Jami and Audrey Meet New York

Short report about our weekend trip up to New York. Forgot to mention just how freaking cold it was and how madly insane Times Square was this weekend. It’s a wonder the shoppers there don’t boost the economy all by themselves! New York has been added to a list of other cities for us to live. Dammed expensive, but we can always dream.

Minorities in Comics

It’s the new millennium and still minorities are under and misrepresented in comics. Time for a rant!

Angry Zen Master Theme Song

I want to do an animated intro to the vlog so I’ve come up with an Angry Zen Master theme song. I’ll probably re-record it for real some time in the far future, but for now, this will serve my needs. Feel free to download and share and do parodies or hell, animate your own intro if you like. Just don’t charge moneys.

And now, I present the Angry Zen Master theme song! And yes, I know “go” means five.

Direct link: AZMTheme.mp3

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Frozen Space Ice Cream

Space ice cream is a dismall treat. It’s chalky and full of yuck. But if it were cold, would it taste more like regular ice cream? Let’s find out!

Also, picked up some new equipment to make these a little better. Next on the to do list, an actual intro for this silly show!

Singing With Spider-Man

Spidey could be singing on Broadway, MI6 wants to diversify its recruits, and I get some sexay photos.

Comics on the Crapper

My rant was inspired by this blog post over at Newsarama’s Blog. But first, let’s enjoy Jet Li kick some epic martial arts ass!

Correction: Apparently, Marvel and DC sent assy “shut down or we’ll shut you down” threats instead of less assy “please take our stuff down” letters. Thanks to scrantinax for the correction.

Update: Marvel has complied with Z-Cult’s policies and sent them a new letter asking Z-Cult to stop serving Marvel comics. Z-Cult has complied. No letter from DC yet. Thanks again to scrnatinax for the follow up!

Jelly Babies Redux

Could there be a practical reason for a Time Lord to carry a pocket full of tasty Jelly Babies while fighting Daleks and Cybermen? Let’s find out!

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