Gatchaman Revival

It looks like Tori Matsuzaka’s time as Shinken Red has prepared him to defend the Earth as the leader of Space Ninja Team Gatchaman.  Man, this looks amazing!  The suits are a very sleek and stylized update of the anime version.  And the helmets give you a nice look at their beautiful faces as they kick the shit out of Galactor.

We’ll just ignore for now the moe pervy-chan anime update of Gatchaman and pretend that the live action is the only remake out there.

Kamen Teacher Will Teach the Shit Out of You!

This is exactly like Dangerous Minds except instead of Michelle Pfeiffer being all inspirational with a Koolio jam in the background, we have Gouta Araki beating some learning into some troubled students.  Fuck detention.  If you don’t pay attention in class, Kamen Teacher will punch some math into your brain!

Man, if they offered Masked Teaching as a major in college, I’d be teaching the shit out of people right now.

From: Henshin Justice

Self Freezing Coke

I’ve seen the videos of the coke machines in Hong Kong that sell self freezing Coke and I’ve seen videos of the same trick with beer.  This video teaches you how to do it yourself!

Now I’ve tried this trick and it didn’t quite work for me.  The Coke ended up icing up in the freezer before I took it out so I didn’t get to see the instant freeze stuff.  But I did end up with a nice, ice cold glass of Coke.  I suspect I didn’t shake it up enough initially to build up the pressure.  It’s likely I’ll try this again and again until I get it right because I want me a Coke slushy.

XBOX 180

Xbox_Consle_Sensr_controllr_F_TransBG_RGB_2013When a company does wrong, we take to the internet to eviscerate it.  When a company responds and tries to unfuck itself, it’s only fair to give praise.

In a response to the increasingly negative feedback from the gaming community, Microsoft announced that it’s changing two of its most asinine Xbox One policies, you don’t have to have a persistent internet connection to play offline and you can share and resell games however you like.  You will need to connect the first time you play your game and your disk will need to stay in the console.  But this is still pretty good news.

The question is, is this policy shift enough to stem the flood of gamers abandoning the One in favor of the PS4.  Microsoft has clearly shown where they want to take gaming, an environment tailored to the publishers rather than the gamers, where you are purchasing a license to play and not an actual game, where they dictate your gaming experience.  I fear that even though these policies have been reversed for launch, there’s a good chance that Microsoft will try to change them back little by little.

I don’t like their vision of what gaming should be.  And I just don’t trust them to keep gamers first.

Form 1, High Resolution Desktop 3D Printing

This Techrunch review of the Form 1 from Formlabs is soooo drool worthy! I’ve been eyeing desktop 3D printers for a while now and the Form 1 looks like it’s the one for me. I love the fact that it uses freaking lasers to do the printing instead of those plastic spools like the Makerbot. I never liked the layered look of pieces that come out of a Makerbot which makes the Form 1 even that much more appealing.

Of course, the price tag is a bit too much for me right now.  Clocking in at $3,299, the Form 1 is a pretty substantial investment.  If I had a library of models ready to go and print, it might make sense.  But I think I’ll spend some time building a line of things and then see where I’m at.  Who knows, by then, the Form 1 might be old news.  The desktop 3D printing scene is pretty damn exciting and I think the Form 1 is pushing things even further.

Jay Z Returns July 4

Normally when a commercial pops up on a YouTube video, I hover over that skip button and click it as soon as those first five seconds are up.  But last night, this video for Jay Z’s upcoming “Magna Carta Holy Grail” popped up on eight of the videos I wanted to watch and I sat through all three minutes of it eight times.  That thing guitar part layered with those piano chords leading into the drop that blows out a speaker? That’s fucking Hip Hop!  And I can’t wait to hear the whole damn thing.

We’ve also got Timbaland and Pharrell lurking around in the studio, so you know the production on this thing is gonna be thick with crazy instrumentation and strange beats that all just fit together.  Honestly, I’d like to see a feature length film of Timbaland and Pharrell just dicking about in the studio creating magic.

Never expected to write so much about music, but this is shaping up to be an awesome summer!


Soooooooo I don’t remember Legolas being The Hobbit.  I’m guessing that his appearance is part of the whole Silmarillion stuff that I never read.  It’s weird because he looks a bit older.  Also, something about the colors in the thing seem really saturated and bright. It could be something to do with the conversion from 60fps to 24fps or some shit.  I don’t know, the shit looks weird.

But who cares! THERE’S A BIG FUCKING SHERLOCK SINGH DRAGON STALKING WATSON BAGGINS!!!!!!!!  And I’m fucking there!!  I can’t wait to see this in the theater, although I will be avoiding high frame rate like the plague.

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