Garmin’s Champion

Champion The annual Super Bowl party is the one time every year where I do two things that I normally abhor: celebrate any sort of tradition and watch football. I don’t normally watch football because I never cared much enough for any team of which I was never a part and I don’t celebrate things because I tend to believe that every day is a freaking miracle. The Super Bowl is my one exception because my friend hosts a great part complete with his homemade chili and various salsas he’s collected through his travels.

Part of the annual ritual includes actually sitting through and watching the commercials. The Super Bowl is the one time each year where sponsors attempt to actually entertain us with their spots so that we might actually remember who paid all that money for that commercial. These commercials become of the stuff of water-cooler legend with the best ones burned into our collective pop culture history.

Though the first quarter of this year’s Super Bowl was actually pretty exciting football wise, the commercials left a lot to be desired. And as the Chicago Bears forgot how to hold on to the actual football, the sponsors seemed to forget that they were supposed to entertain us.

In fact, the only commercial I gave two shits about was the Garmin Champion. For its spot, Garmin, a company that makes a GPS for your auto, created a Champion to battle a giant Map Kaiju. A hapless man sits in his car trying to read a map which grows beyond his control into a giant Map Kaiju. Another man, wearing a henshin belt with the Garmin GPS as the buckle, henshins into Champion form and defeats the Map Kaiju in glorious old-school toku battle. As a great lover of all things henshin and Ultraman, I messed my pants!

Thanks to the glory of YouTube, here’s the spot. I’d also like to give thanks to Garmin for making up for all the shitty CBS and car ads. I hope you sell massive shitloads of your GPS.

Kid With The Golden Arm

Since Kung Fu Masterpiece Theater was always on Sunday mornings, I’m going to try to do these on Sunday mornings. Kid With the Golden Arm is another Shaw Brothers classic and features the coldest interaction between a man and a woman since Episode II. I love the way the Shaws filmed fight scenes. Nice long full body shots so you can see all the action, none of this quick cutting that’s so familiar to American action films. The end of the fight is fucking harsh. Enjoy!

Bridezilla Unveiled

You’ve no doubt seen this by now:

The timing of this video was just perfect. I’m getting married in May and the save-the-date cards I created feature Audrey as Bridezilla rampaging accross Tokyo.


My parent’s and Audrey’s parents have had a great time with this video laughing our asses off and teasing Audrey whenever she brings up wedding planning. Well, it turns out that the video was staged.

I’m somewhat disappointed. For some reason, the thought that there are psychotic brides out in the wilderness prone to loose their shit over something as trivial as a bad hair day (well, trivial in my view) amuses me most greatly. Still, I’m impressed. Thanks to the viral nature of YouTube, these four ladies are now familiar faces to millions of viewers, a great way to jump-start an acting career. I actually prefer this kind of entertainment to regular broadcast. It’s shorter, no commercials, no sponsors, no annoying judges, no shit theme music. Short, quick, to the point, and ball busting funny!

Top Five Kabuto Moments

Igadevil gives his thoughts on the highs and lows of Kamen Rider Kabuto as well as some exclusive interviews with some of the show’s stars. I agree with a lot of what he has to say so I’ll just drop my top five favorite Kabuto moments!

5. Faiz Reference
Somehow, Daisuke ends up in the women’s bathroom while talking to Gon when a random woman walks in to use the facilities. She sees Daisuke and calls the police. She must be Takumi’s girlfriend because she’s using his phone!

4. Kick Hopper
Yaguruma’s re-introduction as Kick Hopper is one of the best introductions of a toku character ever! Bad ass!

3. Dark Kabuto
Just when I thought there couldn’t be any more twists or any more riders, enter Dark Kabuto. I nearly shit myself when I saw this episode!

2. The Ballad of Tsurugi
One of the most successful story lines throughout the series was Tsurugi’s coming of age. He really grew on me. Things are looking up for Tsurugi. Misaki is starting to show some interest. He’s kicking some major ass a Sasword. And then… Nogi comes in a fucks everything up. Heart wrenching.

1. Triple Rider Kick
I love Rider Kick! I love Gattack, Kick Hopper, and Kabuto! All three kicking the shit out of Nogi is like porn for me!

I’m sad to see Kabuto end. It was a great ride and a decent capstone to 35 years of Rider Kick. I’m looking forward to what Den-O has to offer.

AZM Sketchbook

Interested in some Jami art? A friend of mine has opened her own publishing company and the very first item for sale is my sketchbook from last year. If you pick one up and find me at a con, I’ll sketch you something nice on the back or on the inside or on you or where ever! They’re about 8.5 by 5.5, 30pages for $10.00. So head on over to Diginin Publishing and comit random acts of commmerce!

DDR Fights Fatties

Make fun of West Virginia all you want to, but they care about their kids. West Virginia reportedly has some of the highest rates of child obesity in the United States. To combat the rise of the little fatties, they’ve called on Konami’s “Dance Dance Revolution.” The state plans to put a machine in every public school and form after-school DDR clubs for dancing the pounds away.

That almost makes me want to move to West Virginia when I have kids. Almost. I have to say, this is a great idea. I’m sure that once the program gets implemented, they’ll meet with tremendous success. I hope other states follow suit. Hell, this would be a good idea at the office. I know I could use the exercise and I’m pretty sure a lot of people in the corporate workplace could use a little dancing to blow off some steam. Hmm… I think I have a quarterly initiatve for myself!

Ultra Plushies!


Ultra Plushies

Japanese toy company Megahouse is releasing a series of Ultraman plushies! That’s pretty much all I can figure out from the site since I don’t read or speak japanese. But they’re soooo cute!

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