Here’s Six Minutes of Asuka Langley Being Terrifyingly Awesome

Okay, goddamn Evangelion 3.0, you fucking win! After seeing this six minutes of footage from wherever it happens in the movie, I’ve got to go back and watch the other two in anticipation of this craziness. I didn’t think that there was anything Eva could do that could possibly win me back and then this happened and my brain exploded. If you click on the CC link the video player, you can activate English or Spanish subs. Not sure how long this will last on the YouTubes, but it’s done its job at least for me. So help me, I actually want to see this damn thing now!

At Least These Red Dawn Reactions Aren’t Using Racial Slurs

What’s surprising about these reaction tweets to the new Red Dawn film in which the North Koreans invade Detroit is that there are no slurs. Not a “gook” or “chink” among them.

That “gook” has fallen out of the modern racist’s vocabulary and that they properly identify the enemy as North Koreans and not just any “chink” looking “oriental.” So, uh, win? I guess?


The folks over at You Offend Me You Offend My Family have a good take on the phenomenon and the Race Benders have actually seen the movie.

I wonder how many of these same people were rocking “Gangnam Style” last week.

I Wear Top Hats Now. Top Hats Are Cool.

It’s Cyberman Monday so it’s time to dump a shit load of Doctor Who news!!!

First up, we’ve got a startling prequel to the Christmas Special. We get a little glimpse of how awesome a Vastra, Jenny, and Strax mini series could be.

Goddamn minisodes with their four minutes and heart breaking twist endings!!!

Next, we get a proper trailer for the Christmas Special, “The Snowmen.”

Does Steven Moffat read Calvin and Hobbes or does he just love scaring the shit out of children?

Finally, my good friend Kelsey, who I am convinced will one day rule the art world with an iron fist, is starting something she calls the Gallifreycrumb Tinies. It’s her take on Edward Gorey’s classic Gashlycrumb Tinies, a rhyming alphabet book in which the grisly tale of a child’s death is recounted for every letter of the alphabet. Kelsey’s version is full of Doctor Who goodness. And who better to die first than stinky Adric, one of the worst and most annoying companions ever to step foot into the TARDIS. Enjoy your Cyberman Monday!

On the Whole “Nerd Girl” Thing

I’m pretty dismayed that in the new damn millennium, the term “NERD” is gendered. Nerd. Geek. Gamer. Otaku. If you’ve attended a comic con or anime con or gaming con any time in the past ten years, it’s empirically observable that these terms apply to people of all genders. Yet there are those in the new damn millennium who feel that these terms are reserved for men. SMBC Theater has a sketch that accurately portrays this nerd-shaming phenomenon.

Sadly, this satirical sketch isn’t too far from the truth. Two recent incidents in the comics nerdosphere highlight the so-called “Nerd Girl Thing.” Comics web journalist Dirk Manning shared a meme on his facebook page that says “Dear girls who take pictures in slutty clothes & glasses & label the caption ‘nerd lol’ You’re not a nerd; you’re a whore who found glasses.” Dirk clarifies that he didn’t intend to call anyone a whore. He agreed with the sentiment and he objected to women objectifying themselves to pander “to what they see as the lowest common denominator of the social hierarchy (‘nerds’) in desperate bids for attention.” Ugh, it hurts to even copy and paste that.

In a similar vein, comic artist Tony Harris called out cosplayers who dress up for attention from nerds but don’t know a thing about the characters they are portraying. His facebook post is pretty long and pretty angry.

Checking my “Give a Shit” stat.

Oh… I don’t give a shit!

From time immemorial, nerds have been the social outcasts of the playground. Long taunted by jocks, cheerleaders, and even the band kids, nerds have been shunned by almost every strata of the pre-college hierarchy. We know what it feels like to be bullied, to be picked on, to be shamed. And now that nerdom is becoming mainstream and attracting non-outcasts, now we turn around and do the same?

Grow. The fuck. Up.

I don’t understand why you would want to keep awesome things to yourself. Awesome, nerdy things must be shared if we want more awesome nerdy things. We wouldn’t have awesome comic book movies if non-nerds didn’t buy tickets.

To me, beyond comics or toys or Kamen Rider, at its core Nerdom is about acceptance. Accepting who you are and not measuring or judging yourself by other’s so called standards is the very essence of Nerdom. And in turn, accepting others for who they are or choose to be is all a part of that. Why do you give a shit if a girl where’s a costume because she thinks its awesome yet has no idea who the character is? At least she’s comfortable enough with herself to go out in the world dressed in something fucking rad. That’s nerd to me.

To anyone who’s ever been accused of being a poseur by a butthurt nerd, you can hang out with the rest of us. Those dudes think their lawn is shrinking. The rest of us recognize that nerdom grows stronger with more of us so come on in and join the party!

Just Like a Proper Tokusatsu Hero, New Robocop Gets an Upgrade

This set photo is fairly awful and blurry, but we may be looking at an upgraded Robocop that will appear in the remake. Kind of looks like a more humanized Cylon. One of my chief complaints of the new suit is that it’s black on black, a color scheme that doesn’t really look too impressive in the set photos. This battlized Robo is all chromed out which kind of makes it look like painted plastic. Still, until we see Robo in motion doing things, it’s going to be hard to really judge the success of the suit or its chromed out upgrade.

From: Bleeding Cool

Put a Little Zeon in Your Pants

I can think of no better way to express your Zeon pride than to wear it on your ass. These jeans from Japanese cosplay comapany Cospa celebrate Zeon’s MS-06 Zaku Arsenal in Granada. Arse? I see what they did there. You can pre-order these jeans from now until the end of December and they’ll be released sometime in February 2013. And if you make the mistake of clicking to see all their other Gundam themed apparel, say goodbye to all your money. I mean, just check out the freaking Char hoodie!!!

Aaninka Goes Gangnam Style

There are countless dance covers of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” from flash mobs to people doing shot-for-shot remakes of the video. I see a whole mess of them because I love this song so much but I try to only post ones that truly take it to the next level. And I really think that the Aaninka dance troupe from Cote D’Ivoire makes Gangnam Style their own.

Nope! Still not tired of it!!

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