Angry Toy Reviews – Valkyries, Gundams, and Faiz, Oh My!

This week, we review the Chara-Works Vol. 2 Macross Valkyrie collection, the HCP Pro SP RX-79 ground type Gundam, and the S.I.C. Kamen Rider Faiz.

Later in the week I’ll be announcing yet another give-away contest so stay tuned.

Special thanks to HobbyLink Japan!

Confessions of a Mac User

Finally got this edited together for the site. Witness my powers of utter fail as I attempt to assemble my new PC!

Katsu Kwickie

Managed to survive the Katsu with all my brain meats in tact and a few more ideas for future art projects that MUST BE DONE (including a few I’m going to work on as soon as I post this)! I shot some fairly amusing video of some of the webtoonist guests that I’ll try my best to post sometime later this week. It should more than convince you all that webtoonists are absolutely batshit insane. Also got some footage of the Iron Artist competition and the charity auction that sold our pieces to benefit cancer research.

I’ll leave you now with a short vid the lads of Dead of Summer and I shot while preparing to battle each other in Iron Artist competition. Nick’s team won by one point, but a good time was had by all. I hope we get to compete again next year.


My friend Mason Booker of May-Sun Productions entered into a short film competition and asked for some help on his submission. He needed a Yakuza boss and he wondered if I’d be interested. Sure. Why not! Okay, so it’s a fairly stereotypical role, I admit, but who doesn’t want to be a Yakuza boss! We shot for two days on location in Baltimore. Long ass days, but I had a lot of fun on set. The short, “Slice,” won an award for its lighting.

It’s a story about a boy, a girl, and the pizza that changed their lives forever! DUHN DUHN DUUUUUHNNN!

[Via May-Sun Productions]

Angry Toy Reviews – Kamen Rider Kubrick and HCM Pro Hi-Nu Gundam

This is pretty exciting! Got a new format for the vlog complete with intro and outro. HobbyLink Japan sent over a couple of toys for me to review, the Souchaku Henshin x Kubrick gashapon trading figures and the HCM Pro Hi-Nu Gundam. You can purchase them directly from HLJ:

Next Wednesday, I’ll be making an announcement for our first Angry Zen Master giveaway contest where you can win the full set of Souchaku Henshin x Kubrick Kamen Rider gasphapon trading figures!

CORRECTIONS: It’s HobbyLink Japan with no space between the Hobby and Link. I’ll correct that on the video when I get back home. Also, the Kamen Rider Kubricks are trading figures, not gashapon as I said on the review. Gashapon come in capsules. Trading figures come in blind boxes.

Lions and Tigers and Pandas, Oh My!

A friend of my mom’s who works at the National Zoo gave us a behind-the-scenes tour early last Sunday. I brought along a camera to capture some animals doing really cute things. The pandas are just as cute up close as they are from far away.

The panda trainer ran out of panda treats and the young one, Tai Shan, let out a cute whimpering sound. Here’s that clip by itself so you can hear a panda cry.

AZM Intro Pencil Test

A very rough pencil test of the AZM Vlog intro all painfully drawn and animated by your’s truly. Click on the image for the vid.

[flv:/video/azmTitleTest1.flv /video/azmTitlePoster1.jpg 480 360]

Hibiki or I guess Todoroki rocking out is close to finished. Ultraman has some lineart that I can deal with. The others are quite rough. I think I’m going to have Godzilla munching on a train. The last scene will be Sho Nuff yelling “MASTAH!!” I want to try to have this close to finished fairly soon to coincide with something really cool that might be happening on the vlog, but I’ll have to keep it hush hush for now. After this is done, on to Monster Cutie which will be 30 seconds of animation hell!

Oh, I used Flash for the animation. It’s all key framed by hand. No tweens or objects save for the background behind Todoroki. All the characters will be hand keyed (hand animated). I’ll probably fudge the backgrounds with tweens and patterns and other happy stuff. Enjoy!

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