Piranha 3 Double Ds! See What They Did There?

AZM Ally Kenny sent along this is the trailer for the sequel to Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD. If the title is too subtle for you, the trailer does a great job of letting you know that this movie stars ALL THE BOOBS!

Alright, so it’s pretty hard to argue against something that features Ving Rhames with GUN LEGS! But I will be a sad panda if this movie does well at the box office. Sure, there’s certainly a time and place for campy dumb fun. I have a long list of shitty movies that will instantly subject my friends to should the chance arise. But this idiotic thing should be direct-to-DVD to make room for–ah, who am I kidding. There’s shit all in the theaters now. And you know what, that piranha dropping out of the faucet with the chick in the bathtub is still a better love story than Twilight. So fuck it! See mega boobies in 3DD with bitey fishies! It’ll be family fun for everyone!

Delta Plus Journeys Through the Decade

Gunpla modeler Aristo300 has combined two of my favorite things with his/her latest build, a Delta Plus colored up like Kamen Rider Decade. I can just imagine Tsukasa showing up in G Gundam World to challenge Domon to a duel.

I like the Delta Plus on its own, but it seems like it would make a good platform for other Rider mods. I’d love to see a Kamen Rider W Delta Plus. And the Geara Zulu would make an awesome Shocker Trooper! Hmmm… I may have to get me a couple kits. Time to make the ultimate Kamen Rider Gundam crossover!

From: Gundam Guy

The Best Example of How NOT to Respond to Racism

This is K-pop song writer Jenny Hyun. You might think that she looks ready for a fun night on the town.


She’s getting read to unleash a can of racism on motherfuckers!

AZM Ally Kensei Dave sent along this tragic tale of the dangers of tweeting while racist.

Jeremy Lin has been getting quite a lot of good press lately. But not everyone is impressed. Boxer Floyd Mayweather expressed his feelings of meh with a short tweet:

Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.

Now, when I think of important social commentary on issues of race and diversity, Floyd Mayweather is one of the last people I’d turn to. He hits people for a living. You think he has the mental capacity to formulate a cogent argument when analyzing the media treatment of an Asian American athlete? Honestly, who takes this guy seriously?

Apparently, Jenny does.

Break out the popcorn, folks, this is the story that just keeps on giving.

Instead of just ignoring Mayweather like the rest of us, Jenny got butthurt and unleashed a racist screed against ALL THE BLACKS:

Well, someone isn’t getting into the spirit of the Black history month.

Oh wait, there’s more. Shortly after her twitter tirade, she issued a non-apology:

You are threatening me with the fact that you know my address. You guys have also started to roar your engines every so often outside of my home. This is my official apology to the black community. I do not regret what I said, however, I now understand that there are some lines one cannot cross.

It seems like Jenny has been holding her hatred of ALL THE BLACKS inside for years. Mayweather’s ill-considered tweet was the final straw and Twitter was there for her to express her true, unfiltered feelings.

Oh wait, we’re not done yet? This was posted shortly after her non-apology:

Jenny Hyun has been admitted to a hospital today. She is a paranoid schizophrenic and has been battling mental illness, a debilitating disease for many years. Friends and family of Jenny want to extend their sincere apology for any harmful statements made verbally or via the web that Jenny has made while she was in the height of a psyshosis episode. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time for her.


So there’s been some speculation that this is just a front, that her people conceived of a way to get her quickly out of the spotlight before she damaged her career any further. Unfortunately, this story is at least a week old and we’re still talking about it.

Whether or not she’s mentally ill, I just have to ask, did you take offense to what she said? Here’s a no-name K-pop song writer who no one’s ever heard of saying some wildly outlandish bullshit that makes no fucking sense. Did you roll your eyes like me or did you clench your fist with great rage?

To me, this story is more about the power of social media than anything else. Before twitter, Jenny might have wrote a long winded rant in her journal that nobody would read. Or maybe she would have yelled at her friends about her hatred of ALL THE BLACKS. And not a shit would have been given. Thanks to twitter, now everyone is pissed off about someone who no one knows because she’s saying hateful shit. That’s kind of amazing.

From: Haps

It’s Morphing Time! In Japan?

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger has to be my most favorite Super Sentai team ever so I was sad to see them go into the sunset and hand the reigns over to Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. And then, this clip of their henshin sequence hit the youtubes.

You heard right, their Morphing Bracers said “IT’S MORPHING TIME!” This is so fucking meta, it’s awesome! For a number of years now, Japanese Super Sentai shows have been re-purposed and translated as Power Rangers shows here in America. Though the Japanese versions have all had different transformation calls, the American versions have all declared “It’s morphin’ time!” So it’s this weird sort of tribute to hear a Japanese team use the American team’s call. I also think that the enemy mechs are called Megazords which is also an Americanism that we’ve never seen in Japanese Super Sentai.

It’s kind of weird to have a show that’s so self-aware. I have a lot of hope for the Go-Busters. I love the suits, I love the henshin sequence, and if the robot pals aren’t as annoying as those fucking talking cars from Go-Onger, I think Go-Busters will be a good one to follow. I’m giving it the old Mike Dent five episode watch before I pass final judgement. But I like what I’m seeing!

Will Warner Bros Live Action Bleach Get… Bleached?

From AZM Ally Colleen Stone comes word that Warner Bros is moving forward with a live-action film based on Tite Kubo’s Bleach. Peter Segal, the producer of the project, has a lot of respect for the property:

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bleach and have great respect for its creator Kubo Sensei and the truly original and amazing world he has created in this manga.

Alright there, Petey. If you’re going to drop the honorifics, you best come correct. The fact that this is Warner Bros makes me highly skeptical especially in light of their treatment of Akira. If you bleach the cast, then you, Mister Segal, are a thief and a liar. We’re watching you with keyboards at the ready!

From: Comicbookmovie.com

Beat Beat Revelation

“I challenge you to a Beat Off!”

Here’s a red band trailer for something called The FP. There is a naked boob in there somewhere, but otherwise, it’s fairly tame.

The future is run by gangs of, get this shit, Beat Beat Revelation players. Beat Beat Revelation is a dancing game that shoots 187 volts of death through you if you misstep. I believe the best part of this trailer is the training scene with the tires. Now I know the secret to unlock infinite Beat Beat potential!

Judging from this trailer, I believe this film crosses that glorious line of being so horribly awful it’s amazingly good. I can’t wait to see it!

Watch Out, Elliot’s Getting Uppity

AZM Ally Terrance Wong sent along this trailer for another live-action Akira adaptation by French director Fabien Dubois. Remember when I said I’d be okay with a white washed version if they renamed the characters? Well… uh… I’m not sure what to think of this.

I suspect that this teaser trailer is all we’ll ever actually see of Elliot Grahams. I don’t think we’ll be getting a full length feature out of this. So we’ll never fully understand the impact of an “uppity” Elliot. I mean, besides the recasting and renaming and the completely terrible voice-over, there’s not a whole lot here to either endorse or get pissed over. I think without the voice over, this thing would seem like a very strange perfume commercial. Hell, even with the voice over, this thing looks like a very strange perfume commercial. Akira, for douchebags.

I’m tempted to just laugh this off as a tech demo for Fabien to show off his compositing, color correction, and digital effects skills. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s worth unleashing the full fury of internet rantings.

From: Twitch

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