Kamen Rider Detriot?

I can’t tell if this movie is purposely trolling us Kamen Rider fans or if this is just some silly coincidence, but here’s the new Robocop on his shiny new motorcycle. He kind of looks like a slimmed down Riotrooper. When the trailer comes out, it will be very tempting to replace the audio with the Kamen Rider theme “Let’s Go, Rider Kick” and pretend that’s the official trailer.

From: Bleeding Cool

The Son of Coul Returns to the Small Screen

One of the true break out stars from all of the Marvel studios movies is Clark Gregg who portrays Agent Coulson in pretty much all of the Marvel movies. Though he was a character invented for the movies, he’s gained a huge fan base of comic and non-comic fans alike. His ultimate fate has been a little uncertain since his appearance in The Avengers, but now it seems we’ll be seeing more Agent Coulson.

Confirmed over the weekend by Joss and crew, Clark Gregg will reprise his role as Agent Coulson in the SHIELD television pilot. No word on whether or not he’ll be a regular cast member or if this is just a cameo. But seeing him back in action will be a real treat. The more I hear about this television series, the more excited I get. Which always worries me because I tend to get excited for shows that ultimately get shit canned. Here’s hoping SHIELD bucks that trend.

From: Bleeding Cool

The Un-Filmed Post Script to “The Angels Take Manhattan” Will Make You Water the Plants With Tears

Despite playing fast and loose with the permanence of time in a time travel series and a few other holes of plot, I really enjoyed crying while watching the Doctor Who mid-season finale, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” There were a few dangling threads at the end that could have been tied off, but the one that I really wanted to know more about was what happens to Brian, Rory’s dad.

Thanks to this storyboard from the BBC sent along by AZM Ally Smallwonder, we now know Brian’s end of the tale. If you haven’t caught up fully with Doctor Who, this will be spoily woily for you so don’t click play. If you have caught up, this will make you cry a little bit more. And if you’ve seen “Blink,” this will kind of remind you of that episode, but fuck it, it’s still really good.

Can’t wait for the Christmas special! I wonder if they’re going to tease us with these little tid bits from here until December.

Certified Might — Shin

Name and/or Alias: Shin

Location: Colorado.

Occupation: Personal Trainer.

Website/blog: http://www.facebook.com/heroworksfitness

Top five favorite movies: Better Off Dead, Dredd, Johnny Dangerously, The Fifth Element, Mallrats.

Worst movie you’ve ever seen, ever: The Slaughter.

Best shitty movie you’ve ever seen: Lockdown

If you were forced to make a remake of a classic film or 80’s property, what would you pick? I could go for another Critters movie.

Where do you prefer to watch your movies, IMAX, theater, computer, television, or iPod? Computer.

Favorite movie moment: I would have to say Bruce Banner looking back at Captain America and saying very flatly “That’s my secret, Captain, I’m always angry.” And stopping the Chitauri whale ship with his bare hands.

Top five favorite comics/webcomics: Deadpool, The Maxx, Red Robin, Uncanny X-Force, Thunderbolts.

Comic/webcomic you’d like to see as a movie: The Maxx with Ron Perlman as Maxx, Willem Dafoe as Mr. Gone and Emma Stone as Julie Winters.

Favorite artist: Sam Keith

Favorite writer: H.P. Lovecraft

What’s worse, Clone Saga or One More Day? I honestly like Scarlet Spider and One More Day was the worst thing ever so we’ll go with that.

Floppies, trade paper backs, digital downloads, or webcomics? Trade paper backs.

Favorite comic moment: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe where he kills all of the X-Men in front of Professor X and proceeds to egg him on to try and telepathically shut his mind off and we find out that Deadpool is actually sane because he’s aware of being a comic book character and wants to kill everyone so they don’t midnlessly play the roles written for them by the writers.

Mac or PC? PC

Henshin device: My mighty Deadpool belt buckle!

Battle cry: SHUT UP, CRIME!

Mighty finisher: A mighty kick to the balls that ends in blood and juices.

How did you discover the Angry Zen Master? Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaars ago.

Would you like to be “Certified Mighty?” Check out the profile questions and shoot me an email.

New Robo is Ready for His Closeup

Here’s a nice clear view of the new Robocop suit. Like I said, these armors always look different when they’re in motion. And properly filmed. And color graded. And all that. So any opinions I might for based on these photos will probably change once I see it in action.

Now that we get this closer look and see all the paneling and armor and such, the only thing that really bugs me is the all black color scheme. It really makes the red visor pop which is kind of cool. Maybe if some of the panels had a different finish to them it wouldn’t seem so generic. There could be sections that are matte finish contrasted with a high, mirror-finished gloss. Or maybe some piping and carbon fiber, something to break up the blackness.

Still, I like the shapes and forms so I don’t instantly hate it. He looks more like a ninja to me than a cop, but who’s to say what a future cop will really look like. And honestly, seeing some giant all-black cyborg with a glowing red visor walk down the street with a giant gun in hand would scare the fuck out of any criminal.

Kamen Rider Fourze’s JK Sings in the Macross Musical

Whenever I hear of Broadway turning a cartoon into a musical, I always raise an eyebrow. Sure, The Lion King musical has won all sorts of awards for its unique costuming and masterful interpretation of the source material. But when things like Shrek get Broadwayed, I cannot mask my patent-pending “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK” face. It is this exact same face that I wear right now as I type the following:

There is a Macross musical. Here is the preview.

I don’t recognize any of the songs (“Do You Remember Love” anyone? Now granted, my Macross fandom isn’t as strong as my Gundam so I might be missing some things here). I also don’t see any Veritechs. So I kind of question what this has to do with Macross. It does feature JK from Kamen Rider Fourze with some kind of weird scarring on his neck. That’s kind of cool. Didn’t know he could sing. Buuuuuut… I guess this is for really big fans of Macross. Kind of wish there were dancers dressed as Veritechs running around.

Neon Brony Evangelion?

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) is looking for new fans and is targeting emo, rage-filled teens with daddy issues. That’s really the only explanation I can come up with for their new ad campaign which features narration from Kotono Mitsuishi who portrayed Misato in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Not being a Brony myself, I wonder how well an Eva Pony would stack up against the My Little Ponys. Would it demolish all of the magic that is friendship or do the Ponys have powers that can withstand an AT Field?

From: Anime News Network

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