

Angry Toy Reviews – Movie Realization Kamen Riders and Super HCM Pro Zaku II

This week we have Masked Rider 1 and 2 from Kamen Rider: The Next and an amazingly detailed 1/144 Super HCM Pro version of Char's Zaku II. Big thanks to HobbyLink Japan for once again hooking us up.

I’ve also set up a YouTube channel for the vlog, Angry Zen Movies, so if you like you can subscribe and get the latest AZM video madness when I update.

Katsukon 2008 Parade of Stars

Finally got this all edited together. We get a sneak peak at what the webcomic guests are really like when they’re away from their tables and panels. It’s a frightening world of pain and sorrow.

I’d like to thank Applegeeks, Dead of Summer, Rockets Rock Out, Onezumi, Fragile Gravity, Paradox Lost, Steve Bennett, Quest to Nowhere, Staccato, Partially Clips, Erfworld, and The Fump for not punching me in the face when I pointed the camera at them. Although, now that this is out, they might do so when I see them again.

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