Through the Eyes of a Goomba

I’ve never thought twice about the Goomba I stomp whenever I play a Super Mario game. Those days are over thanks to Filipe Costa’s brilliant little “First Person Goomba” short. The poor guy’s life flashes before his eyes right before Mario takes him out. It’s touching yet ultimately heart-wrenching as we know the fate of all Goombas who go up against the mustached plumber.

Here’s Six Minutes of Asuka Langley Being Terrifyingly Awesome

Okay, goddamn Evangelion 3.0, you fucking win! After seeing this six minutes of footage from wherever it happens in the movie, I’ve got to go back and watch the other two in anticipation of this craziness. I didn’t think that there was anything Eva could do that could possibly win me back and then this happened and my brain exploded. If you click on the CC link the video player, you can activate English or Spanish subs. Not sure how long this will last on the YouTubes, but it’s done its job at least for me. So help me, I actually want to see this damn thing now!

Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, Now With More Eva

I haven’t been keeping up with the new Evangelion films, but the third one is set to drop November 17. Along with more Marie, I spy a new Eva unit with all the eyes. As always, the animation looks fantastic. But I’ve kind of lost steam with Evangelion. It has long lost its new anime sheen and although I really like the designs of the Evas themselves, there’s only so much emo self doubt whining attack a person can take. There’s one more movie after this and then we’ll have all the Eva anyone could ever want. Ever.

Axe Cop Trick-or-Treats Alone

Next summer, Axe Cop will be headed to the small screen on Fox’s ADHD Animation block. Today, we get a preview of what that might look like. Here’s Axe Cop answering little Timmy’s question about Halloween.

And yes, that’s Nick Fucking Offerman as the voice of Axe Cop. I will now forever see Ron Swanson as Axe Cop’s disguise.

Here’s More of That Eva Horse Thing

Seems like the JRA Evangelion commercials are continuing their story line. In this edition, we get to see the Eva Pony racing its ass off. As weird as this entire series is, Unit 1 looks kinda good as a horse. I love that Unit 2 and Unit 0 give us a “WTF” reaction. If Bandai releases model kits of Eva Ponies, I think I’d call that the beginning of Third Impact.

Neon Brony Evangelion?

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) is looking for new fans and is targeting emo, rage-filled teens with daddy issues. That’s really the only explanation I can come up with for their new ad campaign which features narration from Kotono Mitsuishi who portrayed Misato in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Not being a Brony myself, I wonder how well an Eva Pony would stack up against the My Little Ponys. Would it demolish all of the magic that is friendship or do the Ponys have powers that can withstand an AT Field?

From: Anime News Network

Cartoon Network Celebrates 20 Years With an Amazing Tribute

This tribute short for 20 years of Cartoon Network goodness is absolutely phenomenal. It’s fun to see how all the characters interact with each other. It really feels like we’re seeing them hang out like actors off set.

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