Fishing License?

That’s all for this week! This vlogging is kinda fun. Gonna see what else I can mess with when I get back from vacation. Hope you all had a great and stuffed Turkey Day!


Wouldn’t you know it? I found more vinyl toys to obsess over. I haven’t heard much about Monskey yet, but it looks like they have an open submission policy. Time to get them digital crayons cracking. The three I picked up are so damn cute!

Haro Collection Gashapon

I picked up some really fun Haro Collection Gashapon at Sun Entertainment in Chinatown. I had to resist buying more stuff. San Francisco, why must you tempt me so! Oh, and Audrey stops by to say “Hi.”

Live Long and Make Sequels

Sarek is cast and there might be more Riddick on the way. And David “Torso Boy” Reimer sends me some sexy movie photos! It’s all in the vlog. Vlog free or die hard! LOLZ!

If I can figure out how to speak properly, I might do more of these.

[Via StarTrek.com and DavidTwohy.com]

Jami vs. Pomelo

This time I get down and dirty with my very first pomelo! I think I got a not so ripe one. Is there an easy way to tell when they’re ripe? Do they get deeper green or something?

Jami vs. Jelly Babies

I never knew that Jelly Babies were really real until tonight. Tasty treats and they also gave me an opportunity to mess around a bit with Brightcove.

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