Forging He-Man’s Sword of Power

WOW! I never thought I’d see him tackle this one! It looks so much better than the Dolph Lundgren version. I’ve always loved the silhouette of the Power Sword and I think Tony does an amazing job of capturing it. To me, it’s one of the most iconic weapons of all cartoons.

I still wish these episodes were longer. Amazing work.

So, what nerd weapon would you like to see Tony tackle next?

Decision Time, the New 13inch HD Cintiq or the Mysterious Wacom Tablet Computer?

I don’t do as much straight up digital work as I used to. My process now usually involves pencil, ink, ink wash, and paper with a few digital touch ups here and there. Even when I do full color work, most of the time I’m working on line art that I’ve done on some form of dead tree. However, there are times when it’s just faster to do everything on the computer and for that, I turn to my trusty baby Cintiq, the 12WX.

My upgrade cycle is weird.  For years, I tooled around with an Intuos 2, long after they discontinued the model, long after they abandoned the drivers.  So when I upgraded my tablet situation, I went for the most Cintiq I could afford at the time.  After years of practice, working with a regular tablet is no longer an issue.  But drawing directly on the screen is a much more intuitive experience.  And with all the function buttons on the tablet side panels, I almost never have to have my non-drawing hand on the keyboard.

When Wacom announced the Cintiq 24HD Touch, my art boner nearly ripped my pants.  The screen now has touch capability meaning you can use your grubby hands to move, zoom in, or turn your page.  That functionality is built in to some of the Intuos and Bamboo tablets, but being able to do that on the actual screen is totally drool worthy.  Fuck. Yes.

So now we get to the Cintiq 13HD.  Certainly, it’s a gorgeous piece of kit.  The slim design, the larger drawing area, the sleek pen case, the three-in-one cable, it’s all beautiful.  But there are a few things missing.  Gone are the touch strips on either side of the tablet.  There are also fewer buttons than on my 12WX.  This means you get fewer tools accessed directly from the tablet which means at some point, you’re going to have to have one hand on that damn keyboard.  There’s also no touch.

If you don’t already own a Cintiq, even with some of those missing bits, this is certainly the best value for your money.  And if you want the added features of the 12WX, I’m sure they’re going to be on sale now.  But, there may be a reason for you to wait.  Over on their facebook page, Wacom hints at a new tablet device they are working on that will have actual pressure sensitivity.  They’re going to announce something this summer.

Could this be the device of legend that I’ve been feening for ever since Microsoft’s original tablet PC line?!  For years, I’ve wanted a tablet device that was as responsive as a Cintiq and small enough to take with me on the go.  And I always imagined such a thing was a pipe dream and that my wallet was safe.  Depending on what Wacom announces in the summer, there may be a giant hole in my wallet yet to come.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Kick-Ass 2, or As I Like to Call It, Hit-Girl

“Henceforth I will be known as the Mother Fucker!”

In my mind, Chloë Grace Moretz was the real star of Kick-Ass. Hit-Girl was an absolute delight and is really the only reason I’m excited to see this one. While I think Aaron Taylor-Johnson does a good job of playing the comic nerd/turned ass kicker quite well, Moretz dominated every scene she was in. Even this trailer spends more time with her than the titular character. Kick-Ass 2 should really be called Hit-Girl.

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

You’ve probably seen the “Keep Calm and Carry On” or parodies of the poster everywhere from t-shirts to post cards.  This is the story behind the iconic image.  What’s amazing to me is that as ubiquitous as it is these days, it never saw the light of day in the period for which it was created.

For all your official Keep Calm needs, be sure to visit the Barter Books website.  And if you’re in the UK, be sure to stop by the shop.  It looks like an absolutely amazing book store!

How to Make a Pair of Sai

Blacksmith Tony Swatton forges a pair of Raphael’s sai from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Watching him work is absolutely mesmerizing.  I kind of wish this was a longer series that I could spend hours with.

I’m not gonna get all weapons hipster on this shit and whine about the impracticality of bladed sai because 1) this is just fucking cool and 2) the guy at the end demonstrates proper usage of the weapon proving that bladed sai are just as awesome as regular sai.  Man, I’d love to see him make He-Man’s sword.

Check out the AweMe channel for more episodes of Man At Arms including one where Tony makes Finn’s Golden Sword from Adventure Time.

After Earth Welcomes Us to the Jungle

This new trailer for After Earth gives us more insight into the characters that the Smith men play in M Night Shyamalan’s latest film. I am pretty much done with M Night, but I must admit that I like me a post apocalyptic sci fi forest romp.  The line that keeps me laughing is the whole “Everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans.”  Uh, the humans left 1000 years ago.  I think they’ve evolved to kill pretty much everything, unless, of course, some humans got left behind.  So the question is, if there were humans left, did they also evolve?  I don’t know if 1000 years is enough time for significant evolutionary changes.

I like Jaden’s little pole, blade, extendy weapon thing.  And his survival suit seems well equipped to deal with the harsh environment.  Also, there’s a nice little climbing scene in the beginning which I can’t help but be fond of.  So who knows, this could be a fun movie.  I just hope it doesn’t get wrapped up in some stupid twist for twist’s sake.

Google Glass Could Kill Your Love Life

Though this sketch presents a humorous take on dating with Google Glass, I kind of feel like this is pretty accurate if the technology becomes as widespread as smart phones. Already, I have friends who bury their faces in their smart phones when we’re hanging out.  It’s actually quite annoying.  If I’m that fucking boring, why do you bother hanging out with me in the first fucking place?  And as much as I hate it, I’m totally guilty of doing the same damn thing.

Google Glass makes digital distraction so much more seamless.  It’ll be more difficult to tell whether or not your friends are really hanging out with you or surfing the net while you’re pontificating about the finer points of Kamen Rider Kuuga’s Ultimate Rising form.

Although, your friends will probably tune out anyway if you spend your time talking about Ultimate Rising form.  Hmm… maybe that’s why they always bury their face in their phone when they hang out with me.

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