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Disco Never Died, It Went to Asgard

Odin, Loki, and Thor go to Studio 54

Here’s a look at Anthony Hopkins in his disco Odin suit with Thor and Loki in tow. And this is the song that plays in my head when I see the three of them with their disco movie suits:

It’s like they stepped right out of Studio 54!

I honestly think this movie is going to be great fun. I just really, really, really don’t like the suits. At. All. So it’s time to play the caption game! You know the rules. Unleash your best caption in the comments and remind these guys just how ridiculous they look!

Movie Thor Unveiled

Movie Thor

Marvel has released this sexy photo of actor Chris Hemsworth all Thored out. I don’t really have much to say other than he looks slightly constipated and if he makes that face throughout the entire movie, he’ll pop a vein or two, but I think this photo is worthy of the caption game! You know the drill, comment with an appropriate caption for our first look at the Son of Odin.

Kato Asks, “WTF am I doing here?”

Kato Confused

We’ve got our first look at Jay Chou’s (who plays Kato) stunt double in the upcoming Green Hornet flick and he looks… well, not too pleased to be on set. So it’s time for another “Caption Game!” What is Kato’s stunt double thinking?

Source: Super Hero Hype

Scarlett in Red

Scarlett Johannson as Natasha

Alright, by now we’ve all drooled over this picture of Scarlett Johannson with red hair and a low cut mini dress. But it looks like something’s on her mind, as if she was going to say something. This can only mean one thing!

Time for the caption game! You know the deal, post what you think Natasha would be saying to Tony as he’s off screen drooling over her cleavatude. I wonder if she’ll be rocking a Russian accent.

Captain America Reborn From His Own Groin!

Captain America Reborn

I don’t know what it is about Captain America Reborn, but the covers leave much to be desired. First, we had Joe Q’s cover that depicted Steve dropping a very patriotic number two. Now we have this variant cover by John Cassaday with anime speed lines drawing your eye right into his crotch where a shirtless Steve seems to be growing from. LOOK AT MAH CROTCH! LOOK AT MAH CROTCH!

I mean, it’s well illustrated. John Cassaday is one of my very favorite comic book artists. He’s part of the reason I’m trying to refine my style. But I think the cover editor should have steered Cassaday in a different direction.

Alright people, so the comic is called Reborn. But I think this illustration deserves a more fitting title. So to celebrate America’s birthday tomorrow, it’s time to play the Captain America caption game!

Cap Drops A Duce

Captain America Reborn

So this is Joe Q’s cover for Captain America Reborn #1 and to me, it looks like Steve is poppin’ a vein while dropping a steamy pile. It can’t be helped people, it’s time to play the caption game! The shittier the better!

How to Pick Up Craft Services Chicks on Set

Tron Guy

Speaking of being on set, check out this photo of an extra on the Tron 2 hitting on the hot craft services chick! Okay, so he’s just getting a hop cuppa joe. But it’s more funny to think of awesome one-liners he could be tossing. Let’s do that! It’s time for the caption game, folks! Hit me up with some awesome, geeky, Tron-related pick-up lines for this awesome extra.

Source: Movie Insider

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